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Alaska Airlines Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

alaska airlines application

About Alaska Airlines Application

Alaska Airlines is the largest airline in the US. Its workforce employs 10,000 associates all around the world. The airline offers full-time and part-time career opportunities through its career portal. The applicants can upload their Resume on the talent network of Alaska Airlines.

alaska airlines application

Any hiring agent will call potential employees for an interview after the application gets shortlisted in a week. The application process begins by applying through the online portal and receiving a confirmation through email. The applicant focuses on following up with the hiring team after he clears the interview.

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Application Process for Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines follows a very simple online application process. This process motivates employees to apply for multiple positions for full-time and part-time roles. Alaska Airlines focuses on collecting information about the candidate through their talent network and candidates get notified easily through an email confirmation for further process related to the job role. Alaska Airlines offers many job opportunities through their career portal and opens it for aspiring candidates.

Essential Requirements for Alaska Airlines

What is the minimum age requirement for Alaska Airlines?

The minimum age requirement is 18 years for working with Alaska Airlines.

What are the hours of operation for Alaska Airlines?

The hours of operation are 24 hours and 7 days a week.

List down the various positions offered by Alaska Airlines?

  • Customer Service Agent
  • Customer Care Associate
  • Reservations Agent
  • Concierge
  • Information Technology Team Member
  • Ramp Service Agent
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Pilot
  • Project Manager
  • Flight Attendant
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Legal Assistant
  • Financial Analyst

How will you apply for a job with Alaska Airlines?

Search job openings on the official website before you apply for any opening.

Job Opportunity at Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines promotes diversity. Workers use various talents and skills to contribute to the team. Alaska Airlines also hire active-duty members in military service. Entry-level jobs in Alaska Airlines have a greater chance of career advancement. There are many internal job opportunities through which employees can get promoted within the airline internally.

the alaska airlines application tips

All employees earn better salaries with attached work benefits. The core values of the airline recognize communication, organization, and positivity. Alaska Airlines exhibit many qualities and ensure the safety of each passenger. Every employee is helpful to serve customers.

Career Positions and Salary Information

Flight Attendant

  • They are responsible for greeting passengers.
  • The flight attendants also assist passengers.
  • They also handle in-flight meals.
  • Flight attendants also demonstrate emergency procedures.
  • They earn 22 dollars per hour.
  • Alaska Airlines serves alcoholic beverages to passengers who are 21 years old at least.

alaska airlines application tip

Ground and Ramp Service Agent

  • They are responsible for loading baggage on the aircraft.
  • The applicant also needs to be organized.
  • The salary they earn is 13.75 dollars’ san hour.
  • They should also be able to lift more than 50 pounds in 1 go.

Customer Service Agent

  • The workers make the ticket reservation and also answer any queries.
  • The customer service agents are also responsible for the check-in processes.
  • They are also responsible for onboarding processes.
  • Employees must communicate in a friendly and also in a positive way.
  • Customer service earns 31,000 dollars annually.
  • Prior experience in customer service is also important.

alaska airlines application tips

Work Benefits

The various work benefits offered by Alaska Airlines are the following:

  • They offer health care coverage.
  • Alaska Airlines also offers retirement plans to employees.
  • They offer paid time off to employees.
  • They offer life insurance and medical insurance to employees.
  • Alaska Airlines also offers discounts on tickets for families of employees or their friends.

Check Application Status for Alaska Airlines

The application form gets submitted online through the portal. Jobs require email confirmation for shortlisted candidates. Application status gets updated through the career website. Applicants can follow up through an email or also through a phone call with the hiring team. The interview gets scheduled through email or a phone call.

Hiring Process at Alaska Airlines

  • Recruiters screen employees over a phone call.
  • They also find out about their work experience and relevant skills.
  • Successful candidates also receive an invitation for a formal interview.
  • Candidates must also focus on confirming the location and time for the interview.
  • The face-to-face interview takes place in the corporate office.
  • The procedure however varies for each person.
  • Applicants sit down with one representative and the other applicant’s report to the employer.
  • Alaska Airlines interviews candidates for 30 to 60 minutes.

Suggestions to Apply for a Position with Alaska Airlines

Applicants can apply for full-time and also part-time employment with the airlines. The career page helps to apply for various positions at the airline. It is also a good idea to have the Resume and cover letter uploaded on the career website. This also helps applicants to apply for various positions at Alaska Airlines. This helps the applicants to schedule a proper interview with Alaska Airlines so that they can secure suitable career opportunities with Alaska Airlines.

How Often Does Alaska Airlines Conduct Drug Tests?

These are random procedures for every accident that occurs. The drug test also gets conducted as a pre–requisite of the hiring process at Alaska Airlines.

What Are The Unique Qualities for an Applicant?

Everything cannot be demonstrated in the Resume. This is why applicants must prepare a unique list of qualities for their interview and also state them in the application process. Every applicant must focus on developing qualities that can assist them to secure a desirable job with Alaska Airlines.

Why is Alaska Airlines a Suitable Career Choice?

Alaska Airlines offers multiple training programs and career advancement opportunities to employees who can contribute to the business success of Alaska Airlines. Business success depends on the level of customer service and hospitality provided by employees of Alaska Airlines to its customers.


Alaska Airlines follows a very simple application process for all kinds of job opportunities offered at entry-level or managerial roles. The work benefits at Alaska Airlines are also an added advantage for employees who want to develop a rewarding career with Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines also offers many travel benefits to employees and their family members. All employees must also have strong communication skills, interpersonal skills, and customer service skills to provide the best services to passengers traveling via Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines opens new opportunities for a hardworking, dedicated, and also customer-oriented workforce.

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