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15 Places Where to Get Free Newspapers

15 Places Where to Get Free Newspapers

Staying up to date with current affairs is vital in today’s fast-paced world. 

However, buying newspapers can be expensive and time-consuming – especially if you want multiple editions. Also, there is nothing quite like having a paper copy of the news in your hands. Here, we will take a look at the top 15 Places Where to Get Free Newspapers.

So, let’s get started!

Why Not Use Online Newspapers?

Why Not Use Online Newspapers

Though online newspapers are often free and up to date, they don’t have the same impact as having a physical copy. Reading the news online can be distracting, with ads and other content interrupting the flow of the news.

 Additionally, it is more enjoyable to have a physical copy of the newspaper in your hands, as you can make notes and highlight articles that interest you. On top of this, old newspapers are very handy! You can use them for wrapping gifts, origami, recycling, and other creative projects. 

15 Places Where to Get Free Newspapers


Visiting hotels can be a great way to get free newspapers. Many hotels offer newspapers as a courtesy to their guests, and if you ask, they may just give you some leftover copies. 

Higher-end hotels tend to be more generous with free newspapers, but it doesn’t hurt to check mid-range and up hotels before trying cheaper motels. If you’re really keen on getting free newspapers regularly, consider working out a deal with hotel management for regular pick-ups.


Just know where and when to ask…

 And if you’re not sure when you can snag some free reading material, just check with the hotel management for timing information on when they typically offer the newspapers to guests. Overall, hotels can be a great source for free newspapers if you know how and where to ask.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are also excellent sources for free newspapers. Many of the elderly who live in these types of residences don’t read the paper, so they’d be more than happy to give you some leftover copies. 

These establishments usually get multiple editions of the newspaper, so it should not be too hard to find one that you would like. Just make sure to check with management before taking any papers, as they might have specific rules about who is allowed to take them.


If you are looking for a more unconventional way of getting free papers, consider checking out Craigslist. Many people post ads offering leftover copies of the newspaper, so you can usually get a good deal if you look around. Just make sure to thoroughly read the ad before contacting anyone, as there may be restrictions or special instructions for picking up the papers.

Local Library

Nowadays, most libraries offer free copies of newspapers to patrons. If your local library doesn’t have the newspaper you’re looking for, they may be able to get it from another library in the area – just ask. Most libraries also offer digital copies of select newspapers that can be accessed online with a library card, so don’t forget to check out their digital subscriptions before leaving!

Local Colleges and Schools

When it comes to getting free newspapers, colleges near you could be a great resource to check out. These education centers often provide print newspapers for students and faculty, which could be intended for class use or as a perk to keep up on current events.

 With larger universities having tens of thousands of people in their student population, a significant need for print newspapers is present. Visiting your nearby college’s library is a good starting point to find out where you can get free newspapers on campus. In addition, you shouldn’t forget about local high schools, where teachers often use newspapers for classroom assignments. 

Hair and Nail Salons

Hair and nail salons are not only places to get pampered and beautified, but they can also be a reliable source of free newspapers. Many salons have a selection of newspapers that customers can peruse while they wait for their appointment or while their nails are being painted. 

This is a win-win situation for both the salon and the customer. The salon is providing a little extra something for its guests, enhancing their experience and making them feel valued. Meanwhile, the customer is getting access to current news and articles they may not have seen otherwise. You can also ask for any old copies that are left at the end of the day. Who knows, you might even get some great beauty tips in the process! 

Post Your Request on Marketplace Sites 

You can post your request for free newspapers on marketplace sites like Freecycle. Many people have access to free papers and are willing to give them away if they don’t need them. 

All you have to do is search online for a local group in your area and make sure to follow their rules when posting any requests or offers. Keep in mind that such sites are community-driven, so you may have to be patient.


If you are traveling, you may stumble upon some leftover newspapers at the airport. Many airports extend free newspapers or magazines for travelers to read while waiting for their flights. You can ask the information desk if there are any leftover copies that you can take with you, as they may save them from being thrown away. Also, people may purchase and finish reading their copy before their flight, so if you are lucky, you might find some laying about!


Coffee Shops

Coffee shops often have a selection of newspapers that customers can read while they enjoy their morning beverage. Since many people only take one paper at a time, there are usually some extra copies left behind. Ask your favorite coffee shop if you can take any leftover papers and see what they say – most places will be more than happy to oblige!

Gas Stations

Gas stations are another great place to find free newspapers. These establishments usually keep a stack of papers on the counter for customers to grab and read while they fill up their tanks. Just be sure to check with an employee first, as some gas stations may reserve certain papers for their regular customers only. 

Grocery Stores

Similar to gas stations, most grocery stores will also have a selection of newspapers for customers to purchase. All you need to do is ask the cashier if there are any extra copies left at the end of the day, and they should be more than happy to give them out. 


Large drugstores often carry a variety of newspapers that can be taken for free. Just ask around the store and see if there are any extra copies lying around. 

Family and Friends

Don’t forget to ask your family and friends if they have any extra newspapers that you can take off their hands! Chances are, they may be able to provide you with a few free papers from time to time. 

Family and Friends

Recycling Centers 

Recycling centers can be a goldmine for those seeking free or affordable bulk newspapers. With a plethora of used newspapers from people, these centers can be the perfect source for your newsprint needs.

 However, be sure to call ahead before heading out to the center to ensure that they offer a free collection of newspapers. It’s important to note that some centers may charge a small fee, so it’s always wise to weigh the cost versus the benefit before making any decisions.

Even if you have to pay…

 But even if you do end up paying, recycling centers still offer a much more affordable option for acquiring newspapers in bulk compared to regular purchasing. So why not do your part for the environment and get some free or affordable newspapers while you’re at it?

Classified Ads

Finally, you can also post a classified ad in your local newspaper or online marketplace asking for free newspapers. Be sure to specify which kind of papers and how frequently you need them so that people know what they will be giving away. 

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Final Thoughts

Getting free newspapers doesn’t have to be a perplexing task. With a bit of research and persistence, you can easily acquire your desired publications without spending a dime. So, try out some of the methods that I’ve mentioned and see what works best for you. Who knows? You might just find a reliable source for all your newspaper needs!

Good Luck with your Search!

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