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Amazon’s Transfer Policy (2023 Policy)

amazon transfer policy

If you have an eye for a good bargain or excellent quality products, then you’re no stranger to Amazon. 

Having earned the moniker “The Everything Store,” this multi-trillion company operates well because it has more than a million people behind it. Its employees are spread across different locations, and they get benefits ranging from healthcare to high wages.

But, what happens if you, as an employee, would like to relocate but would still like to work for Amazon? Or perhaps you have hopes of joining the company.

Let’s find out in my in-depth look at Amazon’s transfer policy.

Here’s The Deal

Here’s The Deal

Amazon’s the world’s largest online retailer. It’s also the world’s largest marketplace with a multitude of product categories. As life would have it, people relocate for different reasons. And when you’re working for a company that’s as successful as Amazon, you probably want to keep your job.

There’s a waiting period that employees need to adhere to before their transfer process. While this depends on their manager, location, position, and even time of year, the following general principles are applied.

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How To Request A Transfer

Amazon employees are eligible for external transfers. This is when they can move to a different city or state. They can either keep the same position or get trained for a different one. External transfers are quite common, and talking to your manager about this possibility is the quickest way to start the process. 

Simply Put…

To make the transfer process easier, having helpful reviews or evaluations from your supervisor and colleagues will help. Make sure that you complete your tasks on time, be cordial, and create a good rapport with others.

 Having these skills will be at your advantage not only at Amazon but throughout your work career elsewhere. Check out Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work for insight on how to contribute to a good work environment. If it’s possible to complete an external transfer process, then surely it can be done internally, right? Here’s what I found…

Internal Transfers

Internal Transfers

One of Amazon’s principles is “Ownership.” Employees are taught to think long-term. In other words, you don’t just represent yourself, but you act on behalf of your team and the company. You can’t coin the term, “That’s not my job,” when you are part of this organization. 

With that said, employees can pursue other positions within their current office or warehouse. In fact, Amazon encourages it because their employees acquire more skills that can be utilized by the company.

Only after 60 to 90 days…

 Since the transfer is internal, employees already know how a job application process works. They must’ve worked for Amazon for at least 60 to 90 days before requesting a transfer. Some offices will require them to wait up to a year.

 However, if you’re an aspiring Amazon employee, you’ll need the following breakdown for future use. 

Amazon’s Transfer Policy – How To Apply 

The good news is that, for internal transfers, you have a particular hub that you can use. There’s an Internal Job Site accessible using the employee site. You can browse the positions and see which ones suit your skillset and interests. 

You’ll see the name of the hiring manager when you click on each position. If a particular position is of interest to you, contact the manager directly. If you fit the position and the manager wants to hire you, you’ll go through the interview process. 

Don’t keep your manager in the dark… 

Make sure to keep your current manager in the loop when you officially get hired. There’s a good chance they are aware of the process already. Some hiring managers will contact your current manager to get more insight into your work ethic and to evaluate you.

When Amazon Requires Employees To Transfer

The company allows employees to transfer interlay or externally at Amazon. However, there are instances where Amazon requires an employee to transfer. You might be wondering, “Under what circumstances can Amazon do this?” Well, let’s find out…

Warehouse Employees

Warehouse Employees

Employees that work in the warehouse fulfillment centers are moved from one location to the other. Their main daily responsibility is to sort, track, and shuffle packages. This makes them the engine that helps drive the entire company. 

Transferring warehouse employees helps the company to stay productive. It also allows colleagues to learn and develop new skills. Interacting with one another gives them a chance to be creative and engaging. Getting bored in such an environment would be difficult. 

Getting a promotion at Amazon is like striking gold. Depending on the position, Amazon might require a promoted employee to relocate. You can either ask for a promotion or negotiate with your manager. 

In some instances, vacancies are opened, and they are an advancement from the position an employee currently holds. If you’re eligible for such a position and meet the requirements, go for it!

New location, new adventure!

 It might require moving, or if you’re lucky enough, it could be internal. Promotions at Amazon are limited, but no worries, the benefits from just being employed will make up for this. Here’s a quick look at what type of benefits and perks you get if you work for the company. 

Why You Might Want To Work for Amazon

As a full-time US employee, there’s a full range of benefits that your family could enjoy too. Eligible family members include domestic partners and children. Benefits vary according to location, job position, work hours, and length of employment. But… the following perks are included. 



Healthcare is a primary need for everyone. Amazon’s employee packages come with a good healthcare deal. It covers medical, dental, vision, and prescription drugs. Not only that, but this multinational technology company has Neighborhood Health Centers in select regions and cities. It offers primary and same-day sick care for Amazonians. 

You read that right. Amazon offers paid parental leave regardless of a parent’s gender. Only 23% of working Americans have access to paid parental leave. Amazon stands out on this one.

It offers 20 weeks of fully paid leave for birthing parents, including four weeks before the birth of the child. Supporting parents and adoptive parents get six weeks of fully paid leave as well. Amazon’s Leave Share and Ramp Back Program helps returning employees integrate back into work after their leave. 

Financial Package 

Amazon offers competitive salaries. Depending on the job position and location, some wages are paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Employees get paid for overtime and get a 401(k) savings plan on top of a Health Savings Account (with employer contributions). 

Your Network of Support

We live in a world where there’s a lot of buzz and action about mental health in workplaces. Amazon chips in on this. It has an Employee Assistance Program that offers 24/7 support. That’s not all! It also offers resources for parents whose children struggle with developmental disabilities. 

It makes sense why employees ask for transfers internally or externally when they get these benefits. If you’re ready to job hunt at Amazon, check out their official website under the jobs category. Here’s what to expect if you find yourself browsing for jobs on their site. 

Opportunities To Work At Amazon

Opportunities To Work At Amazon

As a worldwide e-commerce company, Amazon offers jobs in almost every field. It also has remote jobs available. With 100 active fulfillment centers in the US alone and 185 centers globally, it offers more than 12,000 jobs. Amazon offers jobs in areas including software development, real estate, customer service, and IT and support engineering. 

Learn About The History Behind Amazon

It’s always good to research the company you work for, especially if you are looking to transfer or be considered for a promotion in the future!

So check out Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire, as well as The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, and find out more about the man himself!

For insight into working for empires like Amazon, we recommend Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon, or to move up in the ranks, The Amazon Way: Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles, and why not try The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, for amazing business insight.

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Amazon’s Transfer Policy – Final Thoughts

The policy for transferring at Amazon is a wonderful opportunity for employees to learn a new skill set. 

To achieve this, employees should maintain a good rapport at work, as this reflects in their evaluations. Whether the transfer is internal or external, employees can enjoy a good range of benefits. 

An employee can request a transfer, or this may happen when they apply for a different promotional position. Additionally, the company also requires employees that work in warehouses to relocate. To get your foot in the Amazon door and to keep it that way, stay efficient and productive! You’ll be on your way up to a good internal or external transfer in no time.

Good luck with your transfer and finding a great new location!

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