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Advance Auto Parts Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

advance auto parts application

Advance Auto Parts is an America-based automotive parts provider. Its headquarters are located in North Carolina, and it gives suggestions or solutions for both DIYs and professional installers. From the data gathered in 2019, the provider operated around 4912 stores and almost 150 world Pac branches in Canada and the United States.

The Company was founded back in 1932 and had been operating for the past 88 years. They have recently posted about their job vacancies, searching out enthusiastic and dedicated candidates.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Advance Auto Parts

  • The minimum age to work at Advance Auto Parts is 18 years, and if you are 18 years or above, you are eligible to apply for some of their posts.
  • Hours of Operation at Advance Auto Parts are: Monday to Saturday- 7.30 AM to 9.00 PM and Sunday- 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM.
  • Several job posts are available at the Company, for order puller, salesperson, general manager, district manager, delivery driver, and many others.

Job Opportunities Provided by Advance Auto Parts

  • The work environment at the Company is built around honesty, mutual trust, integrity, dedication, and they are looking out for candidates who can maintain the same.
  • They have their own set of values designed to be followed by the applicants to ensure customers’ and employees’ success.
  • The candidate applying for the posts needs to stand on its expansion goals and fulfill them.

advance auto parts application tip

  • Employees have access to work at retail locations, corporate offices, or distribution centers.
  • Entry-level jobs and professional job vacancies are available at the Company.
  • They are looking for experienced workers in auto parts or sales.
  • The candidate has to start from the entry-level jobs at the firm.
  • Managerial positions need to be filled by candidates with personally attained skills.
  • Candidates applying for the managerial posts need to have some knowledge of the auto parts segments.

What Are The Jobs Offered at Advance Auto Parts?

As already mentioned, candidates above the age of 18 are eligible to apply for the posts. They need to have a high school diploma to apply for the same. Selected candidates will enjoy the Company’s multiple benefits and are offered competitive pay with future scopes and promotions. Candidates should apply for jobs that they enjoy doing. There are certain jobs that may be tough at Advance Auto Parts. Candidates should be aware of this before applying. Some of the positions at the store include:

Sales Associate

Sales Associates at the stores need to ensure that customers must have an exceptional experience at the store and have to be visible at the entire store performing multiple duties. Other tasks include maintaining cash registers, informing about the new promotions, maintaining the stock level ensuring that the sales floor is fully stocked.

advance auto parts application tips

They need to gather some information about the in-store products to achieve the targets. Candidates well-versed in writing and speaking in Spanish and English can apply for the same, and the pay rates for this post range between $9.00 and $12.00 per hour, depending on the skills.


The managers need to overlook all the operations at the store and help the assistant managers. They have to take the responsibilities for higher customer standards and must also train the entry-level workers. The managers also need to interact with the customers regarding the auto parts information and car repairs, explaining some DIY techniques.

They need to set and achieve the sales goals, plan the layout for the working, and look on inventory, ordering them and maintaining the stock. The manager also needs to hire and train the employees for the store. The pay rate for the post range between $12.00 to $14.00 per hour, and the general manager can earn up to $45,000 annually.

Retail Parts Pro

They need to manage the store’s inventory and complete the store’s daily responsibilities, performing cashier, housekeeping, and stocking duties when required. They can earn up to $11,00 to $12.00 per hour.

What Are The Tips to Apply at The Company?

The only option to apply for the job posts is through the online mediums. They also need to click on the link at the bottom of the web page. From there they can apply for the available job posts. The candidates then need to go for the retail option on the careers tab and click on the link of the job position they wish to apply for.

They also need to provide some of their details, including email address, social security number, previous employment details, certificated and other relevant details.

advance auto parts application guide

For the users using it for the first time, they also need to create a profile, enter the email address and create a password to access the same. The candidates also need to fill out the information related to work histories, availability, and personal information.

How to Check The Application Status for The Job?

The Advance Auto Parts will send a confirmation email to the selected candidate. This email will inform them about the further steps to be followed for the hiring process. The candidate can go for personal follow-ups. During this, they can personally go and meet the managers and get the information.

But they need to dress up formally to attend the meeting with the manager and show their interest in the jobs, gaining some information before the appointment.

What Are The Benefits of Working at Advance Auto Parts?

The Company provides multiple benefits to its employees, be it comprehensive benefits or amenities. Eligible workers of the Company also enjoy health care plans with vision and dental benefits. They are also eligible for sick leaves, life insurance, and paid vacations.

Some of them also can get scholarship benefits. Qualified associates are also eligible for employee discounts, 401k retirement plans, and some company stock purchase plans.

Additional Benefits at The Company

The Company also serves various other local organizations donating their money and time in advance care programs. They also donate for educational, military, health needs, and also for disaster relief.


In this article, we have revealed some facts about the job vacancies at Advance Auto Parts. If you think you are eligible for the post, submit your application for the same before it fills out.

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