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Amazon Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Do you have your sights set on a job at Amazon?

This major e-commerce company was founded in 1994 and is one of the best-known companies in the world. Working at Amazon can open the door to a wide range of career opportunities and looks good on any resume.

There are numerous different job opportunities at Amazon to take advantage of. However, competition is also high, so it is important to stand out from the crowd.

So, let’s take a look at the Amazon application online as well as the types of jobs you can apply for in my in-depth guide to the Amazon Application Online: Jobs & Career Info.


Facts about Working at Amazon

People need to be at least eighteen years old to work at Amazon. The typical hours of operation are from 09:00 to 19:00 every day of the week. There is a wide range of entry-level positions for students as well as those with advanced degrees.

There are Amazon locations in two hundred cities around the world. Amazon employees have the chance to work in various warehouses in the country and city of their choosing. This is a good option for people who have been dreaming of working in another country for a period of time.

Amazon Employment and Salary Information

There are both full-time and part-time positions available at Amazon. There is a wide range of different positions available to suit people with various skills. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular jobs at Amazon.

Warehouse Team Member

This job involves collecting the items from the warehouse that are packed and shipped to customers. The warehouse is a fast-paced environment, and workers have to stand throughout their shifts. The typical salary for a warehouse team member is $17 per hour.

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Customer Service Representative

The main role of this job is responding to the concerns and questions from customers by phone, email, and online chat. It is necessary to have excellent communication skills and the ability to solve problems to do this job. Customer service representatives typically earn around $12 per hour.

Amazon Driver

Amazon drivers are responsible for safely transporting packages to customers in a timely manner. It is necessary to be at least 21 years old, while previous experience is a bonus. Amazon drivers typically make around $15 per hour.

Additional Benefits of Working at Amazon

In addition to a competitive salary, Amazon employees are treated to certain other benefits. These benefits include medical insurance, dental and vision insurance, vacation time, and paid time off. Certain workers may also be eligible for a healthy employee discount.

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Finding the Right Job Opportunity

There are several different ways to become an Amazon employee. The route that you choose will depend on your skills and availability. So, let’s take a look at different ways of getting a foot in the door at Amazon.

Check out the Amazon Jobs Website

The first step is visiting the jobs section of the company’s website. Various types of jobs are posted throughout the year, so it is a good idea to check back regularly. Make sure that you read the job descriptions carefully, paying close attention to the required skills.

Check out Amazon’s Recruitment Programs

Amazon regularly recruits university students and people who are in the military. Recruitment fairs are held at most universities at least once a year. This gives students the chance to meet their potential employer and ask questions before applying to work at Amazon.

Get an Employee Referral

Getting a referral from someone who is already working at Amazon can help make the recruitment process smoother. If you know someone working at Amazon, ask to recommend the roles you would be most suitable for. They can then give a referral to their supervisor, which allows you to skip the application process.

Amazon employees can often be found on LinkedIn, and this is a good way to make a connection. If you manage to establish a rapport with an Amazon worker in your area, they may be willing to give you a referral.

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Do an Internship at Amazon?

Working as an intern at Amazon is a good way to bypass the recruitment process altogether. There are several different internship programs for all types of students to enroll in. These internship programs usually run for twelve weeks over the summer.

In addition to paying their interns, Amazon also assists with the relocation costs. This is a good way to make a little extra cash and learn valuable skills while still in formal education. At the end of their internships, many people are offered full-time positions.

How to Apply Online to Work at Amazon?

Applying to work at Amazon online is a fairly quick and easy process. It is necessary to create an account, upload a resume, and fill out all of the relevant information. After the application form has been submitted, a confirmation email should be sent.

When completing your application, you will need to upload your resume. Make sure that the resume is current and includes the most relevant information. Instead of uploading your resume, you can submit the link to your LinkedIn page if you prefer.

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You can only submit one application, so choose the job you are most suited for. Bear in mind that you cannot attach a cover letter to your application form. Although it is not possible to submit writing samples, you can add links to their online location.

If You’re Selected

You will only be contacted by Amazon if you have been selected to go through to the interview stage. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the status of your application from time to time. You can do this by logging into your application profile and checking the status.

If your application is marked active, a decision has not been made as yet. If your application is marked as achieved, you are no longer being considered for the job. This is your opportunity to maintain positive by immediately applying for another position.

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Back to today’s application process…

Final Thoughts

The first step to the recruitment process is a phone interview with the hiring manager. In order to become an Amazon employee, you need to successfully pass each stage of the hiring process. Therefore, it is important to do plenty of research and practice your interview technique.

If possible, it is a good idea to cultivate a relationship with someone who is currently working for Amazon. This person can help to coach you on the process and provide tips on what the hiring manager is looking for. This inside information could make the difference between securing a job at Amazon and being overlooked.

We wish you the very best with your application.

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