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Alternative Jobs for Teachers

So you’ve left teaching and are looking for another job, or maybe you’re considering leaving the classroom, and you want to know what alternative careers are available to you.

Teachers are quitting in record numbers, but what kind of jobs are suitable for those who have left the profession? If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll be looking at alternative jobs for teachers.

First, we’ll look at the teaching-related options available to you and then move on to some non-teaching opportunities you could turn your hand to.

alternative jobs for teachers

Teaching Related Alternatives

There are many good employment opportunities outside the classroom where you can utilize the skills you learned whilst you were in it.


The most obvious option for ex-teachers is to go into private tutoring. There is a strong demand for good tutors these days, particularly in subjects like math. More and more parents are resorting to private tutoring as the school system continues to fail students, especially in large classroom settings.

All you have to do is start building up a clientele base. You can use your network of being a teacher already to do this. Maybe you can pick up some students from your old school or ask former colleagues if any of their students need tutoring. Send out a few e-mails, make a few phone calls and see what the landscape looks like.

If you have no other options…

If you left your last school on bad terms, then this might not be an option for you. In this case, there are some tutoring companies out there that you could work for, although you won’t be able to set your own hourly rate if you sign-up with one of these.

Tutors can earn anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour, depending on what you’re teaching.

alternative job for teachers

Online Teaching

Why not teach online? Online teaching offers flexible hours, is way less stressful, and there’s hardly any paperwork to deal with. As most classroom teachers will tell you, the paperwork load they have to deal with is one of the most draining aspects of their job.

Most online teaching companies will involve one-to-one instruction, so your workload is massively reduced. Some jobs may involve up to four students at a time. Either way, if classroom sizes are what’s stressing you out, this could be the option for you whilst still using your teaching skills.

Home Schooling

It’s not just teachers who are leaving traditional school settings. Many parents no longer choose to enroll their children in traditional schools and opt for home-schooling instead. This is often a far bigger undertaking than most realize. You’re a teacher, so you already know how hard it is.

Many home-schooling parents have bitten off more than they can chew and end up looking for actual teachers to help them educate their kids. There’s a lot of growth in this area, so opportunities abound.

Sports Coaching

If part of your job at school revolved around coaching, why not consider creating your own sports program. Whatever the sport may be, local facilities can be hired, and you can advertise your coaching services to prospective parents who want out-of-school activities for their kids.

Teaching Content Creator

If you’ve had enough of being around students and parents, why not consider creating online resources for other teachers to use. You’ll need to be on the tech-savvy side of things to make this work, but there are some great websites you can sign up to where you can sell lesson plans or other creative resources.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a good example of this. Many teachers use this service to come up with ideas for lessons or projects, and if you can create a bestseller, it can earn you a substantial amount of money. It can take time to build up a product base and a reputation for good content, but if you have the time and necessary skills, you may never have to directly teach another student again.

the alternative job for teachers

Teaching Supplies Sales

If you think you might be good at selling, you could consider going into corporate sales for teaching supply companies. There can be a lot of money in sales, and companies are always looking for people who know the product. As an ex-teacher, you’ll have better knowledge of teaching supply products than almost anybody out there.

There are plenty of teaching supply companies who would love to have an ex-teacher on their sales force, so keep knocking on that door even if you don’t have any sales experience. I’ve covered some of the career options that can utilize your teaching experience. Let’s now look at some non-teaching-related alternatives.

The Non-Teaching Related Options

If you want to move away from teaching altogether, here are a few options for your consideration.


Teachers are usually highly organized, highly instructional people, and blogging is a perfect fit for teachers. It requires a lot of work, really good grammar, and organization. You don’t have to necessarily blog about teaching; you can blog about anything you want.

It can take some time before you start to see the fruits of your labor, but with dedication, this can be turned into a full-time career that has good earning potential.

High-end Nanny

A lot of parents have very demanding corporate jobs, and they sadly don’t have the necessary time to devote to their children. These people are willing to pay good money for someone who’s not only just a babysitter but somebody who can help these children grow and mature. You’d also be well qualified to help them with their homework.

Ex-teachers can bring their knowledge base of working with kids into a home where somebody really needs their help. It’s a great fit for the right person, and at the higher end of the scale, parents are willing to pay well for someone who already has a lot of experience with children.

the alternative job for teacher

Real Estate Agent

Another job that is a great fit for teachers is to become a real estate agent. This will require some additional classes and an examination you have to pass, but it’s a job with a lot of flexibility and freedom once you’ve got those steps out of the way.

Real estate agents can often work as much or as little as they like, and if you’re willing to put in the hard work and time, you can actually make really good money. It’s a good fit for teachers because it requires good organization and scheduling skills, and the ability to follow through on tasks, all of which ex-teachers should be very good at.

Become an Editor

There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can go and apply for advertised positions as an editor at companies and work in an office environment editing any content they produce.

The other option is to become a freelance editor, creating your own consulting business. You can start by putting up a listing on a site like Fiverr, a service where people can buy and sell a range of digital services, writing, translation, editing, etc.

Get your name out there online…

Simply start offering your services as an editor. There are tons of content creators and bloggers out there that desperately need a good editor and find one by going to sites like Fiverr. You can get a great start as an editor that way, building up a client base and a solid portfolio of work.

Getting More Qualifications

Lastly, don’t forget you always have the option of going back to school. This may sound like a huge task involving lots of money. But, if you’re invested in the idea of a particular career path that requires extra qualifications and skills, this may be your only option.

You can always pick up some work in one of the above areas to help pay your way through your course.

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Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide to do, there are a ton of great options open to former teachers. The skillset you have to develop as a teacher can be transferred to many different and varied careers.

If you are dead set on leaving the classroom behind, it can be a challenge that takes time and effort, but the potential of loving your career again will make it well worth it.

All the very best in your future career change!

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