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AMC Movie Theater Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

amc movie theater application

AMC or the American Multi Cinema is an American based movie theatre chain. The headquarters of the American Multi Cinema theatre is located in Leawood, Kansas.

The AMC is the largest movie theatre chain in the world. The American Multi Cinema was founded in 1920 and is ahead of  Regal and Cinemark Theatres having the largest share of theatre marker in the US.

The first 10-screen multiplex of the American Multi Cinema Theatres outside the US was established at The Point, Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom in the year 1985.

Multiple theatre chains have been acquired by the American Multi Cinema. It has acquired a total of 385 theatres with 5,128 screens in six countries. The American Multi Chain theatre is also one of the largest movie theatre chain company in the world. It has 900 theatres and has more than 10000 screens all around the world. The American Multi Cinema operates from 12.00 pm to 12.00 am from Monday to Saturday and from 12.00 pm to 9.00 pm on Sunday. Anyone above the age of 14 years can apply for work at the AMC.

If you are fond of Movies and love everything related to movies, you should consider applying at the AMC.

Employment opportunities at American Multi-Cinema

The AMC always look out for young individuals who are motivated to work. There are a lot of entry-level jobs offered by the AMC which are beneficial mostly for those who want to work but do not have any prior work experience. Applicants should be above the age of 14years to work at the AMC.

The AMC hires for entry-level job positions which include customer service, preparation of the food, and also sanitization. The theatre crew job vacancies are also open to those who are looking for entry-level jobs. Ticket sales, cashier, concessions, ushering, and film projection are some other entry-level jobs available in American Multi Cinema. Jobs positions at the restaurant such as chef, waitress, and bartender, are available in movie theatres that have restaurant operations. The one-of-a-kind roles help to gain experience and have the possibility of discovering lucrative careers.

Jobs, Responsibilities, and requirements at AMC

Some entry-level jobs available are-


  • Cashier’s duties include selling movie tickets and gift cards at the ticket counter.
  • Cashiers are required to have good knowledge about the current movies which includes plots and also the time of the shows.
  • They are also responsible for performing functions properly.
  • The cashier is also responsible for ensuring the proper operations of the theatre.
  • Cashiers are expected to perform their work properly with utmost focus even under pressure.
  • The starting salary of a cashier in the AMC is near minimum wage.


  • Ushers are responsible for cleaning the auditoriums, hallways, restrooms and lobbies.
  • The ushers are also responsible for keeping the area proper and maintain the display ad appearance.
  • Ushers are required to perform ticket-tearing duties.
  • The salary of Ushers is near the minimum wage and with time the salary may increase.


  • The duties of a Concessionist include popping popcorn, dispensing drinks.
  • The Concessionists are responsible for preparing nachos, hot dogs, and also other foods.
  • Concesstionists are responsible for keeping the areas clean. They are required to clean the equipment used for cooking, cleaning the counters, tables, and the glass displays.
  • Concessionists are also required to restock food items if the supply is low.
  • The Concessionists are required to maintain everything properly.
  • The salary of a Concessionist is about $8 per hour.

Salary of other job postings in the AMC

Salary of a Supervisor: $10 per hour

The salary of an Operations Manager: $13 per hour

Salary of a Bartender: $23,000 per year

Salary of a General Manager: $55,000 per year

How to apply for the jobs

How to apply for the jobs

Follow the steps below to apply for jobs in AMC online-

  1. Go to the careers page of AMC.
  2. Choose what you want to apply for and then select “Learn More”.
  3. After getting redirected, select the Job post that suits your need and click on “Apply Now”
  4. Search by job title, keywords, and location.
  5. The job links will appear. Click on the one you wish to apply for.
  6. Select “Apply to Job”. You will then have to login or Register.
  7. After logging in, enter all the required details. Then review your application and submit it.

You can also download the form, fill it up, and then submit it in offline mode in any AMC near you.

Reviewing the status of Application

You can easily log in to your AMC profile and check the status of your application. Click on the job application status link and under the HR status column; you will be able to see how your application has progressed. You can also enquire about your application status via phone calls. This is more preferable since it shows the manager that you want to work at AMC eagerly.

Selection information

Candidates for the jobs at AMC are selected on a 3-part assessment basis. The first part includes 70 statements and requires you to choose your agreement levels. In the next section, the candidate needs to answer questions related to their personality which includes questions like grades in high school, attendance in high school, and favorite subjects. The last part is based on scenarios to test how you will handle different situations. The assessment has to be completed within the stipulated time.

Benefits of Working at AMC Movie Theater

Benefits of Working at AMC Movie Theater

There are a lot of advantages to working at AMC. The benefits include:

  1. AMC also offers free movie passes to employees every week. They can watch multiple movies for free. Employees can also bring their friend and family and watch movies for free.
  2. AMC offers flexible work timings and schedules to employees. This helps and also encourages you to take out time for your personal life too.
  3. Job postings often include employee benefit plans like 401(k) retirement plans.
  4. Employees are also provided with employee assistance programs.
  5. Employees are also provided with rewards based on their work and performances.
  6. Upper-level job postings also have the benefit of health insurance which includes medical and dental benefits.

Employees love to work at AMC and highly enjoy the perks and also the benefits of working in the company.

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