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Albertsons Holiday Hours

albertsons holiday hours

As the second largest supermarket chain in North America, Albertsons has everything you need for the holidays. Whether you need extra plates for visitors or perhaps some Tylenol to deal with a monster hangover, Albertsons has you covered.

But like most large chain stores, Albertsons has special opening hours during the holidays. After all, the staff needs time with their families too! But what are those hours?

Well, let’s take a closer look at the…

Albertsons Holiday Hours

Good news! While Albertsons does operate at slightly different hours during the holidays, they still have quite lengthy opening hours, regardless. So, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to pick up everything you need.

What are Albertsons Thanksgiving Hours?

Most Albertsons stores are open on thanksgiving. However, they usually close early to give the employees time to celebrate the holiday as well. In general, Albertsons opens at 6 AM and closes at 3 PM on thanksgiving day.

However, this does not apply to Albertsons pharmacy. This part of the store is closed completely during thanksgiving. You’ll need to make sure to plan ahead if you have prescriptions to fill.

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Want to know more?

You can find everything you need to know about Albertsons pharmacy right here. Discover the services offered as well as opening times in your area. Sometimes pharmacies have different hours of operation to the rest of the store, so it’s best to check before going.

What are Albertsons thanksgiving Hours

Is Albertsons open on Christmas Day?

Albertsons stores are not open on Christmas day. This is a company that appreciates its employees. It wants to give the staff a chance to celebrate and spend quality time with their loved ones on special days.

What about Christmas eve?

Don’t worry, though! Albertsons is open on Christmas eve. You have time to grab those last few things for your holiday party.

Operating hours on Christmas eve are a little limited, though. You need to get there early in the day. Albertsons opens at its usual time of 6 AM on Christmas eve, but it closes at 4 PM.

And as for boxing day…

The day after Christmas is business as usual. You can start your holiday sale shopping at the usual time. Albertsons is open on boxing day from 6 AM all the way up to 11 PM.

What are Albertsons New Year hours?

Albertsons is open on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. But its hours of operation are cut slightly short on both days. You don’t have quite as much time to do your shopping as you would on a normal day.

On New Year’s Eve, Albertsons opens at 6 AM as usual. But it closes a few hours early, at 9 PM. And on New Year’s Day, it closes even earlier, at 8 PM.

Is Albertsons open on Christmas Day

What about Black Friday?

Of course, Albertsons is open on Black Friday! Come on; it’s the biggest shopping event of the year! You’ve got to get there early to grab those bargains!

Officially, Albertsons Black Friday hours are the same as any other day: 6 AM to 11 PM. But some stores may open early at the manager’s discretion. Ask the staff at your local Albertsons, or call using the store locator here.

Other Albertsons Holiday Hours

Valentine’s day, Labor day, Juneteenth; The good old US of A has a huge number of holidays outside of the November – December season. So, what are Albertsons opening hours on these holidays?

Outside of the Thanksgiving to New Year period, Albertsons hours of operation are completely normal. Here is a list of holidays with Albertsons usual opening hours.

Other Albertsons Holiday Hours

  • MLK day
  • President’s day
  • St. Patrick’s day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter weekend
  • Mother’s day
  • Memorial day
  • Juneteenth
  • Father’s day
  • Independence day
  • Labor day
  • Halloween
  • Veteran’s day

You don’t need to worry about Albertsons holiday opening hours on these days. Most stores should be open from 6 AM to 11 PM. If you want to double check, though, it’s always worth calling ahead.

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Final Thoughts

Albertsons has slightly limited opening hours during the holidays, but it still gives customers plenty of time to shop. It’s one of the few large brands that balances customers’ needs with adequate time off for employees.

It’s only a few days out of the year. And for most holidays outside of November and December, Albertsons stays open as normal. And hey, if you’re ever in any doubt, just call and ask!

Happy holidays!

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