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Accounting Administrator Job Description

accounting administrator job description

Do you have a head for numbers and a good understanding of tax laws?

If so, working as an accounting administrator could be the perfect career move for you. This job mainly involves performing accounting tasks like bookkeeping, invoicing, and tax reconciliation.

This is a good job for people who want to work in an office and are self-motivated. However, some people may find the nature of this work to be a bit repetitive.

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accounting administrator job description

Accounting Administrator Job Description

A job description for this role will usually give an overview of the company you would be working for. If it is a large firm, you are likely to work beside, or even lead, a financial team. There should be details of the type of contract that comes with this role and the base salary.

There should be an outline of the main duties that go along with this role. The job description should detail the education, licensing, and experience that candidates need to have. The hiring manager may also outline the additional skills they are looking for in the ideal candidate.

Duties And Responsibilities

The duties you are charged with are likely to vary depending on the industry that you work for. However, certain core duties go hand-in-hand with this role. Here are the main duties and responsibilities you will be expected to perform regularly.

Monitoring Accounts Receivable and Payable

You will receive and verify requisitions and billing for goods and services. Make sure that you take care of the accounts receivable and payable. To do this, you are likely to have to work closely with certain clients and vendors.

Analyzing Data

You need to analyze a wide range of transactions to make sure they comply with the established procedures and policies. When financial information or data is questionable, you will be charged with investigating it.

Keeping Organized Records

You need to organize and maintain files for clients and vendors such as 1099s and W-9s. Alternatively, you may be charged with overseeing the team that is completing these files.


You will need to track invoices and detect any mistakes that have been made. Associated tasks include processing invoice data and coding.

Supporting the Finance Team

If you are working for a large organization, you may be charged with supporting the financial team. This includes making sure everyone is on track with their tasks and helping out where needed. You may need to review certain records and analyze questionable data.

Skills And Attributes

Many of the skills you need to do this job can be learned at college and through a training college. However, there are also certain soft skills you need to have to perform your duties well. Here are the key skills and attributes a successful accounting administrator should possess.

Mathematical skills

You need to have an affinity for numbers to do this job well. And will often need to calculate large columns of numbers both quickly and accurately.


The operational strategies of the organization you work for are likely to change over time. You need to be able to learn new information quickly and rise to the challenge of tackling something new.

Knowledge of financial principles

It is essential to have a deep understanding of the basics of financial management. Without this knowledge, you will be unable to perform your tasks successfully.


You are likely to have a range of different tasks to take care of on any given day and effectively prioritize them. This will help to ensure that everything is completed before the deadline.

Communication skills

You need to have strong written and verbal communication tasks. Find simple ways of explaining complex information to clients. You also need to be able to write clear and detailed reports.

Working under pressure

You are likely to be under a lot of pressure at certain times of the year due to high volumes of work. It is important to be able to manage pressure well and remain focused on your tasks.

Education And Training

Although not always required, it is preferable to hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business. If you want to be able to advance in your career quickly, consider completing a master’s degree. Entry-level candidates are usually provided with paid training, which lasts for around six months.

Certifications and Continuing Education

Once you have gained a little work experience, it is worth considering getting certified. This will allow you to earn a higher salary with extra responsibility. Here are some of the main types of certifications you can study for.

Certified Bookkeeper

You can get this certification through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers to show you have bookkeeping skills. The course includes instruction on bookkeeping tasks such as balancing accounts and payroll. You need to have at least two years of full-time experience to qualify and pass a four-part exam.

Certified Accountant

This certification is awarded by the NACPB and shows that you have the required accounting knowledge. Online study resources such as quizzes and a pre-assessment test are provided by the NACPB. Once you have completed your studies, you will need to pass the accounting certification examination.

Credentials and Licensing

Licensing is another great way to show you have the skills and knowledge to do this job. It is also essential if you are planning to work for yourself. There are two main types of licensing that you can apply for through the NACPB.

Certified Accounting Paraprofessional

This licensing is available to people with a bachelor’s degree who have at least a year of bookkeeping experience. You will also need to earn 24 hours of continuing education credits each year. You then need to pass a five-part exam to receive the license.

Certified Payroll Specialist

To earn this license, you need to complete 16 hours of continuing education credits each year. You will be awarded the license after you have passed a special three-part exam.

The Working Environment

This is usually an office job, and you will generally keep regular office hours. You may be required to work additional hours during, particularly busy accounting periods. This includes tax time and the end of the financial year.

You will generally work full-time and need to be able to work with minimal supervision. In some cases, you may be in charge of overseeing a financial team in addition to your other duties. You may also need to leave the office from time to time to meet with clients.

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Final Thoughts

The salary for this role will depend on your skills, experience, and the company you work for. The starting salary for this role is typically around $40,000 per year. This can go up to around $65,000 annually after a few years.

Working as a freelance accountant can considerably boost your earning potential. You will have the freedom to choose the clients you want to work with and set your own hours. If you excel as a freelancer, you could earn at least $100,000 per year in this role.

All the very best getting a job as an Accounting Administrator!

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