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Account Representative Job Description

the account representative job description

Account Representatives are responsible for sustaining long-term relationships with their clients, developing relationships with new clients, and closing sales. These candidates are also in charge of ensuring that customers are pleased and satisfied with their services and products as they urge customers to return or repeat business.

While interviewing the candidates for the Account Representative position, interviewers or recruiting managers usually look for someone who has a lot of passion, drive, and enthusiasm for working with customers. Job applicants with poor customer service skills, weak communication abilities, and low energy are usually avoided during the employment process.

account representative job description

Job Description of Account Representative

Companies and enterprises generally look for a goal-oriented Account Representative to help them increase sales by maintaining and developing relationships with current and potential clients. Networking to locate new clients, communicating client feedback to the advertising and marketing departments, and selling more services and goods to existing clients are all tasks of the Account Representative. These job candidates should also be able to respond to clients’ concerns and questions.

Many Account Representatives work in full-time work capacities; however, a few candidates work for part-time or temporary work settings. Account Representatives’ salaries are determined by their education and relevant professional experience, geographic location, company size, and employer industry. Additional pay in the form of bonuses or commissions may be available to Account Representatives.

Responsibilities of Account Representative

  • Account Representatives are responsible for acting as the main point of contact between the clients and the company.
  • Their responsibility is also to ensure that all contracts and necessary paperwork are signed.
  • They should prepare invoices and submit them to clients.
  • They are also in charge of maintaining an accurate record of client payments.
  • Account Representatives should also improve sales by attracting new clients through following company-generated leads, emailing, and cold-calling.
  • Their responsibilities also include informing existing clients about new services and goods of the company.
  • Account Representatives are also responsible for professionally resolving client issues and reporting the same to management as needed.
  • Prospect Account Representatives are also responsible for creating and maintaining strong client connections by following up with them regularly.

Requirements for Account Representative

  • To apply for the Account Representative position, you must have a GED or a high school diploma.
  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration, communications, marketing, or a related subject is preferred but not required.
  • Job seekers should have previous customer service or sales experience.
  • They should be able to use all Microsoft Office programs.
  • These individuals should be able to multitask.
  • It is also necessary to be able to work in a fast-paced atmosphere.
  • Negotiation skills are a bonus for this position.
  • To be considered for a position as an Account Representative, you must have excellent communication skills.

Interview Questions for Account Representative

1 What do you do about obtaining new customers?

Ans. The candidates’ response exhibits their understanding of the industry and their communication and customer service abilities.

2 What would you do if you had a long-term client who was always complaining about the company’s pricing?

Ans. The answer by the candidates will reveal their experience, communication, and customer service abilities.

3 How do you retain your current clients?

Ans. The candidate’s response indicates their knowledge of and expertise with customer service.

4 How frequently should an effective Account Representative contact current clients?

Ans. The reply will exhibit the prospective employees’ expertise and experience in the field.

5 In your opinion, what is the most effective way to close a sale with a new client?

Ans. This answer indicates the job applicants’ expertise and experience in the field.

Future Scope as an Account Representative

Account Representatives’ career role has various growth and advancement options. Account Representatives’ standard job promotions include Regional Sales Manager, Business Developer, Operations Manager, and Business Development Manager position. In addition, management promotes them as Sales Manager, Project Manager, Senior Account Manager, Sales Representative, Account Executive, and many more senior job positions.

Several candidates holding Account Representatives positions learn the specialized technology and skills required for their job position and industry. When initiating a career in a new organization, the hiring team includes training in the recruitment process. Besides, on-the-job training usually takes a few weeks to a month to complete. Typical training includes observing current account representatives and executing activities in a similar capacity under close oversight until the candidates are confident in their abilities to accomplish their responsibilities independently. A few industries and businesses also provide possibilities for employees to further their education.


Account representatives are in charge of increasing sales by maintaining and developing relationships with existing and potential customers. In addition, they ensure optimum client satisfaction by following up with clients frequently and immediately resolving customer issues. If you look for a career as an Account Representative, you can go through the details provided in the article above and learn more about this job position’s roles, requirements, and career path.

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