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Amazon Mandatory Overtime Policy (2023 Updated)

amazon mandatory overtime policy

Are you trying to decide whether or not to apply for a job at Amazon

This huge online retailer offers a wide range of jobs in a host of different industries. While there are numerous entry-level jobs, the company also actively seeks employees with specialist skills. However, Amazon has come under fire in recent years for the way it treats employees. In particular, there have been complaints of minimal benefits, low pay, and irregular work hours. 

So, let’s learn more about the Amazon mandatory overtime policy and the general working conditions.

Amazon’s Mandatory Overtime Policy 

The company announced a new and slightly controversial policy in 2016. Under the new terms, all salaried employees now receive extra pay for working more than forty hours per week. 

While some people praised the company for this new procedure, others worried that it could lead to employee discharges. If you work for Amazon full-time, you will be on-call for at least one overtime shift every week. However, employees who are on a fixed salary do not receive any extra pay for this.

Work harder for the same pay?

The maximum number of extra hours employees may be obliged to work is twenty. In some cases, this can mean that employees on a fixed salary have to work much harder for the same pay. 

Which Employees It Applies To

Which Employees It Applies To

Under the new regulations, all employees who receive a fixed salary are required to work extra hours. This applied to both full-time and part-time employees in all divisions of the company; to receive extra pay for additional work, employees have to earn less than $50,440 per year. This requirement has been raised from the previous requirement, where employees had to earn less than $47,476 per year.  

It depends on your department…

However, the new regulation can vary slightly according to the department employees work in. Amazon Fresh drivers are provided with the opportunity to choose their own schedules. However, warehouse employees are usually required to work between eight and ten hours a day. In addition, these employees are often required to work an additional ten to twenty hours every month. 

Amazon Mandatory Overtime Policy – Pay For Working Extra Hours

Amazon Mandatory Overtime Policy - Pay For Working Extra Hours

Hourly Amazon employees receive time and a half when they work extra hours. This means that employees who usually make $15 per hour will receive $22 an hour when they work extra. However, employees who are on a set salary do not get paid for their extra hours.

In addition to time and a half, hourly employees receive several other perks for working extra hours. This includes paid time off, additional vacation days, sick days, and personal days. Employees who are eligible to receive these benefits start accruing their paid time off on the first day of work. 

The Penalty For Missing Scheduled Overtime

Employees usually receive the schedule with their extra hours on it a few weeks in advance. However, in some cases, extra hours may be scheduled at the last minute. This could even be as late as the evening before the start of the regular shift. If these hours have been added to your schedule, it is safe to assume that they are mandatory. 

Because the company needs employees to work extra to meet demand, there are penalties in place for not doing this. Employees who are absent during their scheduled extra hours will automatically lose certain benefits. This includes the personal time and vacation time that they have accrued.

If you already have plans…

If extra hours are scheduled at the last minute, the employee may already have made plans. They could have a medical appointment scheduled or be out of town. However, there will still be strict repercussions for missing the extra hours that have been scheduled. 

Some supervisors and managers are more lenient than others when it comes to working extra hours. There are likely to be times when you are unable to work extra because of a prior commitment. In this case, it is best to make your case as early as possible to allow your boss to schedule someone else. Some valid reasons for not taking on extra hours include attending a wedding or a funeral. 

Keep your schedule flexible…

If you are planning to work for the company on a full-time basis, you should always plan for last-minute hours. If you make plans at the end of your shift, try to make them as flexible as possible. There is always a chance that you will be asked to stay at work for an hour or two later. 

Exceptions To Mandatory Extra Hours

Exceptions To Mandatory Extra Hours

When extra hours are scheduled for an employee, that employee is expected to work those extra hours. The cases where employees may be permitted to miss those extra hours are quite rare. The only real exception that is made is for full-time students who have to attend classes.

These extra hours can pose a real problem for working parents. It is unlikely that exceptions will be made so that parents can care for sick children or attend school meetings. Parents need to take the likelihood of having to work extra hours into account when applying for a job. 

The Number Of Extra Hours

If you work full-time for the company, there is a good chance you will be scheduled to work extra. However, the maximum hours you are permitted to work is sixty in total per week. Generally speaking, full-time employees can expect to work around ten extra hours per week. 

Part-time employees can use the company’s app to sign up for extra hours if they want. This gives part-time employees the chance to earn some extra cash during busy periods. If a lot of part-time employees sign up for extra hours, the burden on full-time employees will be reduced. 

Prime Day

Prime Day

The first Prime Day was held on July 15, 2015, to mark the 20th anniversary of the company’s website. To celebrate this event, Prime subscribers are treated to a range of special deals. As a result, the days leading up to Prime Day are particularly busy for the company.

With special deals, around 60% more orders are placed globally on Prime Day. A number of special events such as concerts are scheduled and offered exclusively to Prime members. These concerts are designed to reward Prime members for their loyalty and increase company revenue. 

All employees get time and a half!

The increase in demand from customers means that most employees are required to work extra time. Most employees are scheduled extra hours on both Prime Day and the days leading up to it. 

During the week leading up to Prime Day, full-time employees are usually required to work fifty-five hours. This equates to an extra hour or two every day. However, all employees receive time and a half for all extra hours they work during this week. This can be a real bonus for people who are saving up for something special. 

It’s worth the rewards!

Amazon offers a range of employee bonuses and other benefits to reward staff for their hard work. Although this week can be demanding, it is a good opportunity for employees to show that they are team players. Those who put the needs of the company ahead of their own can be sure that they will be rewarded well. 

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Amazon Mandatory Overtime Policy – Final Thoughts

If you work for Amazon on a full-time basis, you are sure to have to work extra from time to time. 

The company is particularly busy at certain times of the year, such as just before major holidays. Employees are required to take on extra hours to make sure things remain running smoothly.

If you are a part-time employee, you also have the option of working extra hours. In addition to time and a half, part-time employees also receive a range of other benefits. Certain employees then have the option to leave early during quiet periods if they wish to gain extra free time.

All the best and good luck with the overtime!

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