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ALDO Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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ALDO’s footwear retail chain offers career options to sales-minded applicants for various entry-level and management capacities. It operates and maintains over 1,600 store locations for which it seeks candidates regularly. The candidates can get employment with this shoe company in more than 80 countries.

Please read the following article carefully to know the available job opening with the job description, work schedule, perks, benefits, duties, and much more offered by ALDO.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at ALDO

ALDO offers employment to individuals with at least 18 years at the time of the hiring process. The work timings and operational hours at ALDO is as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at ALDO

These are the best options for candidates searching out for customer services-based productive companies. They have their routines packed with shoe dealing, as this remains the reason behind their popularity. They aim at providing high sales associate’s quality to their customers, which also helps improve the company’s reputation by providing them superior guest cares.

Workers need to upsell the product by highlighting the ongoing sales and promotions at the store. They also enjoy good compensation schemes clubbed with some other additional benefits. They have both entry-level and career-oriented job options available for the applicants and have their hiring’s frequently.

The Job Positions Available at ALDO

ALDO offers career opportunities to job seekers by providing various job roles in its shoe company, including Warehouse Supervisors, Warehouse Workers, and Stock Coordinators positions. It also offers Store Managers, Manager Trainees, Assistant Managers, Key Holders, and Sales Associates posts.

The frequently available job titles at ALDO include the following:

Sales Associates

  • Sales Associates at ALDO are responsible for handling bank card transactions and cash, replenishing items on stores’ shelves, helping customers in shoe trials, explaining merchandise benefits, and greeting guests.
  • ALDO hires candidates with minimal requirements for Sales Associates positions and passionate about sales and footwear.
  • Sales Associates at ALDO usually earn around $8.85 an hour.

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  • Managers at ALDO are responsible for driving productivity and sales, train and recruit team members.
  • They are also responsible for implementing corporate plans to enhance the skills of subordinate employees.
  • Managers should uphold company standards, provide customer service, and take inventory.
  • ALDO offers around $12.00 per hour to Assistant Managers.
  • Store Managers at ALDO often earn around $40k per annum.

The Online Job Application Process of ALDO

The candidates finding jobs in the shoe industry must check the career portal of ALDO and know the current job openings. The following steps will help you fill up and submit the online job application to get a chance of employment at ALDO.

the aldo application tips

  • You should visit ALDO’s official online platform and go to its career portal.
  • Explore the required job role you are looking to apply for at ALDO.
  • Enter the specific city, job type, title, location, or postal code and hit the “Search” tab.
  • You can also narrow your search by choosing the job location or your required country on the left of this webpage.
  • Tap on the job type you want to submit your application.
  • Read the job requirements, responsibilities, overview, etc., carefully that appeared here.
  • Click on the “Apply” tab to upload your updated resume.
  • Please provide the complete information here and review your job application before submitting it.

You can also download ALDO’s job application form and submit it at its store location after filling it.

Checking Job Application Status for ALDO

Candidates who have filled out their application forms at the store will likely receive a response within a week. The chain has many stores; the candidate also can apply for the same either in person or through online portals.

Once the application has reached the hiring managers, it will typically take less than a week to finalize and select the candidate suitable for the job. If they haven’t received any call-backs within a week, they also have an option to check the update either on-call or visit the store personally for the same. They can enquire about their applications there and can also get the detailed information of the same. They need to keep their tone polite while talking to the managers and also must remain personable.

Benefits and Perks While Working at ALDO

ALDO offers various employee benefits to its workers, including the following:

  • Full-time ALDO employees usually benefit from career advancement opportunities with paid time off and health insurance coverage as traditional perks.
  • Employees also receive 401 (K) retirement plans after a certain period of employment with the company.
  • ALDO also offers 50% off on merchandise and paid training to its employees.

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Additional Details of ALDO

The company has been dealing in the market for years and has also gained popularity over the years. The name is only enough to promote the store’s sales and operates under other different names. These other names include the Aldo Accessories brand, Little Burgundy, Call it Spring, and many others.

The candidate has thus a wide range of options to look out for and apply for the same. The footwear brand has also been promoted by the social media influence, as they have got clubbed with many other dynamic lines related to fashion or other industries.


The Canadian shoe retailer, ALDO, offers multiple employment offers to job hunters. The ALDO Brand from the ALDO group has its origins based out in Quebec. Aldo Bensadoun founded it in 1972. The giant show company is widely operating n the American market. It has gained massive popularity with the partnership with JCPenny and Kohls.

If you are passionate about joining the shoe industry, ALDO is the perfect choice for you. ALDO offers various job positions that candidates can apply through the online and offline job application process. The candidates can check the details provided above in this article and learn ALDO’s online job application process. Also, know the offline form submission process at ALDO’s store locations. You may fill up the ALDO’s job application process carefully and be a part of this prominent shoe retailer chain.

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