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Aflac Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Are you searching for a job in the insurance industry?

Whether you are launching your career or want to take it to the next level, Aflac is a good place to work. This Fortune 500 company was established in the 1950s and currently serves more than fifty million customers.

Aflac is constantly expanding, and the company regularly posts vacancies on its website. However, the high profile of the company means that there is often a lot of competition for new positions.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at how to make sure your Aflac Application Online: Jobs & Career Info stands out from the crowd.

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Facts About Working At Aflac

It is necessary to be at least eighteen years old to work for Aflac. The company’s branches are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Employees are often required to work evening shifts during the week to make sure that their branch is fully staffed.

Aflac is committed to providing new employees of all levels with full-paid training. Employees who excel are also encouraged to advance within the company. In some cases, this may involve transferring to a different branch when the need arises.

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Aflac Employment Opportunities

Most jobs at Aflac revolve around delivering excellent customer service and explaining various products. Depending on the position, employees are either required to work in an office setting or the field. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main employment opportunities at Aflac that are often available to applicants.

Aflac Internships

College students who want to launch their careers in the insurance industry can join a summer intern program. This program typically lasts for three months and provides interns with training and hands-on experience. At the end of the internship, candidates who perform well are often offered full-time employment with Aflac.

Intern programs are often advertised during college career fairs. This allows students to meet hiring managers and even take part in a short interview. Applicants should take the initiative to negotiate their salary as it can range from $11 to $35 per hour.

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Insurance Agent

The main responsibility of this role is calling existing customers to promote various services and packages. Insurance agents also create personalized insurance plans for new customers and compile rate quotes. It is necessary to have a good understanding of all Aflac products and services and be able to explain them clearly.

The role of an insurance agent is open to entry-level candidates who have basic computer skills and strong math skills. While previous customer service experience is provided, employees are provided with full training. This is usually a full-time position and comes with an average base salary of $25,000 per year.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives work in a call center and receive calls from Aflac customers. They are responsible for handling complaints as smoothly as possible and answering questions from customers. The aim is to determine the needs of each customer and satisfy them as quickly and professionally as possible.

This is another entry-level position that provides talented employees with the chance to advance. Customer service representatives have the option of working either full-time or part-time hours. The starting salary for this role is typically $13 per hour.

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Market Asset Analyst

The main role of a market asset analyst is to help the company to grow and maximize profits. To do this, they manage the business database and help to build asset strategies along with the asset manager. They are also consulted before major business decisions are made and help the company to make informed decisions.

Market Trainer

These employees work directly with the Marketing Director to create and implement new training plans. They help to make sure that all Aflac employees are fully trained and qualified. They also lead new training programs and help to identify candidates for promotion.

Additional Benefits of Working at Aflac

All Aflac employees are provided with paid training as well as paid vacation days and personal days. Eligible professionals are also provided with a wide range of other benefits. These include free onsite health screenings, medical, dental, vision, and disability coverage, special stock options and profit-sharing plans, and insurance policies.

How To Apply?

The best way to apply for a job at Aflac is by visiting the careers page of the company’s website. Candidates will be prompted to create a user profile by entering their name and email address in their specified fields. They will then be sent an email confirmation and can create a username and password to log back in.

Candidates can then enter their employment information into the fields of the user profile. Alternatively, these fields will be filled in automatically by uploading a resume or linking to a LinkedIn account. This information will be saved on the company website and can be viewed by Aflac hiring managers.

Tailor to the job…

Candidates can then find a job opportunity they want to apply for and move on to the Aflac application online. It is important to make sure that all supplied information is correct and tailored to the job opportunity. After submitting the application form, hiring managers will contact suitable candidates by email to arrange an interview.

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Final Thoughts

The interview process varies depending on the type of position that candidates apply for. The interview for an entry-level position is generally fairly short and informal. It focuses on discovering the key skills of the candidate and making sure they are willing to learn new skills.

Professional-level candidates often need to provide two or three interviews, which tend to be more formal. These interviews focus on making sure that candidates have the necessary technical skills and can explain their work process. It is a good idea to do background research on Aflac before the interview and prepare questions for the interviewer.

All the very best with your Aflac Online Application!

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