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Amazon UPT Policy (2023 Updated)

amazon upt policy

Amazon offers an Unpaid Personal Time (UPT) policy to its employees that allows for 20 hours to be given every quarter (roughly every three months). 

This is to allow employees to take time off for doctor’s visits or even to rest and recharge. In this article, we will discuss how it works and what other benefits are available to employees, and the Amazon UPT Policy.

Can Your Hours Be Banked?

Can Your Hours Be Banked?

You can indeed bank your hours throughout the year, but you are not allowed to have more than 80 hours banked. This means that at some point, you will have to start using them, or you will lose them. 

However, you are allowed to use them at any time throughout the year, as long as it is in accordance with standard leave application approval by your supervisor or manager. For example, not all employees will be allowed to use their leave at the same time.

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Everyone cant take time off at the same time!

Everyone cant take time off at the same time

So if you have plans for the week before July 4th, it is best to communicate that as soon as possible, before a co-worker gets the week off and you are expected to stay and work. 

What If Your Time Is Used Up?

In addition, you cannot go into a deficit. This means that when you hit zero, you will not be allowed to take any more unpaid time off. 

As Amazon expects Variable Compensation Pay from their employees, those who misuse or go over their allotted hours for unpaid time off will have the unauthorized time taken off their salary. If you are caught misusing unpaid time off, you may be subject to getting fired from your position.

Higher positions get more time…

Depending on your position in the company, you may be allowed more than 80 hours per year. The higher up you are, the more likely you will be to receive more unpaid time off. 

How Does This Time off Compare With Other Forms Of Leave?

How Does This Time off Compare With Other Forms Of Leave?

Above and beyond this unpaid time off, there are also other types of leave, such as parental leave, vacation time, medical leave of absence, etc. 

Sick leave

At Amazon, employees also have 80 hours of sick leave every year. However, you will be expected to call out sick in advance if you want to make use of sick days. 

Amazon employees also receive 40 hours of paid time off, which means that they will be compensated for this time even if they took the time off work. These days are to be used for things like jury duty, a mental health day, or even a mini-vacation; however, it is counted separately from actual vacation days granted. 

Vacation days

Vacation days

Vacation days are granted with the same rule as paid time off, as you are paid for the time you are not at work. However, vacation days are meant to be used to take a break from work and are usually taken as an extended leave of a few days or weeks. 

Amazon employee vacation days are, however, not all the same. Those who work for an hourly wage as opposed to a monthly salary usually get around five days, or 40 hours of vacation time on top of paid time off in their first year, and ten days, or 80 hours, from their second year. Employees who work for a monthly salary will get two weeks of vacation time in their first year of employment, and three weeks, thereafter. 



Bereavement leave is usually used on the occasion that there is a death in the immediate family of an employee. Amazon grants three days at a time, to part-time and full-time employees, on average. Of course, you may have more than one family member pass away in a year and thus have more time off. However, each state has its own regulations on the maximum allocation of bereavement leave. 

It is not always requested, but your employer may reserve the right to request proof of the death through a copy of the death certificate or an obituary. Bereavement leave is also considered as paid time off, so you will still be paid for the time and not lose any vacation days or accrued paid time off. 

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Amazon UPT Policy – Final Thoughts

It may be tempting to use your unpaid time off or to just call out at the last minute. However, you may have paid time off and sick days that can be used instead, as long as you plan it out properly and give your supervisor sufficient notice so you don’t lose any money when it is time to get your paycheck. 

Good luck, and enjoy working for Amazon!

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3 thoughts on “Amazon UPT Policy (2023 Updated)”

  1. Edward Hernandez

    The unpaid time off structure is very punishing for those who have emergencies. 1 minute late to a shift, takes a whole hour. Earning on average 23 minutes as a part time employee and having an emergency causing me to leave an hour early, and next day I was 40 minutes late. Took 3 hours of UPT. Even clocking out a minute early takes an hour. They’re system feels like it’s made to cheat us out of our hard work

  2. Maybe I can say this while offline because its not working and I have to start over .
    I think there should be unlimited UPT because either there were and are still covid outbreak happening or workers are lying or cheating putting in for covid leaves.
    Anyhow, I have bad days and I feel like my attitude gets too toxic and when I’m not feeling well its best I stay home. Its better for the team too because I just get them down. But when I feel ok I work really hard and am a great asset .
    But I’m not Arnold Shwarzenegger so its not possible to do the repetitive lifting for 8 hours a day .
    I don’t feel I should have to get a doctor to sign a bunch of documents to back me up on my word. I’ve never lied to Amazon

  3. This policy or article is deceiving because Amazon only gives you a block of UPT and PTO on your first day. Any additional time there after you only get what you work for like, 25 minutes of UPT for every 5 hours you work. They do not just give it to you for free every year.

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