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7-Eleven Interview Questions

7 eleven interview question

7-Eleven is a major convenience store across the globe, offering all household products ranging from food and grocery items to general merchandise and so much more. 7-Eleven has over 60,000 locations worldwide and its stores offer services round the clock.

7 eleven interview questions

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Interview Questions to Expect

During the interview process, the interviewer has queries that tend to focus on a candidate’s job experience and skills. Sometimes, the interviewer wants to judge how the candidate would react in specific situations, so he asks certain soft skill questions.

Here we have made an attempt to list a few commonly asked questions to help you to clear the upcoming “7-Eleven” interview with flying colors.

Q1: Introduce yourself

Ans: Your reply to this question should include your name and present occupation and key facts that will help you make an impression on the interviewer. Try to cover the most vital things that the interviewer needs to know about you. You should not speak about irrelevant things here or the interviewer may lose interest in you.

Q2: What do you know about “7-Eleven”?

Ans: Try to name a few specific facts about the “7-Eleven”, that you found while researching the company. Like what products and customer services the company provides and what are the company’s goals, and overall vision, and what sets them apart from the competition. This will establish that you understand the business and got to know the company before applying. Moreover, if you’re able to align your own personal goals to the company’s, you’re on your way to passing this question with flying colors!

Q3: Why do you want to work for “7-Eleven”?

Ans: The interviewer wants to know why you want to work at 7-Eleven and the specific motivational factor behind why you applied for the job. It’s time to show that you have a true passion for the job and connection to the company and your answer to this interview question should start with why you are interested in working here. Try to list at least three reasons why you want to work at 7-Eleven.

Q4: What is your greatest strength and weakness?

Ans: This is the most commonly asked question in job interviews for all levels of positions in all industries.  The main aim of a job interviewer is to realize what you could do for the organization and why he/she should hire you instead of someone else. Make sure that your strengths connect with the company’s needs. Your strengths could include experience, soft skills (competencies such as problem-solving, team building, etc.), education or training, etc. Your weakness could be inexperience with any specific software or a non-essential skill. Make sure you highlight to the interviewer that you are already working on your weakness/weaknesses.

the 7 eleven interview questions

Q5: How many hours can you work?

Ans: The interviewer wants to know your willingness to work long hours for the good of the company. So be open to work on weekends and holidays also, if required. Since 7-Eleven works round the clock, this response will enhance your chances of getting hired.

Q6: Tell me about the last customer service skills you learned

Ans: You can frame your response by mentioning the last customer service skill you learned and what was it for. Tell them how the skill has made you a better employee and why you would benefit the company.

Q7: How would you handle an aggressive customer?

Ans: Try to frame your response around the basic strategy to follow while handling a rude or aggressive customer, which is to stay calm and listen. Staying in control during a confrontation is the key to this question.

Q8: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Ans: By asking this question the interviewer is trying to gauge your passion and commitment to the job. Try to be specific while answering, like “In the next five years, I want to master my professional skills so that I have a solid ground for becoming a sales manager and lead a team of my own.”

7 eleven interview questions tip

Q9: How would you describe your customer service skills?

Ans: This is the most important question that will help the interviewer to decide how you fit in “7-Eleven”. Some basic things to keep in mind before responding to this question are:

1 Define high-quality customer service – How do you define great customer service as a consumer?

2 Give relevant examples. Be ready with some examples of good customer service you’ve provided in the precedent role.

3 Be specific to the company. Make sure your examples are relevant to the company and the job that you have applied for.

4 Emphasize your soft skills. Customer service requires several soft skills including better communication skills, patience, and conflict resolution. Try to highlight these skills that will make you well suited to provide exceptional customer service.

5 Tips To Ace The Interview

Want to ace your upcoming interview? Here are 5 tips to help you prepare.

1 Research the industry and the company – An interviewer may ask you questions related to your perception of the company and about the competitors. So research thoroughly.

2 Anticipate the interviewer’s concern – try to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself why they should or should not hire you and answer accordingly.

3 Prepare for commonly asked interview questions – Make sure that you prepare the above-mentioned commonly asked interview questions thoroughly so you won’t fumble during the actual interview.

4 Line up your questions for the interviewer – Make sure you are ready with some intelligent questions for the interviewer also to demonstrate your awareness as well as your serious intention.

5 Close on a positive note – Convey to the interviewer that you would really like to get hired for the position and are even more excited now after the interview.


Always remember the interviewers are looking for enthusiastic and sober potential employees. So try to convince him by showcasing your qualities, skills, and/or experience that set you apart from the competition and that you are someone who will make an excellent addition to the team.

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