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Amazon Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

amazon mission and vision statement analysis

Amazon is perhaps best known for its online shopping portal that offers a huge range of products.

Since its foundation in 1994, Amazon has also launched a range of other popular products and services. These include Amazon Prime Video, Audible, and Kindle. Part of the success of Amazon can be attributed to the company’s clear mission and vision statement. This, along with a set of core values, guides the company in everything it does and helps it to thrive.

So, let’s take a look at the company in my in-depth Amazon mission and vision statement analysis.

amazon mission and vision statement analysis

Amazon’s Mission Statement

The company’s mission statement clearly outlines what customers can expect from Amazon. It is ‘We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience.’

The mission statement shows that customers can expect excellent services when they shop with Amazon. Three important elements go into creating the mission statement. So, let’s take a look at each of those elements in more detail.


This is one of the most prominent factors of the Amazon brand. The company promises customers lower prices than they can find in other places.

This attracts both people who are on a tight budget and those who appreciate value for money. Amazon’s commitment to affordability has helped the company to grow over the years.

Even shipping rates are affordable…

Amazon offers customers the opportunity to search for different products by price. If the designed item is outside their budget, they can search for similar items with a lower price tag. Being able to filter products by affordability and shipping rate makes it easy for shoppers to find the best deal. There are also special discounts and promotional sales for customers to take advantage of.

A wide range of products

A huge range of different products can be found on the Amazon website. This includes everything from food products to clothing to books and other entertainment options. Amazon is constantly upgrading and expanding the range of products that can be found on the site.


The commitment to making the shopping process as convenient as possible has also helped Amazon to thrive. This starts with a user-friendly interface that customers can understand straight away.

There is also a convenient application that can be used by shoppers located all around the world. New customers are guided through the shopping process to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Shopping from around the world…

Amazon also works with a large number of shipping partners to provide quick and convenient service. Shoppers can select and pay for products from the convenience of their own homes. They are provided with tracking information and other updates to remove doubt from shopping online.

Amazon’s Vision Statement

Amazon also boasts a clear and comprehensive vision statement. It is ‘to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.’

This vision statement reinforces the concept that the company wants customers to feel satisfied and cared for. There are two main concepts related to the vision statement that should be explored in more detail.

Customer-centric company

Ultimately, the success or failure of any large company rests with its customers. The vision statement shows that Amazon recognizes this and strives to satisfy its customers. All elements of the Amazon business plan are focused on making the shopping experience as easy and exciting as possible.

Amazon does this through its elegant interface, offers on products, and regular hot deals. The company constantly highlights promotional sales that increase customer engagement as well as company revenue. Amazon offers a wide range of professional and user-friendly services that keep the needs of customers firmly in mind.

amazon mission and the vision statement analysis

Global presence

Amazon is constantly striving to maintain and expand its global influence on the retail market. The vision statement emphasizes the impact Amazon has on the worldwide retail industry. Shoppers in numerous countries can expect to enjoy the same extensive range of products and services.

The Core Values

Amazon features a set of clear core values that employees are expected to embrace and follow. These values are the driving force of the company and influence the way that it operates.

The main values include customer obsession, ownership, hiring and developing the best, thinking big, diving deep, and delivering results. Let’s take a look at each of the company’s core values in more detail.

Customer obsession

This value shows that the needs and desires of the customer are the main focus point. Customers are kept firmly in mind whenever Amazon launches new products and services.


Employees must have a strong professional working ethic. This core value highlights the importance of taking responsibility for individual actions, especially when mistakes are made. This helps to reduce conflict in the workplace and makes sure all employees are working for a shared goal.

Hire and develop the best

Amazon understands the importance of hiring people who are the best in their field. The company provides employees with training and other tools that help them grow and advance. This core value makes employees feel valued and helps them to take pride in their work.

the amazon mission and the vision statement analysis

Insist on the highest standards

This core value helps to make sure that each employee operates at the optimum level. Rather than simply doing the bare minimum to get through the day. Employees are expected to excel. They are recognized and rewarded for their contribution to the company.

Think big

To remain a leader in the market, it is important to constantly think of expansion and growth. This helps Amazon to remain competitive in the ever-growing and changing retail industry.

Bias for action

This value represents Amazon as a dynamic company that is constantly evolving. The company takes action to create innovative plans and make those plans become a reality.


To maximize profits, companies need to minimize spending as much as possible. The focus on frugality helps Amazon use fewer resources and have less waste.

Vocally self-critical

The emphasis here is on empowering employees to look at and understand their failures. Instead of blaming coworkers, they are encouraged to look at what they have done wrong and make changes.

Earn the trust of others

Trust and respect are valuable traits in the business world. To work well as part of a team, employees need to be able to trust each other.

Dive deep

Employees need to be driven and work with passion. They are encouraged to take the initiative on projects and use their skills to improve them.

Have a backbone

Amazon as a whole and individual employees must be beyond scrutiny. While employees are encouraged to take chances, they must also accept their mistakes and work to fix them.

Disagree and commit

Employees at Amazon are encouraged to voice their honest onions when working on projects. This helps to ensure that projects are innovative and employees are dedicated to working on them. However, employees are also expected to commit 100% to everything they work on.

Most Importantly Is Deliver Results

All of these elements of the core values culminate in this key core value. While all the other elements count, the end result is the most important factor. To know that amazon is a strong company, customers have to see and appreciate the results.

Compared to many other high-profile companies, amazon boasts an extensive list of core values. This is largely because amazon operates in multiple companies and employs thousands of people. After reading the list of core values, new employees should understand exactly what is expected of them.

The power of its employees…

The core values direct employees that they should take responsibility for their actions and be open to criticism. Employees are also encouraged to use their skills and knowledge to make independent decisions during their daily work. However, they are also directed that the needs and desires of customers should always come first.

The core values also aim to motivate employees and give them a feeling of self-worth. This shows that Amazon recognizes the power of its employees to help the company advance. The value and autonomy that the company places on Amazon have helped the company to become and remain an industry leader.

Amazon’s Slogan

The Amazon slogan is ‘Work hard. Have fun. Make history.’ This simple yet effective slogan is designed to reflect the core values of the company. It shows that amazon employees are expected to work hard and deliver innovative content. However, the slogan also suggests that Amazon employees have fun, and the company is a great place to work.

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Final Thoughts

Amazon’s comprehensive mission statement and commitment to quality have helped it to thrive over the years. Amazon has a clear image and identity that is instantly recognizable to customers.

The company’s core values also make it clear what Amazon stands for and what customers can expect. In recent years, Amazon has launched a wide range of innovative products that meet the needs of new customers. These include physical bookstores as well as a whole host of cloud services.

However, Amazon remains best known for its website, while its commitment to customer service helps the company maintain a loyal customer base.

All that said, let’s do some Amazon shopping!

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