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24 Hour Pharmacy Near Me Locator

Speedy Service

Access to healthcare services is a basic human right. It’s essential that we’re able to maintain our well-being and keep an eye on our health. Whether a minor or major medical ailment, prompt medical attention can make all the difference.


Not all healthcare issues come during normal business hours. It stands to reason that many medical emergencies could happen during the night when places are closed. If that happens, what should you do?

That’s why you need a 24 hour pharmacy near me locator!

So, let’s find out what to do if you need a pharmacy at any hour of the day.

Why are 24-hour Pharmacies Important?

24-hour pharmacies are there to provide medication and medical supplies to people, day or night. They’re a crucial resource for many people, regardless of the severity of the issue. They offer medical supplies and emergency medicine in case of accidents, but can refill regular prescriptions as well.

Why are 24-hour Pharmacies Important

Emergency medicine at any time

Medical emergencies happen when you least expect them. There’s no schedule here. So, it’s imperative that you can get supplies any time of the day.

24-hour pharmacies provide that and offer round-the-clock care and assistance to those in need. No matter what time it is, you can be sure of receiving the help you need.


In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. No one wants to take time out of their busy schedule to collect medications. With a 24-hour pharmacy, you can get what you need at a time that suits you.

And don’t forget; many people work 9-5 jobs. If a pharmacy only opens during these hours, it gives people very little opportunity to use its services. A 24-hour pharmacy is accessible to customers at any time, even in the middle of the night.

Speedy Service

We’ve all had to wait in line at the pharmacy, haven’t we? During peak hours, it can be difficult to get a prescription filled promptly. Sometimes, the wait can be anything from 20 mins up to an hour just to get a few pills!

24-hour pharmacies remove those long wait times. Generally speaking, they’re far less busy after usual business hours. If you get the script filled at night, you can be in and out of the pharmacy in a flash.

Speedy Service

Peace of mind

It’s comforting to know that there’s a 24 hour pharmacy nearby. An accident or emergency in the middle of the night is a scary thing. So, it’s great to know that there’s help on hand if it’s needed.

But it’s not only there in case of a serious issue. It could be a minor issue, such as requiring paracetamol for a headache. Whatever the problem, it’s awesome to know that there’s a pharmacy close by to help out.

How to Locate a 24 Hour Pharmacy Near Me?

24 hour drugstores can be found all over the good old US of A. But how can you find the closest one to you? Well, there are a few ways to find a pharmacy open 24 hours.

Use a 24 hour pharmacy near me locator tool

The first place to start would be with an online 24 hour drugstore locatorGoodRx is one of the best locators around. Use the search engine to filter your results by 24 hour pharmacies only.

The Best Part?

GoodRx is not just an excellent locator to find a 24 hour pharmacy near your location. It’s also a tool for finding the cheapest medicine and has coupons for various items. So, you can find a 24 hour drugstore and save yourself a buck or two as you do so!

24 CVS Near Me

CVS is one of the biggest pharmacies around. Not only does it sell medications, but also convenience foods, beauty products, greeting cards, and more. So, it’s well-equipped to handle your every need.

To find your closest 24 hour CVS drugstore, check out the store locator on the CVS website. Simply input your city, state, or zip code, and it’ll pull all CVS locations nearby. From there, just filter your results by 24 hour pharmacies to find the best store for your needs.

24 CVS Near Me

24 Hour Walgreens Near Me

Walgreens is another awesome option when it comes to finding a 24 hour pharmacy. As the second-largest pharmacy chain in the country (narrowly beaten by CVS,) it has hundreds of 24 hour locations. Selling everything from medicines to holiday merchandise, Walgreens is sure to carry what you require.

And just like CVS, you can find your closest Walgreens 24 hour pharmacy using the handy store locator on their website. Either browse all stores by state, or search by town, city, or zip code. Then use the filters so it only selects 24 hour locations.

Google maps

Of course, you could always use our old reliable friend Google instead. Google Maps is an incredibly useful tool for finding just about anything. With both web browser and mobile applications, it’s a handy, easy-to-use piece of software and helpful for every occasion.

To use it, you have two options. Firstly, you can manually type in ’24 hour pharmacy’ to see your closest locations. Alternatively, you can scroll through the pre-set options in the list of places and choose ‘pharmacy’ there.

Google Maps

Bing maps

If you’re more of a Microsoft user, then Bing Maps performs an almost identical service. Simply type ’24 hour pharmacy’ into the search bar, and it’ll pull up all the locations in your area. It also has the option to save them, so next time, you won’t have to search.

Check with your insurance provider

If you have health insurance, your provider should have a list of local 24 hour pharmacies. And there’s a little bonus here too. They’ll also be able to tell you which locations they cover.

There are two ways you can find out. The first is by checking the website of your insurance provider. The second is simple – just call and ask.

Ask your doctor

Your doctor will likely know most of the 24 hour drugstores in your area. While they might not be able to answer in an emergency, they can still provide that information at another time. During your next check-up, remember to ask them for some recommendations.

Things to Consider When Choosing a 24 Hour Pharmacy

If you find yourself needing medical supplies outside of regular business hours, a 24 hour pharmacy can be a godsend. But how do you pick the right one? Here are some things to consider when choosing the best 24 hour pharmacy.

Things to Consider When Choosing a 24 Hour Pharmacy


Time is often of the essence when you’re looking for a pharmacy that is open 24/7. Ideally, you want a location that’s close to your home or workplace. That way, you won’t have far to go to get what you need.

If there are several 24 hour drugstores close to you, there are some other things to factor in. ease of parking, for example, or access to public transport. You want to make the trip to the 24 pharmacy as fast and as straightforward as possible.

Insurance acceptance

This is a big one. Not all insurance providers cover all pharmacies. And if you have to pay out of pocket, the bills can start to pile up.

So, call and check before you set out on your journey. And if you don’t have insurance, use GoodRx to search for the cheapest locations. It can make a real difference to your bank balance.


Not all pharmacies offer the same services. This is particularly true of 24 hour pharmacies, which may run with a skeleton staff overnight. Understandably, this limits the service on offer.

Some may only offer prescription services at night. Others may not have a pharmacist on site 24 hours, so will only be able to provide over-the-counter supplies. Be sure to check beforehand, as you don’t want to go home empty-handed.


No one wants to hand around at the pharmacy. In an ideal world, you’ll be in and out in just a few minutes. So, try to choose a pharmacy that facilitates this.

Many pharmacies offer online ordering or have a mobile app. Some have curbside pick-up or drive-thru options. These are all things that can expedite your visit and have you back home, medicine in hand, as quickly as possible.


Before going to any pharmacy, take a quick look at Yelp. A pharmacy with a lot of bad reviews probably isn’t going to give you a positive experience. Try to choose a 24 drugstore with 4 or more stars and lots of positive feedback.

It’s also a good idea to ask around. Your family and friends are more likely to give you an honest opinion than strangers on the internet. Ask those around you if they have any recommendations.

Qualified staff

If you’re visiting the pharmacy overnight, there’s a good chance that a licensed pharmacist may not be present. That means you’ll only be able to get over-the-counter medicines, such as paracetamol. A cashier can’t fill your prescription, so check before heading down.

Qualified staff

It’s also worth finding out if any of the staff have expert knowledge about your condition. If you have a chronic condition, it’s always helpful to speak to an employee who knows a thing or two about it. Give them a call first to see if they’re likely to be able to help you.

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Final Thoughts

It’s often scary when you have a medical emergency. And it’s even worse when it happens outside of normal working hours. But 24 hour pharmacies are there to give you a helping hand in your hour of need.

Here, you’ve seen plenty of ways to locate your closest 24 hour pharmacy. And you’ve also seen what to look out for when picking the best drugstore. So, you should now have all the tools you need to make the right choice.

Happy late night pharmacy shopping!

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