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76 Gas Station Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

76 gas station application

76 Gas Station offers career opportunities for individuals in its expansive gasoline-filling station network. This American petrol chain provides career growth and stability options to candidates looking to serve customers in the fuel industry. The candidates looking for an entry-level career opportunity at 76 Gas Station receive supportive employment settings with this major gasoline-filling station network.

This article will help you find suitable hiring prospects at 76 Gas Station. You will also know about 76 Gas Station’s online hiring process with the job summary benefits, salary, schedule setting, job roles, and a lot more offered by this American petrol chain.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at 76 Gas Station

76 Gas Station provides various employment options to people with a minimum of 18 years while going through the employment process. This gasoline filings station network is open seven days a week for twenty-four hours every day.

Job Prospects at 76 Gas Station

76 Gas Station opened its door in 1932; since then, it maintains a high position in the petroleum trade. At 76 workers find jobs in the form of petrol fillers and cash counter operators. Company store serves their customers a wide range of varieties like candies, potato chips, gummies, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and different types of octanes and much more to meet our customer’s requirements.

the 76 gas station application

Previously known company Union 76 remains the trustworthy employment source for many Americans. Locations of 76 get spread in densely populated metropolitan cities like New York, California, Pennsylvania Hawaii. It gets owned by multinational company Phillips 66 and is carrying out profitable operations across the United States.

The Job Positions Available at 76 Gas Station

76 Gas Station provides various job titles for its gasoline filling stations, including Maintenance Workers, Store managers, Assistant Managers, Shift Managers, and Sales Associates. The most available job titles at 76 Gas Station are as follows:

Customer Service Associates

  • The management calls these employees Sales Clerks.
  • They function as Stockers and Cashiers in the interior of convenience stores.
  • The customer service associates are also responsible for cleaning the retail area, replenish shelf merchandise, process bank card, and cash transactions.
  • They should also wash customers’ car windows, fill the air in the tires, and pump gas at full-service options stations.
  • They usually earn around $8.75 per hour at 76 Gas Station.

the 76 gas station application tip

Assistant Managers

  • These assistants are responsible for overseeing most of the regular operations at gasoline filling stations.
  • Their duties include assisting in everyday operations, helping challenging and complex customers, and making work schedules.
  • They should also monitor and pay attention to daily processes and uphold the safety standards and policies of the company.
  • Assistant Managers usually earn around $9.00 to $10.00 an hour at gasoline filling stations.

The Job Application Process of 76 Gas Station

You should visit your nearest 76 Gas Station location and move forward with the in-store job application process. It usually takes more time than the online job application process. However, the chances of employment increase through the online process. Therefore, it would be best to meet the hiring manager when you visit physical stores of 76 Gas Station locations and request a meeting.

Besides, it would help if you informed that you have seen the store location to know the hiring process and apply for a job role at 76 Gas Station. 76 Gas Station’s management will inform you about the job application or the hiring process. They will also notify you about the current openings with the gasoline filling chain locations. Ask for any query you want to know about the employment process before moving ahead and apply for a suitable job role at a gasoline filling station.

Checking Job Application Status for 76 Gas Station

Unlike many other companies that have online forms, 76 Gas station accepts job applications only in person. Candidates are requested to take regular follow-ups in phone calls, emails, and visits; dedicated job candidates who consistently show their interest in the job get the high possibility of getting hired as an employee at 76 Gas Station.

76 gas station application tip

We recommend a business-casual uniform for applicants to wear as it is generally acceptable and impressive whenever the candidate comes for submitting job applications or taking follow-ups. We are always looking forward to dedicated and hardworking employees. All the candidate’s applications are viewed at the store as we do not want to miss them.

Benefits and Perks While Working at 76 Gas Station

76 Gas Station’s employees usually benefit from the following job benefits:

  • It offers valuable work experience to new employees with reasonable salary opportunities.
  • Workers also enjoy flexible break operations during slower business hours at 76 Gas Station.
  • Many 76 Gas Station locations provide complimentary beverages to the workers during their shift hours.
  • Full-time 76 Gas Station Managers often qualify for 401 (K) retirement plans and medical coverage as their additional employee benefits.

Additional Details of 76 Gas Station

The orange ball logo of 76 represented the company for years and got designed by advertising executive Ray Pedersen in 1962. Styrofoam antenna topper is out of the famous vehicle accessories. The item carries a heritage touch that took it to the background of many feature films and the Dodger’s stadium in Los Angeles until 2003.

We thank grassroots for supporting us to save the 76-ball campaign; dedicated fans of the symbol successfully helped us in the legacy of the image from corporate redesign and attained museum placements for various cultural artifacts. The company’s over years of existence and success are thus enough to reflect its popularity.


The American chain of gas stations, 76 Gas Station, was founded as Union 76 in 1932. It has a widely recognized logo with an orange ball and 76 written on it with blue color. It is operating more than 1,800 retail locations of gasoline filling stations in the United States.

If you want to work at 76 Gas Station, you can visit its locations. You will know more about the hiring process of 76 Gas Station when you see its locations during slower operational hours. The gasoline filling station often opens up various job positions. This is to fill up the roles at its existing and new locations. Visit your nearest 76 Gas Station location and avail yourself of the opportunity to join the successful gasoline filling station retail chain.

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