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Amazon Dress Code (2023 Updated)

amazon dress code

Are you getting ready to apply for a job at Amazon

This prominent online retailer is known for its strict employee policies. Learning about the different policies before applying will help make sure you are prepared for the interview. Generally speaking, employees are expected to wear comfortable clothing that they can move comfortably in. However, the way you are expected to dress will vary slightly depending on the department you work in. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Amazon dress code and other important employee policies.

Fulfilment Center Staff

Fulfilment Center Staff

Employees who work in fulfillment centers do not usually interact with members of the public. The main concerns are making sure employees are comfortable, and their clothes do not restrict movement. Let’s take a closer look at different elements of the established guidelines. 

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Fulfillment Centers can sometimes be very hot, making them uncomfortable environments. As a result, employees are permitted to wear shorts as long as they are not too revealing. The shorts should reach mid-thigh and not restrict movement in any way. 


Not only are sweatpants permitted, but they are also particularly popular among employees. Most Fulfillment Center supervisors permit employees to wear leggings. However, some supervisors have been known to frown on this item of clothing. 


Amazon employees can wear hoodies as long as the strings are tucked into the shirts. The hoodie must fit well and not be too baggy. The garment must not feature potentially offensive slogans or images. 

Other types of tops

Both long-sleeved and short-sleeved t-shirts are allowed as well as polo shirts, tank tops, and vests. However, it is important to make sure the top you choose isn’t too low-cut or baggy. Necklaces should be removed before starting work, so they don’t get caught in machinery.

It can get very hot in Fulfillment Centers, and it is best to choose a breathable top. T-shirts made of polyester-cotton blend fabric are the best option at most times of the year. This material tends to wick sweat and will help keep you cool and comfortable. 


Most types of hats can be worn inside Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Many warehouse workers choose to wear baseball caps during their shifts. Make sure that the hat you choose doesn’t feature potentially offensive slogans or images. You may be asked to remove your hat when leaving the fulfillment Center to make sure nothing is hidden underneath. 


Wearing gloves protects your hands and makes it easier to grip objects. In some cases, you will be provided with a pair. If you choose to wear your own gloves, make sure they allow you to move your fingers properly. 


Some people find that listening to music makes it easier to focus on work. Unfortunately, employees cannot wear headphones during their shifts. Earbuds and earphones are also banned from Amazon Fulfillment Centers as they cannot become distracted for safety reasons. 


Fulfillment Centers can be very noisy environments, and employees are permitted to wear earplugs. This is a good way to prevent machinery, engines, and alarms from damaging your hearing. You may be supplied with earplugs, but you are also welcome to bring and use your own if you want. 

Safety gear

You will be issued a safety helmet to wear during your shifts. If you work around robots, you will be issued a tech vest. This vest is designed to be recognized by robots to eliminate collisions. 


It is best to wear comfortable shoes like running shoes or tennis shoes. However, it may be best to wear steel-toed shoes if you work around dangerous machinery. Slip-on shoes such as moccasins, Crocs, flip-flops, and slippers are not permitted. 

Amazon Dress Code – The Grooming Policy

Amazon Dress Code - The Grooming Policy

The policy also extends to the appearance of employees during their shifts. While most guidelines are clear, some are open to interpretation. If you are uncertain about any aspects, it is best to consult your shift manager. 


Amazon Fulfillment Center staff are permitted to have visible tattoos on their skin. However, tattoos must not feature controversial or potentially offensive messages that might upset co-workers. Supervisors may instruct employees to cover up any of these types of tattoos.


All types of piercings can be worn during shifts, including ear, facial, and body piercings. However, you need to make sure that your piercing jewelry cannot get caught in machinery. The same rule applies to rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other types of jewelry. 

Hairs and nails

Long hair should be tied back, especially when working with machinery. Long beards should also be tied back to prevent them from being caught in machinery. There are no regulations governing how long or short fingernails should be. As long as you can work easily, there shouldn’t be an issue. 


Employees are not generally allowed to wear watches during their shifts. This is because warehouse employees often work with watches and watch products. However, some supervisors allow employees to wear smartwatches

The Whole Foods Market Dress Code 

The Whole Foods Market Dress Code 

Although Whole Foods Market is a subsidiary of Amazon, the grocery chain boasts a separate dress code. The guidelines are generally much stricter because these employees regularly interact with customers. Employees cannot wear brightly colored clothing that features vibrant patterns. 

Jeans are permitted as long as they are clean and free from rips. Shirts must not display political slogans, statements, emblems, or flags. Aprons must be kept neat and clean, and pins cannot be attached to them. 

The Amazon Fresh Dress Code

The Amazon Fresh Dress Code

Amazon Fresh is the company’s grocery division, and there is a strict dress code in place. This is because employees in this division often interact with customers. Most employees are issued with a uniform when they start work. This mainly consists of a black t-shirt or sweater with the Fresh logo on the front and back.

Some employees are issued protective suits that are designed to cover their entire bodies. Other acceptable items of clothing include long pants of any style and a pair of comfortable shoes. 

Amazon Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers are provided with branded shirts and hats when they start work. However, Flex drivers are free to wear anything they want. It is best to choose comfortable casual clothing that is neat and clean. 

Office Jobs

The dress code is much more formal if you work in one of the company’s offices. You are more likely to be working alongside executives and managers in an office setting. You may also be charged with attending meetings and meeting with clients from time to time.

Therefore, office workers should look smart and professional at all times. For women, this means wearing a smart pair of pants or a skirt paired with a blouse. Men should wear pants and a shirt as well as a tie. 

Guidelines For Choosing Your Work Outfit

Guidelines For Choosing Your Work Outfit

For some people, the freedom to choose their own work outfits can be very satisfying. However, other people tend to worry that they will misjudge the dress code and get in trouble. The last thing you want is to suffer from a wardrobe malfunction while you are working hard at work. Here are some points to bear in mind when working out what to wear. 


You are likely to be standing for several hours at a time if you work in a warehouse. It is essential to choose comfortable shoes and clothes that allow you to move freely. Make sure your clothes fit you well and are not too tight or baggy. You also need to take the temperature inside the warehouse into account when choosing an outfit. 


If you are working with dangerous machinery, you need to pay extra attention to safety. Avoid wearing clothing and jewelry that could get caught on machinery while you are working. If you are given safety gear, make sure it is in good condition, and you wear it correctly. 


Even if you are allowed to wear casual clothing, you should present a professional appearance. This means making sure your clothes are clean, free from holes, and covering your body well. Avoid wearing low-cut tops or tops that reveal your midriff. 

Pay close attention to any guidelines you are given for the correct way to dress. They are there for a reason, and you are likely to find that there are penalties for failing to do so.

Some Facts You Might Want To Know First

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Amazon Dress Code – Final Thoughts 

The division of the company has a direct impact on the way you are expected to dress. For example, the dress code is fairly casual in Amazon Fulfillment Centers. However, you will be expected to dress more professionally if you work in an office or interact with customers.

It is important to make sure you understand all parts of the guidelines and follow them closely. Warehouse employees receive a point each time they violate the dress code in any way. Employees are automatically dismissed from the company when they receive a total of six points.

Good luck, and enjoy working at Amazon!

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