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24 Hour Fitness Application Online: Jobs & Career Info


24 Hour Fitness offers multiple career advancement options for fitness and health enthusiasts. It has a fan base of more than 4 million satisfied members and is growing successfully. 24 Hour Fitness finds energetic and active candidates for its various diverse gym positions. It hires more than 20,000 employees in part-time and full-time work settings.

If you are a fitness enthusiast looking to grow your career with gym positions, you must consider 24 Hour Fitness your career. Besides, we have provided the complete details about the employment process at 24 Hour Fitness, job positions, salary, employee benefits, and much more offered by the gym chain locations.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness accepts applications from individuals with a minimum age of 18 while submitting the job application form. The business hours and shift settings at 24 Hour Fitness for twenty-four hours and seven days a week.

Job Prospects at 24 Hour Fitness

Candidates applying for the job post need to follow the given model of success, thus valuing the connection and accountability with the communities.

In addition, the candidates will have to complete the high expectations, versatility, energy and must also enjoy the work while completing the tasks. They must be ideal to complete their tasks within the commitment and also possess the values asked by the company.

the 24 hour fitness application

Candidates with knowledge about the fitness industry, eager to learn about this sector, fitness field will be given the preference for considerations. Also, the ones who have prior experience in the field, customer service, sales, management or maintenance, will be preferred. They have an option to start with the entry-level vacancies of the company for future growth.

The Job Positions Available at 24 Hour Fitness

The job positions vacant at 24 Hour Fitness include Project Managers, Business Analysts, Kids Club Managers, Club Managers, Member Service Managers, and Assistant Service Managers. It also accepts Fitness Managers, Assistant Fitness Managers, Membership Managers, Assistant Membership Managers, and Membership Counselors.

The applicants can also find Group X Instructors, Personal Trainers, Security Guards, Sales Agents, Service Representatives, Retail Sales Associates, or Sales Associates. The most found job roles at 24 Hour Fitness are as follows:

Service Representatives

  • These candidates are responsible for operating cash registers, maintaining the cleanliness of locker rooms and lobbies, and selling and promoting merchandise.
  • They are also responsible for recording lost and found products, answering members’ questions and phone calls.
  • They should also handle check-in processes and greet gym members.
  • Service Representatives usually earn around $09.00 to $12.00 per hour at 24 Hour Fitness.

24 hour fitness application tip

Membership Counselor

  • They are responsible for maintaining facilities’ cleanliness, promoting programs and sales, and ensuring new employees’ satisfaction.
  • They should complete sales training provided by the company and lift around 45 pounds during their duty hours.
  • Member Counselors usually earn around $12.00 to $15.00 per hour at 24 Hour Fitness.

The Online Job Application Process of 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness accepts online job application forms through its employment portal. The candidates looking to apply for a job position at 24 Hour Fitness can follow the guide below and submit their forms accordingly.

  • Go to the official career portal of 24 Hour Fitness and explore the vacant positions.
  • Enter your preferred keyword or job post you want to apply for at 24 Hour Fitness and tap on the “Find Jobs” tab.
  • Scroll down to view the available job posts at 24 Hour Fitness and tap on the job type you want to apply for.
  • Please read carefully the complete information that appeared here about the job position, its summary, qualification required, responsibilities, etc., before applying.
  • Tap on the “Apply Now” tab” and fill in the details if you want to create a new account.
  • Fill up the remaining sections required by 24 Hour Fitness to submit your job application.

Checking Job Application Status for 24 Hour Fitness

Candidates who have applied for the posts need to check out their status. Checking up the status of the application is also beneficial for the applicants. Through this, they will have a chance to communicate with the managers or the hiring departments. They will enquire about the positions available and thus have a chance to leave their spark on the hiring team.

The options available to check status are either by mailing the same or calling and confirming it. They also can visit the store for inquiries and get the details they are seeking out for. The staff also needs to exhibit professionalism, mindfulness, and respect for the staff while contacting them. They must also have some interpersonal skills that will help them get the job easily.

Benefits and Perks While Working at 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness offers many job benefits to the workers, including as follows:

  • Eligible24 Hour Fitness usually benefits from sick time off, holidays, paid vacation, and 401 (K) retirement plans with mental health and disability coverage plans.
  • They also receive life insurance, vision, dental, and medical insurance from 24 Hour Fitness.
  • 24 Hour Fitness also offers associate discounts equipment and training with free club memberships, free health coaching, and wellness rewards programs.

24 hour fitness application guide

Additional Details of 24 Hour Fitness

The company is a beneficial platform for fitness seekers. They are fully committed and determined to cultivate healthy lifestyles, both for the members associated with them and for the employees working with them. They also have 24-hour fitness sponsors who have provided the members and employees with information on healthy recipes and meals.

These recipes include beverages, appetizers, soups, side dishes, stews, desserts, and entrees. All the recipes also have information about the ingredients used. It also includes the cooking instructions for the same, and breakdown information per serving size.


The American gyms and fitness center chain, 24 Hour Fitness, is based in San Ramon, California. It is one of the most prominent privately-owned and largest gym chains across the world. It hired over 20,000 individuals and was founded in 1979. Job seekers can check current job posts available over 24 Hour Fitness’ job roles.

Besides, the job application process is provided in the information above that candidates can follow and apply for these fitness and gym chain locations. Candidates should make the most of this chance and build a career with this gym franchise.

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