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Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address

amazon delivered to wrong address

Whether your package was mistakenly delivered to the wrong address, or you mistakenly received a package from Amazon that was not meant for you, mistakes are bound to happen.

The online shopping giant is responsible for millions of packages, human error is expected to occur occasionally.

All right, now what?

Let’s take an in-depth look at what you can do if Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address and the steps you can take.

amazon delivered to wrong address

When Your Package Is Missing?

Track your package

First, you should collect all the tracking information regarding your Amazon package. You can easily find it by logging into your account on the website or using the cellphone application. This will also likely tell you whether or not your package has been delivered or if it is still on its way to you.

Rule out your own residence

If your package is marked as delivered, make sure that the package was not received by anyone else in the home. You should also check around your home, in places where the package may have been left. A delivery person may have placed it in a less obvious place to prevent theft, keep it safe from the elements, or out of reach from your pets that may destroy it.

If you live in an apartment complex or a closed neighborhood with a home owner’s association, you can ask on notice bulletins and social media platforms to find out if anyone has seen your package. Also check in with all your immediate neighbors.

Check the shipping company

Amazon may make use of a national posting service or a private delivery company. You can call the company to enquire where and when the package was delivered, and if anyone signed for it. You can offer a pin location of your delivery address to verify with a driver whether or not they reached the correct location.

Ask about the label waybill

Your package should be labeled with the delivery address. Their waybill as proof of delivery should reflect the same information. Sometimes, the apartment number or direction of a street can get noted down incorrectly.

Your package may have ended up at number 7A instead of 7B, or at Henderson, North, instead of Henderson, South. In the same regard, a postal code mix-up could send your package to another state entirely. In some cases, it may simply have been the incorrect P.O. Box number.

Once your package is officially “lost” and cannot be delivered

Your Amazon login will have a “customer service” section. You can follow the click-throughs to “delivery, order or return,” select the missing package or item, and select “says delivered, but is not here” on the right. You could also try the chat service or give them a call.

If you would like a refund

If your package was bought from a third-party vendor and shipped directly from them via Amazon, you can contact the vendor directly for a refund.

However, if you would like a refund on an order that was shipped from Amazon itself, you can log in and click through to your orders, select the option that specifies that there is a problem with the order and then select request a refund. You can then enter information as to why you would like a refund and submit the request.

When You Receive A Package You Did Not Order?

It is yours! It could be a gift from friends, family, or an adoring follower of your social media. Who knows?

Just be mindful to look up the vendor; some companies may use your personal info to send you a small gift. This is only to write themselves positive reviews in your name. If this occurs, you should report it to the Federal Trading Commission (FTC) immediately.

However, if you get a package that is not addressed to you or anyone in your household, it is up to your discretion on how you would like to handle it. The FTC allows you to keep the package as a gift, and the vendor cannot request money for it.

Getting it back to the right owner…

Keep in mind that the owner of the package may come looking for it in a while. Your conscience may plague you to give it back. If you don’t want to keep it at all, you can navigate the Amazon website and fill out the Unwanted Package Form.

Amazon will then investigate the matter and act accordingly. Especially with regards to packages sent from vendors who want to write a positive review in your name. They may also help to find the correct delivery address and return the package to its rightful owner.

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Final Thoughts

It may be worth waiting a day or two before declaring a package as missing or as delivered to you by mistake.

The company ships billions of packages every year. Often, a small amount of time may be needed for Amazon to correct the mistake of delivering a package to the wrong address. So, being patient and understanding why will definitely help.

Have fun receiving your next exciting Amazon Package!

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