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20 Part-Time Jobs That Pay More than $20 Per Hour

20 Part-Time Jobs That Pay More than $20 Per Hour

Are you looking for a great way to make some extra cash in a hurry?

If you are a student or have other commitments, you may not have the time to take on a full-time job. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up on bringing in the dough all together.

There are several high-paying part-time jobs that you can apply for if you know where to look. While some of these jobs require special skills, others are available to applicants with a sense of drive and ambition.

So, let’s explore 20 part-time jobs that pay more than $20 per hour.

20 part time jobs that pay more than 20 per hour

Make-up Artist

If you have a magic touch with a make-up brush, you could earn at least $23 an hour as a make-up artist. This job involves providing professional make-up for brides and people who are going to a special event. While it’s totally possible to work as a part-time make-up artist for a company, you can also freelance.

Be your own boss…

If you do decide to take the freelance route, you are likely to get most of your clients through referrals. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a good rapport with your clients. Take the time to put together an appealing portfolio of your work for potential clients to look through.

Massage Therapist

If you have strong hands and enjoy helping people, working as a massage therapist could be ideal. Before you start working on clients, you need to obtain a Certified Massage Therapist license. However, working for your license will allow you to earn around $60 per hour.

Flexible options…

There are several different places where massage therapists can work part-time such as at spas and health clubs. Many professional massage studios also hire part-time massage therapists. Going freelance and visiting clients’ homes could be the ideal option if you have a busy schedule.

the 20 part time job that pay more than 20 per hour


If you have a love for language and are fluent in more than one, this job could be ideal. Many translators work in a freelance capacity and sign up to work with a few translation companies. The work mainly involves translating official documents such as legal contracts and birth certificates from one language to another.

The pay?

Depending on the project and client, translation work pays at least $24 per hour. However, certified translators can expect to get paid much more. There are also several associated tasks such as transcription work, interpreting, and subtitling.

Sign Language Interpreter

If you are fluent in a sign language such as ASL, you can put that skill to work for you. Sign language interpreters can be called on to work at special events or important business meetings. More stable work can be found in classrooms and courtrooms, while the average salary is $36 per hour.

Voice Over Artist

If you’ve got an excellent speaking voice and a talent for accents, working as a voice-over artist could be for you. Most voice-over artists sign up with an agency, who is responsible for finding them work. Although you may need to do several auditions before landing a role, this job can bring in the bucks.

What to know…

The working conditions, salary, and hours depend on the agency and the clients you work for. In many cases, it is necessary to audition and work in a professional recording studio. However, it is also possible to set up your own studio and work from home.

the 20 part time jobs that pay more than 20 per hour

Online Teaching

A number of companies, such as VIP Kids, provide online platforms that connect children with tutors. This role mainly involves teaching children from around the world how to speak English. There is a wide range of shift patterns to choose from, and the average salary is $24 per hour.


If you prefer a slightly more personal touch to teaching, you can work as a tutor. This role generally involves visiting the homes of children and teaching them subjects like math and science. It usually requires tutoring children on a one-on-one basis and can run for several months or even years.

It’s worth developing your skills…

The average salary for part-time tutoring is around $25 per hour. If you have specialized knowledge and qualifications, it is possible to earn up to $75 an hour as a tutor.


This job gives you the chance to get your hands dirty while getting fit outdoors. This is a freelance job that you can transform into a part-time or full-time business with skill and determination. However, obtaining the proper licenses and insurance is necessary to turn this part-time job into a business and set your own salary.

20 part time jobs that pay more than 20 per hour review

Graphic Design

If you have a talent for design and excellent computer skills, you could thrive as a graphic designer. While working closely with clients is a part of this job, it is possible to work from home. Put together a portfolio, collect past recommendations and reviews and start making at least $22 per hour.

Personal Shopper

Does getting paid to shop sound like a dream come true? If so, it is time to consider working as a personal shopper. This role involves listening to clients’ needs and preferences and finding the perfect clothes and products for them. If you have an impressive sense of style and a background in fashion, you could earn around $33 per hour.


If you like to get crafty, you can turn your hobby into a lucrative part-time job. The amount you can make will very much depend on how much you sell and what you charge, but the sky is the limit. In addition to making your products, you need to take and upload photos, send them to customers, and answer customer questions.

App Design

Being able to design apps can be very lucrative work that also comes with a lot of flexibility. Landing this type of part-time work can be hard, but it is worth a shot if you have the skills and passion. If you are successful at app design, you could make around $6,000 per month working part-time hours.

Online Bookkeeping

If you are talented with numbers and have an eye for detail, working as an online bookkeeper could be perfect for you. This part-time job typically involves working for private clients and can lead to more regular work. With the proper qualifications and experience, it is possible to make up to $50 per hour.

20 part time jobs that pay more than 20 per hour tips

Personal Chef

If you love to get busy in the kitchen, working as a personal chef could be a lot of fun. You usually need to be willing to work in the kitchen of clients and cook food in batches to freeze. This type of work is generally established through word-of-mouth and pays up to $45 per hour.


If you are mainly free on weekends in the evenings, catering private events can really bring in the cash. The salary depends on the types of events you cater for, so it is worth making a little effort to land prominent clients. Caterers usually rely on referrals, so establishing rapport with clients is always worthwhile.


There is much more to this job than simply serving drinks, and having a talent for making cocktails is essential. Although you may need to apply for certification, it is worth it to impress customers with your mixology skills. While bartenders make an average of $26 per hour, the salary can shoot up with generous tips from happy customers.

Personal Assistant

If you are very organized and boast strong attention to detail, working as a personal assistant can earn you $25 per hour. Depending on your client’s needs, this role could involve scheduling appointments, running errands, and contacting clients. If you prefer to work from home to being in an office, working as a virtual assistant is also an option.

the 20 part time jobs that pay more than 20 per hour tips

Yoga Instructor

Getting paid to exercise could be a dream come true if you are willing to complete the 200-hour training program. Once you have the appropriate certification, you can work part-time in a gym, spa, or yoga studio. You could also create your own private classes if you wish to earn between $25 and $50 per hour.

Fashion Consultant

If you’ve got a passion for fashion, acting as a fashion consultant could be the perfect way to get rich quick. This is likely one of the highest paying part-time jobs in the industry and can earn you up to $500 per hour. It may take time to land the highest-profile clients, but your persistence will surely pay off.

Dog Walker

Get a little fresh air while spending time with man’s best friend by working as a dog walker. This could be your ideal job if you have a love for dogs and have a hectic schedule. You can generally plan your own work schedule and make at least $20 per hour.

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

One of the great things about many of these part-time jobs is that they can be done remotely. All you Setting up a home office is all you need to do, and you can work from the comfort of your own home. This allows you to choose the working hours that best suit your schedule and keep your overheads to a minimum.

Now you know about 20 Part-Time Jobs That Pay More than $20 Per Hour. With a little practice and determination, it’s also possible to set up your own company and launch your career. You can establish a client base and work on pursuing your passion. Alternatively, these part-time jobs can open the door to a full-time position at a company further down the line.

Good luck with your ventures!

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