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10 Richest Chicago Suburbs

10 richest suburbs in chicago

Chicago has long been known as one of the great American cities. It possesses a true American charm, a rich history, fantastic food, and great architecture. In addition to all this, it is also home to some of the most affluent suburbs in the state of Illinois. 

So, I decided to take a look at the 10 Richest Chicago Suburbs, including a comprehensive guide to some of the top spots in and around the city.

Let’s get started with…

Highland Park

If you are a music lover, then Highland Park is likely to be at the very top of your list of Chicago suburbs to live in. It is located on the North Shore of Lake Michigan and is home to one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious music festivals, namely the Ravinia Festival.

In addition to this, Highland Park is also the home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra during the summer months. The abundance of music and culture has helped it become one of America’s epicenters for the arts. As it stands, it is home to several of the country’s finest theatres and fine art centers.

For all creative types alike…

In addition to its rich artistic heritage, Highland Park also features some fantastic boutiques, restaurants, luxury storefronts, and of course, a lovely welcoming atmosphere. The area has some of the highest incomes and real estate prices per capita, which makes it a go-to area for some of the most affluent artistic-minded individuals in the country.

Western Springs

Home to well over 13,000 residents, Western Springs is what you might call one of the most tightly-knit cities in Illinois. Its citizens are characterized by a strong community spirit and an active lifestyle. 

This suburb was founded in 1858 and was originally named “Western Addition.” This was a reference to the city’s close proximity to the city’s waste and limits. Many big manufacturing companies, such as Deer & Co, JB Hunt Transport, and United Rentals, have factories in Western Springs.

Commuting made easy!

It has a bustling downtown area full of locally owned stores and fantastic restaurants. Additionally, you will find that local community events fill the calendar the whole year through. A bonus is the fact that downtown Chicago is only a short ride away which makes it perfect for folks who need to commute into the city regularly. If you don’t own a vehicle, then you can make use of the train. 

Western Springs boasts a high per capita income rate of about $86,000. The average home price is about $650,000, making it an ideal suburb for wealthy families who are in search of a strong sense of community and need easy access to the city of Chicago.


Next on my rundown of the 10 Richest Chicago Suburbs is Wilmette. A quaint little city about 20 miles from the center of Chicago. If having a beautiful view of Lake Michigan’s North Shore appeals to you, then this city is likely to be the one for you.

It is home to about 27,500 people, with an average per capita income of about $97,000. The price of the average home is around $880,000, making it one of the wealthiest suburbs in and around Chicago.


So much to do in the area!

Aside from being rich, Wilmette is characterized by a friendly atmosphere, brick streets, and fantastic public transportation. Many of the citizens who live here also prefer it because it provides easy lakefront access. There are many local attractions and amenities, such as top-notch restaurants, beautiful parks, quaint coffee shops, and of course, easy and quick access to the city of Chicago.

Burr Bridge

Burr BridgeIs one of the most wealthy and prosperous cities in the state of Illinois. It sits just south of Hinsdale and has a population of just over 11,000 people. The average per capita income is about $102,000, and the average home goes for about $740,000.

It is ideal for folks who need quick access to the Chicago Loop, as well as the local airport. The city also has some of the finest dining experiences one could ask for. The upscale shopping and recreational opportunities are among the biggest draws for the city.

Perfect for property development…

For wealthy families who would prefer to build their dream homes, this is also an ideal city since it has a lot of land available for property development. Overall this is a wonderful and wealthy suburb that has a lot to offer its citizens.

Lake Forest

Just over 27 miles north of the Chicago Loop, spread along the northern shores of Lake Michigan, sits Lake Forest, which is one of the favorite suburbs for Chicago’s wealthiest citizens.

Lake Forest features some fantastic Tudor-style architecture and an abundance of locally owned restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and storefronts. Additionally, it is also home to some great brunch spots, tea rooms, and of course, very famous bistros.

Lake Forest

Wealth in abundance…

The city is home to just over 19,000 citizens, who have an average per capita income of just under $800,000, and houses with an average price of about $1.04 million. This is easily one of Chicago’s wealthiest and most elite suburbs

Another reason wealthy citizens like to flock to Lake Forest is because of its close proximity to the center of downtown Chicago. Residents can either take a short drive or train ride to get into the heart of the great metropolis.


Located just north of Winnetka, on the northern shores of Lake Michigan, sits the second richest suburb in Chicago. Glencoe is aUp up good option if you are looking for a safe family environment since it has a crime rate that is nearly 75% below the state average.

It is home to some beautiful local beaches, as well as the Cook County Forest Preserve. Residents will find themselves surrounded by natural beauty wherever they go. This suburb is noted for not only its affluence but its many historical parks and historic architecture.

Dripping with history…

One of the main attractions is the Glencoe Silver Lake Public Library. It was built in 1869 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. It is one of only two locations in the world that has an official tree preservation ordinance.

Glencoe is home to just over eight and a half thousand citizens, the per capita income is about $128,000, and the average home will sell for just under $1.4 million. This suburb is a fantastic option if you are looking for a safe, family-orientated, high-end home.


Hinsdale is another great option to consider if you are looking for a high-end suburb in Chicago. It is located about 20 miles west of downtown Chicago and is one of the state’s wealthiest living areas. It is made up of a collection of neighborhoods, each with its own flavor. 

The housing options vary from single-family homes and duplexes in places like Hinsdale Village to big luxury townhouses in areas like Glenbrook North.

Are you a foodie?

Like many of Chicago’s suburbs, it is home to a bunch of beautiful historic sites, including the St Alanis Catholic Church, built around 1850.

The suburb is known for sitting at the heart of the commercial industry, making it a perfect place for folks who are outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, there are also great restaurants and a bunch of art galleries, which will appeal to foodies and lovers of the arts.

Adrenalin junkies will love it!

If baked goods are high on your list of amenities, then Hinsdale will be a paradise for you since it is home to some fantastic bakeries. There are also some great parks and country clubs, as well as some beautiful golf courses.

As mentioned before, it is great for outdoorsy folks due to it being the home of the Katherine Leg Memorial Park, the Go Ape Zip Line, and Adventure Park. Hinsdale is home to just over 17,000 citizens, with an average per capita income of hundred and $14,000. The average home will sell for about $1.06 million.


If beautiful beaches, lovely green parks, and tree-lined streets are your idea of a lovely home, then this is likely to be the suburb for you. Winnetka is widely recognized as Chicago’s richest suburb, with over 12,000 residents and a per capita income of about $143,000. The average home sells for just under $1.5 million.

It has been home to many notable figures from history, such as Theodore Roosevelt and his son Quentin. Originally it was a small town named North Haverhill, but was later renamed Winnetka on May 10, 1906, after being bought by Alderman Jules Beaumont and Alderman John F. Murphy. The land was purchased for $15 an acre.


Get the best education possible…

This super-wealthy Chicago suburb gets its name from the Winnebago, which comes from the Indian word “winneba,” meaning “place of wild celery.” This refers to the massive abundance of wild celery and other plants, which are staples of traditional Native American medicine.

It is situated along the north shore of Lake Michigan, about 22 miles from downtown Chicago. If quality education is high on your list of amenities, then this is a great suburb to move to, since it has some of the very best schools. Winnetka appeals to wealthy families who would like to be close to Chicago but still far enough to avoid the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolis.

Oak Brook

Oak Brook started as a small farming community in the late 1800s. It was recognized as an official city in 1899 and, during World War II, became a very important industrial hub. In the 1950s, the city experienced a massive commercial boom when big companies like Motorola started moving their headquarters to the city.

It is likely to appeal to families who love the outdoors to its many beautiful parks and recreational areas, which are open all year round. Amongst its many great attractions is the Oakbrook Park District’s Forest Glen Park. It boasts an outdoor skating ring during the winter and a full-size basketball court during the summer.

An ever-expanding suburb…

Oak Brook remains one of the most affluent areas in Illinois, as well as one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the state. Since 2010 the city has experienced a population increase of well over 15%.

The city boasts a population of just over 8000 citizens, with an annual per capita income of about $141,000. This suburb provides easy access to some of the major highways, making it great for folks who plan on doing a lot of commuting.


Inverness is the county seat of Cook County and received its name from Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert. This is a suburb not only rich in terms of monetary wealth but in history. One of the biggest attractions is its beautiful Historic District, Which Is One of the Oldest Suburbs in Chicago. This Beautiful Area Sits between Mayfair Park and the Chicago Botanic Garden.

 Here you can find houses that date from the mid to late 1800s. There are beautiful examples of Italianate architecture, including a bunch of churches, historical structures, and commercial buildings that were built by prominent Chicago citizens during the late 19th century.


An important trading hub!

Inverness sits on the border with Wisconsin, making it an important trading hub for goods and services. It is one of the wealthiest suburbs in Chicago, boasting an average per capita income of $185,000. The city is home to about 7500 citizens. 

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Final Thoughts

Chicago is one of the most affluent cities in the United States. From the north shore to the southwestern suburbs, the area offers citizens a wide range of options for living in luxury. From private schools, beautiful parks, low crime rates, and incredible country clubs, it is no wonder that the suburbs I’ve listed are the richest suburbs in Chicago and the most sought-after places to live.

Happy House Hunting in Chicago!

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