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10 Fun Things to Do in Sunriver

Exploring Nature in Sunriver

Sunriver, located in the beautiful state of Oregon, offers a plethora of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, or wildlife watching, this destination has it all. The stunning landscapes of Sunriver will leave you in awe as you immerse yourself in its natural beauty.

One of the must-do activities in Sunriver is exploring the Deschutes National Forest. This expansive forest is home to numerous trails that cater to hikers and mountain bikers of all skill levels. Get lost in the tranquility of the towering trees, and keep an eye out for an array of wildlife that call this forest their home.

Thrilling Water Adventures

If you’re a water enthusiast, Sunriver won’t disappoint. Head to the Sunriver Marina, where you can rent paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks for some fun on the water. Navigate through the crystal-clear waters of the Deschutes River, taking in the breathtaking scenery as you paddle along.

For the adventurous souls, try your hand at whitewater rafting. The nearby Cascade Mountains offer exhilarating rapids that will get your heart racing. Professional guides are available to ensure your safety as you navigate the river, providing you with an unforgettable experience.

Golfing Paradise

Sunriver is a golfer’s paradise, boasting world-class golf courses that provide both scenic beauty and a challenging game. Grab your clubs and enjoy a round at the Crosswater Golf Club, often ranked among the top golf courses in the United States. The stunning vistas of the Cascade Mountains and the rolling fairways will make your golfing experience truly memorable.

If you’re looking for a more family-friendly option, the Sunriver Resort’s Meadows or Woodlands Golf Course are perfect choices. These scenic courses offer a variety of challenges suitable for golfers of all skill levels, ensuring a fun and enjoyable outing for everyone.

Visit the Sunriver Nature Center

For a day of educational fun, head to the Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory. This center offers insightful exhibits that showcase the local wildlife and ecosystems found in Sunriver and the surrounding areas. Take part in interactive displays, meet live animals, and stroll through the nature trails to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.

Don’t forget to visit the observatory during your visit. Peer through powerful telescopes and witness the awe-inspiring night sky, away from the city lights. The knowledgeable staff will guide you through the wonders of the universe and leave you with a newfound appreciation for our place in the cosmos.

Relaxation at the Sunriver Resort

Looking to unwind? The Sunriver Resort offers a range of activities to help you relax and rejuvenate. Indulge in a pampering spa treatment, where skilled therapists will melt away your stress and leave you feeling refreshed.

For those seeking a more active form of relaxation, take a dip in one of the resort’s pools or enjoy a game of tennis on their world-class courts. Surrounded by the beauty of Sunriver, you’ll find it easy to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Exploring Local Breweries

If you consider yourself a beer aficionado, you’ll delight in the local breweries in and around Sunriver. Sample an array of craft beers at the Sunriver Brewing Company, where you can enjoy a refreshing pint while taking in the stunning views of the Cascade Range from their outdoor patio.

Take a short drive to Bend and explore the vibrant craft beer scene of the city. With numerous breweries to choose from, you can embark on a beer tasting adventure and discover new flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Discover the High Desert Museum

Travel back in time and immerse yourself in the history and culture of the High Desert at the High Desert Museum. This engaging museum showcases the natural and cultural heritage of the region through interactive exhibits, live animal encounters, and living history performances.

Step into the shoes of pioneers as you wander through the recreated historical buildings, or marvel at the diverse wildlife that inhabits the area. With both indoor and outdoor exhibits, the High Desert Museum offers an educational and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages.

Embrace Winter Sports

During the winter months, Sunriver transforms into a winter wonderland, making it a prime destination for snow sports enthusiasts. Strap on your skis or snowboard and hit the slopes of nearby Mt. Bachelor, known for its powdery snow and breathtaking views.

If you prefer a slower pace, explore the numerous cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails that wind through the snow-covered forests surrounding Sunriver. This winter wonderland provides the perfect backdrop for a serene and picturesque outdoor adventure.

Shopping and Dining

No vacation is complete without a bit of shopping and indulging in delicious cuisine. Sunriver Village offers a variety of shops and boutiques, where you can find unique souvenirs or treat yourself to a new outfit.

After a day of exploring, satisfy your taste buds at one of the many restaurants in the area. From farm-to-table fare to international cuisine, Sunriver is a culinary delight that caters to all palates.

Experience the Sunriver Observatory

If you’re a star enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Sunriver Observatory. With state-of-the-art telescopes and knowledgeable astronomers, you can gaze at distant galaxies and learn about the wonders of our universe.

Participate in stargazing events and witness celestial phenomena that will leave you in awe. The Sunriver Observatory offers an enlightening and mesmerizing experience that will ignite your curiosity about the cosmos.

So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Sunriver. From outdoor activities to cultural experiences, this destination has something for everyone. Come and discover the beauty of this hidden gem, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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