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Accounts Receivable Job Description

accounts receivable job description

You are on the right page to become accounts receivable, as we have got your back by providing all the details. The accounts receivable are mainly experts that generate income for patrons or companies by ensuring the customers are perfectly billed for the goods and services that the company deals in.

They keep other departments in the loop to ensure that the perfect amount is collected within a given deadline. Besides that, they also verify and record transactions besides resolving account discrepancies and performing other tasks to secure various client payments. Ideally, the expert needs to ensure that the organization receives payment for all goods and services as per transactions.

They also need to provide financial and clerical duties besides processing and monitoring incoming payments, ensuring accuracy and efficiency of operations, and secure income by verifying and posting different receipts.

Additionally, the experts are responsible for keeping track of the process and monitoring all the potential payments. The primary responsibility here is to manage the accounts receivable and record all the expenses perfectly.

the accounts receivable job description

Job Description – Accounts Receivable

The company mainly aims to hire analytical accounts receivable professional to assist their accounting departments as it tends to receive, collect, and process. For example, you need to collect on goods and services sold.

Under this role, the accountant reviews all the account data and rectifies discrepancies. They also ensure that all the current and potential accounts are adequately billed so the payments can be collected.

If you wish to become a successful account receivable, you need to be a skilled and thorough researcher featuring fantastic communication skills and, of course, record-keeping skills. In addition, the hiring team prefers candidates with an eye for detail. They also look for self–motivated candidates with strong computer and math skills.

You need to know that debt is likely to be part of all organizations or even industries but accounts receivable experts are there to collect all outstanding amounts of debts and enhance the company’s cash flow.

You would be mainly responsible for handling all billing, credit, and collection aspects. When it comes to dealing with challenging conversations, you should be calm and clear. Mostly it would be best if you were willing to work full-time and need to report to a department supervisor or manager.

You need to possess various skills in the financial, clerical, and administrative arenas. The company aims to hire experienced professionals to provide excellent services with better or even high accuracy in a dynamic business environment.

The primary duties include maintaining and promoting accuracy in all operation areas. In addition, one needs to oversee and process incoming payments. One should also process incoming payments after proper verification.

Skills Required – Accounts Receivable

You need to feel comfortable using data entry software to use the same to input customer data. You need to have excellent interpersonal skills besides having an eye for detail. Additionally, you should be able to multitask. Finally, you must have a strong understanding of accounting details.

Job Responsibilities

  • The accounts receivable person handles the processes, verification, and also receipts of all the goods and services offered by the company.
  • Researching and resolving the accounting discrepancies.
  • You need to maintain records regarding payments and account statuses.
  • Obtain information from various departments to ensure records are perfect.
  • Need to work with collections department to check credit history and review accounts, client payments, or payment terms.

Job Requirements

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or another field.
  • Needs to have at least three years of experience in a similar niche.
  • Must have an eye for detail.
  • You must have fantastic communication, research, problem-solving, and time management skills.
  • Need to build relationships with clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the job description template of an accounts receivable professional?

Ans. Accounts receivable professionals have core analytical skills who help in assisting the accounting department. These professionals receive process and collect on all the goods and services rendered. In this role, the account receivable professionals will be required to collect all the information related to accounting, correct the discrepancies’ if needed, ensure that the accounts are billed properly, and also collect payments.

2 What are the skills-set companies look for in an accounts receivable professional?

Ans. Accounts receivable professionals should be excellent with analytics and numbers, as their core role involves them being entirely involved in dealing with numbers and figures. The technical skills of these individuals should be top-notch and they should also possess excellent record-keeping skills. These professionals should have an eye for detailing, should be driven and self-motivated, and also have a hang of computer and math skills.

3 Is a master’s degree in this role mandatory?

Ans. Bachelor’s degree is definitely mandatory, but a master’s degree is not mandatory for this role. However, it also boils down to which company these professionals are applying for and their needs.

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