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Amazon Ebook Return Policy

amazon ebook return policy

Do you consider yourself to be a bit of a bookworm? 

If you get through multiple books in a week, you’ve probably made the switch to Ebooks. This digital format allows you to load hundreds of tomes onto a single device and carry them with you everywhere. For more than a decade, Amazon Kindle has been a popular way of reading digital material. 

Amazon sells a wide range of Ebooks, magazines, and other types of reading material. So, let’s learn all about the Amazon Ebook return policy.

Ebook Return Policy On Amazon 

Generally speaking, you can send an unwanted Ebook back to Amazon within seven days of purchase. This includes books that you accidentally purchased or rented. However, it is important to read the terms and conditions of the return policy carefully. There are certain restrictions and limitations that you need to be aware of.

For example, customers can have a maximum of ten books downloaded to their Amazon Kindle to return an unwanted book. If you have already downloaded more than ten books, you must send some to your library. This will allow you to start reading your new book straight away if you want. 

After reading

You have up to seven days to decide whether or not you want to finish an Ebook and return it. If you decide that the book is not for you, simply start the returns process within a week. You need to be prepared to explain why you would like to return it.  

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Accidental orders

The process of ordering products through the Amazon website is designed to be very quick and easy. However, there may be times when you accidentally order the wrong title. If this happens, it is best to request a return as soon as possible.

You need to go to Digital Services & Device Support on the company’s website and select Kindle Content Help. Next, click or tap on the Return a Kindle Book Order tab and select the Start Your Kindle Book Return tab. Follow the outlined steps to start the process and receive your refund. 

The 10% Rule

The Ebook Return Policy at Amazon has been amended slightly to address the concerns of authors. According to the previous policy, customers could return Ebooks at any time within seven days. This meant that fast readers could finish their books and receive a refund.

This issue for authors is that this trend caused them to lose out on sales. Customers would essentially be able to read the latest books for free, leading to a loss of sales. In addition, authors are charged a fee to relist the returned title so that it can be reoffered for sale.

Feedback from authors…

Fortunately, Amazon has taken the feedback from authors into account by reshaping its official policy. Customers can still return a title within seven days if they decide it’s not for them. However, automatic returns are only available if a maximum of 10% of the book has been read.

How To Make A Request?

If your request meets the new terms and conditions, returning an unwanted Ebook to Amazon is fairly quick and easy. Log into your account and navigate to the page that lists your previous orders. You will see bolded text displayed beneath the title if it is eligible to be returned.

Tap or click on the ‘Return for Refund’ option on the title to start the process. You will then be prompted to select the reason you want to send back the title. Your request will then be analyzed, and a decision will be made based on the reason you provide.

How To Make A Request

Ten titles or fewer…

If your request is approved, you will be instructed on how to return the title. This can only be done if you have ten titles or fewer waiting to be read. You need to make sure you read the instructions carefully and follow the specified steps exactly.

When Refunds Are Processed?

Although refunds are processed automatically, it may take a little time to receive your credits. The amount of time it takes depends on the payment method you have selected. The quickest method of receiving a refund is by selecting an Amazon gift card. 

It typically takes between three and five business days to process a refund if you used a credit card. However, purchases made using a gift card can be refunded in as little as three hours. If you used a debit card, you might have to wait up to ten business days to receive your refund. 

When Refunds Are Processed

Confirmation email…

You will receive a confirmation email when your refund has been processed. This email will usually contain details of when you can expect to receive your funds. 

Rented Books 

If you think you’re only going to read a book once, it might not make sense to buy it outright. Fortunately, you can hire the titles of your choice through Amazon Rentals. You can choose to rent certain textbooks and other books for a period of 30, 60, or 90 days.

Returning rented books through this program is fairly quick and easy. To get started, log into your account and click or tap on the ‘Manage Your Rentals’ tab. Find the book you want to send back and select the ‘Return Rental’ tab. Choose a drop-off location, such as a local parcel service or an Amazon pick-up location.

Rented Books

You need to drop it off yourself…

Print the shipping label along with the provided packing slip and package the book and packing slip. Drop off the rented book at the mailing location to complete the process.

It should be noted that this process currently only applies to physical books. However, this is a good option for students who have an extensive reading list. The rentals program saves you from having to buy books outright and trying to sell them later.

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Final Thoughts 

No matter what types of Ebooks you’re into, the Kindle store has you covered. You can find reading material on just about every topic imaginable. Titles range from the latest fiction releases from bestselling novelists to titles on science, history, and even cookbooks. 

If you decide that a book doesn’t float your boat, you can return it to Amazon and receive automatic credits. You can then use those credits to purchase another title of your choice. The process has been designed to be as quick and easy as possible, so you’ll always have something to read.

Thre’s nothing better than snuggling up with a good book!

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