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15 Part-Time Jobs That Pay More Than $40 per Hour

15 Part-Time Jobs That Pay More Than $40 per Hour

More and more people are realizing that spending their whole life working is not the best choice for them. Sure, you can make a huge salary, but the price you pay in terms of stress, health, and lack of social life is far too high.

Is living for work what we’re really meant to do, or should we start looking at a healthier work-life balance that allows us to pursue our dreams and spend time with our families?

But the problem is that reaching financial stability while working just a few hours every day is not easy. But does it really have to be like that?

That’s why I decided to take a look at 15 Part-Time Jobs That Pay More Than $40 per Hour.

15 part time jobs that pay more than 40 per hour

How To Get Big Money with a Part-time Job?

Before I dive into the list, time for a little disclaimer. There is no job in the world that you can start right now without any qualification or the necessary skills that will make you earn more than $40 per hour. Or at least, not that I’m aware of…

All the following jobs require you to develop the relevant knowledge through experience and education. When you start, you might end up making less than $40 an hour, but over time you will see your hourly wages increase.

Web Designer

While many web design agencies will only hire people with at least a relevant bachelor’s degree, the majority of freelance web designers don’t have any formal education. You can acquire the necessary skills by teaching yourself through online courses, books, technical schools, and best of all, actually designing websites.

When you start working, your hourly rate will be around $20, but as you gain experience and you build your portfolio, it will go up into the $50 to $90 range.

App Developer

Having a brilliant idea for a winning app is not enough to get rich. The talent of the app developer is what will determine whether it will be a real success or another of the massive number of app failures.

And that’s why a highly skilled app developer can make up to $150 per hour.

5 part time job that pay more than 40 per hour

What do you need to become an app developer?

A college degree in computer science would certainly be beneficial, but it’s not mandatory. Almost every app developer that I’ve met is completely self-taught, and they acquired their skills with hours of online study and practice.

Music Teacher

The world of music teachers can be divided into two categories: those that spend their life teaching the same boring lessons for less than $15 per hour, and those that manage to transform their passion into a high-paying job.

How can you do that?

All the successful music teachers have three things in common: they are excellent musicians, they’re passionate about teaching, and they are highly specialized in a music genre.

How much can you charge a skilled blues guitarist that is looking for a teacher to help him to overcome a musical plateau? $50 will be the bare minimum!

the 15 part time jobs that pay more than 40 per hour


If you know a second language at a near-native level and you also have excellent writing skills, a part-time translator job can be highly profitable. The key is to be able to specialize in a technical topic that will set you apart from the thousands of freelance translators that are willing to work for very low wages.

A complex medical document can pay up to $0.4 per source word, and as a skilled translator, you can expect to be able to translate 200 words in an hour.

Fitness Instructor

The hourly rate of a fitness instructor can be anywhere between $10 to $60, or even more if you’re training professional athletes.

How to become a top fitness trainer?

People are willing to pay more to those instructors that can help them to be consistent with their workout using fun and engaging training methods.

What you need is a deep knowledge of the subject, solid interpersonal skills, and the will to keep up with all the changes that happen in the fitness industry. Combine that with a reputable nutrition certification, and your career will take off.

Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you will hardly make more than $40 per hour if you work full-time for a company. But if you work as a freelancer and you manage social media for multiple clients, that target is not difficult to reach.

Building an impressive portfolio that clearly shows your results to potential new clients is the key to success.

Online English Teacher

Almost everyone who is a native speaker or has reached a high fluency level in the language can teach English online. But if you want to earn a decent salary, you need more than that.

Invest in your education with a TEFL certificate from a reputable company, and specialize in teaching to foreign professionals that have specific needs in a certain field.

An example? A business English teacher can make up to $50 per hour.

the 15 part time jobs that pay more than 40 per hour list

Dog Walker

Next, on my list of 15 Part-Time Jobs That Pay More Than $40 per Hour, if you love spending your time with animals, working as a dog walker is an interesting option. And if you’re able to handle three or four dogs at the same time, your time at the park will soon become a great source of income.

But to improve your ability to manage multiple animals at once, you might want to consider taking a dog walking course. A standard rate for a one-hour walk is $15 per dog that you have to look after.


Do you have a special talent for writing? Do you know everything about a specific topic, and you could go on talking about it forever?

That’s exactly what you need to start a blog, but if you want to make money out of it, you have to learn how to monetize it. If affiliate marketing doesn’t mean anything to you, use the internet to learn everything about it, and with patience, practice, and determination, you will see big results.

How big?

The sky is the limit, and a successful blog will make you earn way more than $40 per hour.

Private Tutor

The hourly wage of a private tutor varies depending on their qualifications.

A professor or a teacher can expect to earn up to $60 per hour, while a student without much experience will make less than $20.

Personal Chef

The demand for experienced personal chefs has been exponentially increasing in the last few years, especially when people want to surprise their guests with an exotic dinner.

If you’re already a chef, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a job, but if you’ve never worked in a professional kitchen before, a certification from a culinary school might help you get going. Once you build your network of loyal customers, your business should expand rapidly through word-of-mouth.

the the 15 part time job that pay more than 40 per hour guide

Resume Specialist

How much would you pay for having a professional resume and a customized, highly effective cover letter that will guarantee you to get to the interview for your dream job?

A resume writer typically charges between $300 and $1000 depending on his experience and the type of resume.

Graphic Designer

If you have creativity and the necessary technical knowledge, graphic design is one of the best-paid jobs that you can do part-time as a freelancer.

Even a newbie can charge anything from $30 to $50 per hour, and as you gain experience, you can expect your rates to increase up to $150.

Massage Therapist

A good massage does wonders when we are suffering from aches and pains. And that’s why when we find a massage therapist that can resolve those problems, we are ready to pay big bucks.

To become a qualified massage therapist, a certificate from an accredited school and a license are all that you need, but your experience and specialization will make a huge difference in the hourly rate.

A skilled sports massage therapist can easily charge $50 per hour.

Life Coach

The hardest part of being a life coach is becoming a life coach. Before you decide whether to attend a school to earn a certificate that is not required by law, you should make sure that you are so good at giving advice that people keep on coming to you for it. If that’s the case, a career as a life coach might be waiting for you.

Top earners life coaches can charge anywhere between $75 and $1000 per hour, depending on their qualifications, experience, and results.

15 part time jobs that pay more than 40 per hours

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could work only five hours a day and still be able to earn a decent salary? Imagine how much more time we could dedicate to what really matters in our lives.

In this article, I’ve gone through 15 Part-Time Jobs That Earn More Than $40 per Hour, and we’ve learned that if we are willing to invest in ourselves and put in the time and effort, the dream of a high-income salary can easily turn into reality.

Are you ready to change your life?

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