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Advertising Manager Job Description

advertising manager job description

If you wish to become an advertising manager, you need to follow this page and learn the details. Ideally, the advertising managers are responsible for managing the company’s advertising activities and staff members to develop consistent brand-specific campaigns.

In addition, the experts are likely to supervise and work with other employees in the team and establish project objectives, and, of course, monitor and approve a project’s status after evaluating it and its impact.

The advertising managers are likely to play a crucial role in helping a company to promote and sell products to patrons. In addition, they are likely to lead and influence the way brands and feels of the market.

They need to oversee the product development and monitor the trends that are likely to be applicable in the future. In addition, they are responsible for all the marketing like product launches, print, and web campaigns.

You are likely to have a fast-paced lifestyle and, of course, creative jobs. The advertising manager is also responsible for planning and directing the various campaigns for the organizations, and the main objective is to promote interest in a product or service.

You need to work with multiple art directors, financial staff, sales agents and bring all the campaigns to life, and it acts as the go-between for clients and agents.

advertising manager job description

Job Description – Advertising Manager

The advertising manager is likely to collaborate with patrons and the advertising team to establish project goals, delegate tasks, direct research, and evaluate projects to ensure they meet the patron’s expectations.

You must be focused on raising awareness and building some product interest in the products and services your company sells if you wish to be a successful advertising manager. In addition, you must have an eye for detail and creative problem solver featuring excellent communication and project management skills.

It would be best if you were in charge of promoting, advertising, and marketing a company’s merchandise. You also need to maintain some close relationship with the marketing department of your company. Being an advertising manager, you also need to create some interest in your clients to be keen on buying the products you sell or even the service for your department.

It would be best to work closely with the marketing department to understand what target audience is likely to align the best with your campaign. First, the audience can also be identified through polls and market research. Then, all you need to do is create plans and also campaigns that appeal ideally to your target audience.

Skills Required – Advertising Manager

To become a successful advertising manager, you need to have excellent skills. Some of the skills include fantastic computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel.

You also need to have a good understanding of effective marketing strategies, materials, or channels. In addition, you must have experience preparing and present quarterly goals and future forecasts. Finally, you must have amazing analytical, financial, or pricing skills besides leadership, planning, and execution skills.

Job Responsibilities

  • Must oversee the operations under the advertisement department.
  • You also need to work with various staff members, patrons, or an agency to meet or establish project objectives.
  • You also need to develop advertising strategies to enhance the buyer’s interest in products or services.
  • One should also monitor the progress of the campaign.
  • Initiate or direct research efforts.
  • You need to collect and analyze the data.

Job Requirements

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, etc.
  • Need to have at least two years of work experience in relevant field or management experience.
  • Must have fantastic negotiation skills and decisiveness.
  • Need to understand design and various marketing principles, besides techniques.
  • Must be able to develop some strategies based on trends.

Frequently Asked Question

1 Does having an agency experience increase the chances of getting hired for the role?

Ans. It is not mandatory to have agency experience, but it always puts the individual in a better position if they have experience working in an advertising agency. This is because the agency deals with multiple brands, and through this, they would have an idea of how to set up advertising campaigns for different genres.

2 Is it important to have good graphic designing skills for an advertising manager’s job?

Ans. If a candidate has great graphic designing skills, then it is surely an add-on. However, it is not compulsory to possess these skills. But having creative skills always helps in increasing the chances of getting hired.

3 How much experience is required in the leadership role to apply for this job?

Ans. Ideally, it does depend on the company you wish to apply for, but you must have experience of about a minimum of 2 years and above to be eligible to apply for the role and do full justice. However, some companies require extra experience.

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