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Administrative Secretary Job Description

the administrative secretary job description

A secretary or administrative Secretary are the professionals with clerical and executive assignments, either as part of a team or unaided. They are involved in organizing and enforcing office protocols, and they’ll be in charge of particular programs and assignments regularly. In some situations, an Administrative Secretary may be accountable for supervising and overseeing the work of junior workers.

The job description differs a lot based on the business, size, and the size of obligation. The plurality of your work encompasses written and vocal information, messages processing, and typing. It necessitates similar capacities, including IT, administrative, and demonstration skills and the ability to multitask and work adequately under pressure.

If you are looking forward to applying for the administrative secretary role, you have landed at the right place. Read about the different skills-set, qualifications, key responsibilities, and duties required to become an administrative secretary in the job description below.

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administrative secretary job description

Job Description: Administrative Secretary

Administrative assistant tasks and obligations include delivering administrative assistance to ensure the workplace runs smoothly. They should also support managers and staff with a variety of organizational and communication responsibilities. The secretary is also in charge of classified and time-sensitive information. They should also be familiar with a wide range of notions, procedures, and methods in the field.

Capability to provide efficient assistance over the phone and via email to assure that all Administrative Assistant projects are done precisely, with impeccable credentials, and on time. You may direct and lead the efforts of others. To plan and accomplish objectives, rely on your knowledge and decision, and expect a lot of aptitude and latitude. A manager or the head of a unit/department is usually the person to whom they report.

An administrative Secretary’s position can sometimes be a stepping stone into another area, notably for somebody in the media or marketing; that is, many people in marketing and the media begin their careers as administrative Secretary and work their path up. Moreover, university graduate students frequently work as administrative secretaries temporarily during vacations or after graduating via a recruitment agency.

However, you can boost your career by taking on more senior administrative obligations; the specific nature of these positions will vary in the organization.

the administrative secretary job description

Skills Required: Administrative Secretary

Although some employers expect to have completed a GCSE/standards or A level/higher education, traditional academic qualifications are unnecessary. However, a small number of people may want a degree, in which case a business English, information systems, or data science degree could be helpful.

Most employers looking for work in an office or an organizational environment can earn experience by temping through recruitment agencies. In addition, this can lead to long-term assistance.

Some employers expect you to type a specific number of words per minute or have audio typing knowledge; nonetheless, shorthand is no longer essential. A variation of secretarial training courses is available online or through schools of higher learning.

Job Responsibilities

  • Replying to phones, sending messages, and handling mail
  • Keeping diaries and planning appointments
  • They should also type, read, and collate documents
  • Organizing and checking meetings
  • They should also supervise databases
  • A secretary should also prioritize workloads
  • They should also liaise with related organizations and clients
  • Organizing mail-shots.
  • They should also provide management with reports and completing secretarial chores.
  • Document filing, data entry, and database maintenance are all tasks that must also be completed.
  • Communication with internal divisions and the general public is also part of the job.
  • Inter-departmental roles and actions are assessed and evaluated.
  • Troubleshoot any internal issues that may arise.
  • Best practices and standards should be included in administrative operations.

Job Requirements

  • GED or high school diploma
  • Formal training in office administration, secretarial work, or other related fields.
  • It would be advantageous if you had 1-2 years of administrative secretary experience.
  • Advanced knowledge in the document, spreadsheet, and database management.
  • Ability to communicate administrative issues both internally and externally.
  • Filing, recordkeeping, and organizing skills should be exceptional.
  • Printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines are all things you should be familiar with.
  • Appointment scheduling and call forwarding systems expertise.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Interpersonal skills that are second to none.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How important are sound computer and technical skills for an administrative secretary?

Ans. An administrative secretary must be 100% technically skilled as their day-to-day work involves organizing different schedules, files, documents, and databases which is impossible to be carried out manually.

2 Ideally, how much work experience is required for this role?

Ans. The candidate should roughly have experience of about 1-2 years in this field. However, it is essential to have work experience in a similar field to increase hiring chances.

3 What are the core job responsibilities involved in this role?

Ans. The candidate should check mails, plan schedules, organize the database, and collect documents daily. These individuals have to regularly communicate with the internal stakeholder. Provide solutions in case of any issues and keep a look at the best practices in the industry.

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