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Amazon Price Drop Refund (Full Guide)

amazon price drop refund

Are you suffering from buyer’s remorse? 

Finding the perfect product, doing your research, and finally purchasing it can be very satisfying. However, that high can quickly turn to a low if you find that the price has been reduced afterwardAmazon is known for offering great deals, and the company is committed to giving excellent value. 

However, because there are regular deals and promotions, prices can fluctuate from time to time. So, let’s learn all about the Amazon price drop refund!

About The Price Drop Refund Policy

Amazon offers some of the lowest rates around on a wide range of products. In the past, the company offered customers a refund if the retail rate of the product became lower at a later date. This allowed customers to get a refund on the difference.

This policy was dropped in May of 2016. However, there are still a few ways for customers to get some of their money back after purchase. One of the main options is the company’s price guarantee on pre-orders. This means Amazon will pay the difference if a pre-order price becomes lower when the product is released. 

Amazon Prime 

Prime customers are still treated to this impressive perk. A refund for the difference in cost is automatically issued if the price drops for any reason. However, the policy only applies to products sold by the company and shipped through Prime shipping. There are also a few types of products that are excluded from the policy.

If you are a Prime customer, you can receive a price drop refund up to ten days after delivery. If the cost of the item is reduced after ten days have passed, you will be out of luck. You also need to make sure that the reduced product is identical to the one you purchased. 

How To Find Price Drop Alerts

How To Find Price Drop Alerts

One of the best ways to save money is by signing up for price drop alerts. It is worth it if you have your sights set on high-value items. You will be sent a notification if the value suddenly becomes lower. All you have to do is sign up for a free app and choose to receive an alert on your smartphone or via email. You can search for a specific product or multiple items, as well as other parameters. 

Once you receive an alert, it is time to head on over to Amazon and purchase the product. In some cases, the retail value is only discounted for a short period. Therefore, it is best to be vigilant to make sure you don’t miss out on the deal.

Camel Camel Camel 

This app connects directly to your Amazon wishlist and tracks the rise and fall of retail rates. This allows you to track the prices of any products you have got your eye on. Instead of purchasing the product straight away, you can bookmark it and wait until it becomes cheaper.

One of the great things about this app is that there are several different filters you can set. All you need to do is head on over to the Camel Camel Camel website and signup. Copy the URL of your Amazon wishlist and enter it into the Wishlists section of the site. You can also choose how and when you receive notifications.

Price Tracker for Amazon 

As the name suggests, it is dedicated to finding information on the latest Amazon prices. After downloading the app and signing in, you can import your wishlist. Customize the parameters to receive notifications when retail rates are reduced. The app comes complete with a built-in browser, which allows you to check out products.

Other apps that offer these notifications include:

  • Earny
  • Paribus 
  • Honey
  • Wispri

Price Guarantees 

Price Guarantees 

The company regularly compares its retail rates with other retailers to make sure they remain competitive. As a result, most customers are not treated to price guarantees or price matching. However, there are still plenty of ways to make sure you get a good deal.

Subscribe & Save 

You can click on this feature when browsing for bargains on the Amazon app or website. This option will automatically send items straight to your door at a discounted rate. In addition, you will receive free shipping on products that are part of this great deal. 


The retail value of a product sometimes changes before it is shipped to a customer. If you have pre-ordered the product, you will be refunded the difference before the item is shipped. This helps to make sure that you don’t lose out.

However, the pre-order price guarantee only applies to products that are sold directly by Amazon. It does not apply to products from third-party sellers or on subsidiary websites such as Audible, Kindle, and Woot. 

Amazon Price Drop Refund – Steps To Take

If you discover the retail value of the product is lower after purchase, it is possible to get a refund. If you have not yet received the item, you can cancel your order and reorder the product. Once you place a new order, you will be treated to the new price. Let’s take a look at the two main ways of getting a partial refund. 

Contact the customer service team

Contact the customer service team

You can use the Returns and Refunds section of the company’s website to reach out to the customer service team. Click our tap on ‘Need more assistance’ and follow the instructions. 

Alternatively, you can sign into your account and find the placed orders section. You will see the option to return or refund your purchase. Select this option and choose ‘the selling price has changed, and a partial refund is necessary.’ You can then choose email or chat as the method for the customer service team to contact you. 

Contact your credit card provider

You can file a claim with your credit card company if the retail value becomes lower after purchase. A refund on the difference may be authorized within a specified period. Depending on the specific policy, this may be sixty or ninety days after purchase. 

You will need to call your credit card provider to request a refund. And provide all the data related to the purchase. This includes proof of lower retail rates online and a copy of the receipt from your purchase. 

When you will receive the refund

If your claim is valid, you will usually receive a refund within 48 hours. You can see the refund on the Your Account page. As soon as the refund is added to the notes, you can be sure it is on its way to you.

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Amazon Price Drop Refund – Final Thoughts

Amazon regularly monitors the retail market to make sure that it offers competitive prices. This helps to ensure that the online retailer offers some of the best rates around. Providing shoppers with peace of mind, even though the price drop refund policy was dropped in 2016.

If you are a smart shopper, there are still a few ways to ensure you enjoy the lowest rates on goods. Of course, if you are a Prime member, you will automatically receive a refund if the price becomes lower. You can still enjoy a price guarantee for pre-orders, while signing up for alerts can also save you money.

Enjoy receiving your Amazon Refund!

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