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ABM Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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ABM Industries Inc is ideally a facility provider that mainly focuses on the customer experiences in electrical, education, and healthcare. The company offers services in both urban and rural areas, including aviation, manufacturing, and others.

The American building maintenance company was established in 1909 in San Francisco, California. And it employs at least 100000 workers. Some of the jobs offered by the company include janitorial services, landscaping, besides HVAC repairs.

The entry-level employment and career management positions are available in abundance. The standard services provided by the organization include energy, transportation, and others. Currently, the company has 350 offices in 20 countries across the globe. ABM has bagged several industry awards, including AT&T Supplier Diversity Crystal Award and ICare Award, and others.

Important Factors to Know Before Working for ABM

Minimum age required to apply or work at ABM: The interested candidates need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible to work at ABM.

The number of working hours required at ABM: ABM Industries operates 7 days a week, for 24 hours.

Employment Opportunities at ABM

The company mainly hires employees to meet their daily demands, and they need to constantly carry out some work to at least high standards of quality. The company is entirely dedicated to meet the best means of customer satisfaction and keep up with the ever-increasing demand of the clients. The employees can enjoy amazing rewards for their job performance, including job advancement opportunities and competitive compensation. The company offers service workers at 20000 accounts across the globe, and they are planning to acquire more clients globally.

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Thanks to the continuous growth and expansion of the company, new employment opportunities are created that evolves in scope mainly. Throughout the company, maintenance and custodial jobs remain abundant. ABM also hires several professionals in the engineering niche, energy usage optimization, and parking spaces. The widespread network also produces new jobs constantly. Besides operating in 300 US locations, ABM tends to maintain a strong position in the global workforce.

Career Opportunities at ABM

When it comes to dreaming about a giant company, almost all the new businesses look up to ABM, mainly because it is single-started. It is pretty successful today that the company hires 140000 employees. The jobs at ABM are awaiting you if you wish to be successful. By working here, you can get a chance to learn about some secrets to own a huge company.

A job at ABM can allow you to get your hands on a fantastic job experience besides competitive wages. To work at ABM, the job seekers must be at least 18 years old. The positions tend to remain open irrespective of the educational backgrounds. High school diplomas or GED equivalents can surely help job seekers to land a perfect job.

General Cleaner

The cleaners need to improve the visual appeal of the working environments through the custodial works. Some of the traditional job roles include mopping, sweeping, dusting, and emptying trash receptacles. The critical aspects of the positions include teamwork and an eye for detail.

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The workers need to be healthy to crouch, walk, or kneel for extended periods. They also need to clean the areas usually, so employees must be ready for work late hours, like overnight shifts. The initial pay for the general cleaner is $9 per hour.

Maintenance Technicians

These technicians mainly deal with repairing, preserving, and operating mechanical, technical equipment, and systems in the designated places. The duties tend to vary, and it includes changing the light bulbs and resolving the plumbing issues besides HVAC upkeep, painting, and electrical work.

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The technicians need to interact with clients to learn about the nature of the problems and complete all the relevant paperwork after the problem is solved. The candidates that have at least two years of work experience are given the first preference. The employees can earn $15 per hour.

Landscape Laborer

They need to maintain the greenery and foliage around the client’s spaces. The typical job responsibilities include trimming trees and hedges, mowing and weeding lawns, and mulching and watering. To get the job, the employees must have stamina as outdoor exertion will be a part of their daily job. They can earn $11 per hour. To get a hiring preference, the employees must have a driver’s license.

Tips for Working at ABM

ABM is very active in posting its job offerings on its website. The interested candidates must keep an eye on the job openings and apply at the earliest as there is tough competition. The interested candidates can only apply through the online measures, which is possible by navigating through the official website.

The company prefers candidates with prior experience in the mechanical industry. While filling out the application form, the candidates need to be very careful about filling out their personal and professionals details.

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Candidates should fill in the information correctly. This is because no one can edit the information after that. The candidates while visiting the office for the further procedure should make sure to wear formals and be neatly dressed. The first impression speaks volumes; hence, they should look professional, speak professionally, and also be very confident in their approach. Candidates should also research the company and ensure they answer all questions related to the job offer.

Perks of Working at ABM

The ABM tends to offer several benefits, including health and retirement, besides financial perks. The team members also receive compensation besides paid holidays. The health benefits are most likely to include long-term disability, short term insurance. The eligible employees can also get 401k plans. Additionally, ABM also offers the employees paid training and sick holidays.

Miscellaneous Information about ABM

The ABM group mainly thrives to give an equal and diverse working culture to ensure equal opportunities for all employees hailing from different backgrounds and morale. They also motivate employees to make the company their second home. The widespread network has led to an increase in demand for new jobs. Also, ABM offers volunteering tasks for the local companies and donates the essential resources. Hence employees can learn a lot here.

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