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American Airlines Interview Questions

american airlines interview questions

American Airlines offers you a pre-preparatory interview tool that assists you to understand job openings, work culture, and core values of American Airlines. It also permits you to understand the exceptional customer service American Airlines offers its customers.

Interview preparation in advance helps you grow as a professional and allows you to answer interview questions effectively. You can use the interview guidelines to prepare your answers well in such a way that you can tactfully answer all questions with this list of questions. This interview tool also provides you a helping hand to secure a good job with American Airlines.


Generic Interview Questions for American Airlines

Q – 1. Briefly Introduce Yourself?

Ans: You can talk about your relevant work experience, skillset, personal hobbies that help you achieve your career aspirations shortly. You can also use this opportunity to create a first impression in the minds of interviewers. Avoid narrating your life story.

Q – 2. Describe American Airlines in Your Own Words?


  • It is the largest airline with a wide variety of fleet sizes and carries a huge group of passengers across various countries.
  • The parent company of American Airlines is a combination of American Airlines plus US Airways.
  • The corporate office of American Airlines is based in Texas.
  • American Airlines is a member of the one world alliance program.
  • The reward program of American Airlines is called AAdvantage.
  • The regional flight of American Airlines operates in American Eagle Airlines.

american airlines interview question

Q – 3. Why is American Airlines Your Preferred Employer?

Ans: You can talk about working with American Airlines because of its friendly and welcoming work culture. You can also specify dealing with passengers is something you enjoy and you are ready to undergo relevant skills and training which will help you to succeed in the current role. You are also open to new roles and career opportunities that help you to grow as a professional and contribute to the success of the company. Talk about customers and employee-friendly policies so that you understand what they expect from you. Make an effort to show the interviewer you are interested in the job. Your passion should show in the way you speak about the job.

Career Opportunities with American Airlines

Q – 1. What Was The Reason Behind Leaving Your Previous Job?

Ans: You can talk about real-life examples from your previous job which allow you to succeed in the current opportunity. You must also mention that you have completed your previous role diligently and effectively. This is one of the prime reasons for leaving the previous job. Always demonstrate you have left the job on a good note.

Q – 2. What Are The Key Requirements To Become a Successful Flight Attendant with American Airlines?


  • All candidates are required to relocate to any base location from where American Airlines operates.
  • American Airlines look for people who can cater to the travel needs of various passengers by making the journey a memorable one.
  • The airline offers a warm and welcoming environment that is safe and comfortable for employees and their passengers.
  • American Airlines flight attendants follow a rich legacy. They take pride in becoming service professionals by providing outstanding customer service to passengers on each flight.
  • It is clear that American Airlines is a customer-centric airline and this is why it looks for outstanding flight attendants who can serve customers well.

Q – 3. What Are The Working Conditions in American Airlines?


  • All applicants apply for any position in American Airlines requires physical fitness and attributes such as pulling, bending, walking, and lifting light weights.
  • The applicants need to stand for long time durations and then speak.
  • The applicants need to ensure they take all safety measures while dealing with noisy operations during take–off and landing of flights.
  • Applicants must also be open to travel extensively and open to working rigorously on weekends.
  • They should also have the ability to move heavy carts with luggage.
  • Ability to lift objects as carry–on baggage and place them in overhead bins.

the american airlines interview questions

  • They should also be able to read, write and speak fluently.
  • Must also have problem-solving skills and complaint handling skills which get demonstrated in the interview.
  • Flight Attendants must use good communication skills and interpersonal skills to resolve a complaint.
  • The flight attendant must also demonstrate a professional image in minds of the interviewer by having no facial or body tattoos. Birthmarks however are an exception.
  • Flight attendants must be able to work in adverse climatic conditions across the globe and also in different kinds of shifts.
  • Every flight attendant must undergo professional flight training for 6 weeks before they get a posting to the scheduled base.

Q – 4. What Are The Qualities for Employees Who Work With American Airlines?


  • Employees must demonstrate a consistent in-flight service which includes serving meals or soft drinks to passengers along with selling online products offered by the airline.
  • The employees must also be equipped to handle a wide variety of situations by keeping the customers happy.
  • They should also have the ability to work independently without any supervision.
  • Ensuring safety and comfort for customers.
  • Respond effectively to emergencies and even non-emergencies.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership skills while handling customers.
  • They should also work in different shifts across the globe.

Customer Handling Skills for American Airlines

Q – 1. How Will You Define Excellent Customer Service Skills?

Ans: Demonstrating good communication skills along with a friendly attitude towards customers. Employees assist customers to handle their baggage while they are on a flight. Employees provide special care to passengers with special needs, they also provide elderly care to senior citizens.

Q – 2. How Will You Deal with an Unhappy Customer?


  • You must pay attention and also allow the customer to vent.
  • Demonstrate a caring attitude towards the customer.
  • Avoid blaming the airline or its customers.
  • Look for possible solutions to resolve the problem.
  • Avoid making promises you cannot keep.
  • Never take criticism personally as this will ruin the future customer base.

Q – 3. How Will You Use The Corporate Video of American Airlines?

Ans: You can view the corporate video to understand more about the work culture of American Airlines and also helps you to understand exceptional details about customer service. It also helps you learn about the core values offered by its airlines to its customers and stakeholders.

Q – 4. Are You Open to Relocating to a Different City?

Ans: To work with American Airlines, you must also be open to relocating to a different city. This provides you more career opportunities and learning opportunities when you think of a rewarding career with American Airlines.

Q – 5. Why Do You Want to Get Hired as a Customer Service Officer with American Airlines?


  • Customer service officers are courteous, demonstrate a friendly and professional attitude, showcase efficiency.
  • The customer service officer also promotes different travel packages to passengers and provides check–in assistance to passengers.
  • A customer service officer must also be aware of specific government rules for domestic and international travel or provide cargo assistance.
  • Resolves queries of stressed passengers by providing them resolutions that meet their requirements.
  • Must also demonstrate skills for multi-tasking in different tasks and prioritizing them.
  • All customer service officers must be motivated and also demonstrate quick learning for all processes.
  • The customer service officer also has the power to deplane passengers.
  • The customer service officer becomes a communication link between passengers and the airline.

american airlines interview question ans

Q – 6. What Are The Skills Required by a Customer Service Officer?


  • You must also mention that you have excellent communication skills and you can interact with customers by demonstrating a polite and respectful attitude with courtesy and efficiency.
  • Try and also pay attention to detail while working with the policies and procedures of American Airlines.
  • You must also talk about being self-motivated and working independently.
  • You should also prioritize your work, to work as a customer service officer.

Q – 7. What Is The Reason for Leaving Your Last Job?

Ans: Avoid talking about negative comments for the previous employer. When you talk about your previous role, talk about the opportunities and challenges you will get to work with at American Airlines.

Q – 8. What Kind of Salary Do You Expect?

Ans: You should use a combination of company research and salary ranges so that you can negotiate well with the company during the interview process.

Strengths and Weaknesses for Employees at American Airlines

Q – 1. List Down Your Specific Strengths as a Customer Service Officer?

Ans: You must demonstrate work-related skills such as being courteous, demonstrating a polite and friendly attitude, always keep customers first. You should also talk about other skills that can help you achieve career success and contribute towards company success in the long run. You must demonstrate skills that solve the problem of customers and provides customer satisfaction in the long run. It is always better you demonstrate positive and appropriate customer knowledge so that you can tackle all kinds of customers in the long run.

Q – 2. List Down Your Specific Weaknesses as a Customer Service Officer?

Ans: As a customer service officer you are required to handle difficult customers. For this, you must identify various areas of improvement which may cause an issue if you are not able to deliver customer service to the level expected. Always suggest strategies that help you contribute well towards customer service thereby leading to customer satisfaction with American Airlines.

Q – 3. List Down Generic Strengths and Weaknesses?


Strengths –

  • Quick Learner
  • Punctual
  • Courteous
  • Efficient
  • Good communication Skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Multi-tasker
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Caring
  • Polite Attitude

Weaknesses –

  • Focus too much on details
  • Difficulty in refusing a product or service to customers
  • Get impatient
  • Do not have confidence
  • Asking for help becomes a trouble
  • Lack of experience in handling customers
  • Taking too many risks
  • Delegation of tasks becomes an issue.
  • Being too honest gets you into trouble

Interview Tips and Attire

Q – 1. What Kind of Interview Tips Should You Follow?


  • You must reach early for the interview
  • You should not use your smartphone during the interview.
  • Speak in a clear voice and also strike an interesting conversation.
  • Avoid speaking very slowly and in a boring way.
  • Always maintain your eye contact with the interviewer.

Q – 2. What Do You Know About The Work Culture and Core Values of American Airlines?

Ans: You must focus on studying the annual report and also the company website in detail to answer this question well. You can support your answer with real-life examples, demonstrating the core values of American Airlines during your interview. This provides you a better chance to grow as a professional and also develop a rewarding career with American Airlines.

the american airlines interview question

Q – 3. What Kind of Questions You Can Ask Your Interviewer?


  • What are the best things about working with American Airlines?
  • Define the attributes of an ideal candidate
  • What kind of roles and responsibilities does a specific position offer?
  • How will you measure the career graph for an employee?
  • How does an employee attain a learning curve?
  • What kind of opportunities are there to learn and grow as a professional with American Airlines?

Q – 4. What Kind of Business Attire Will You Wear in Your Interview with American Airlines?

Ans: You can wear business casuals for an entry-level position at Ground Level. If you are a flight attendant, pilot, or management trainee you should dress up formally. The dress code is not so strict but you cannot wear tattoos or piercings in excess. Flight attendants also need to wear a watch to time their service for every passenger.

Bottom Line

American Airlines offers ample opportunities to employees who contribute towards achieving the success of the company. You can use the interview tool to prepare your answers well without any hassle. This interview tool provides you an overall helping hand so that you can perform well in all aspects of the interview. You can also use interview guidelines or watch employee testimonials to understand the work culture of American Airlines better.

This also helps you to perform exceptionally at the interview. You can also negotiate a good salary package at American Airlines. The interview tool is a guide that allows prospective employees to secure jobs as per their skill set and knowledge which helps them achieve their career aspirations in the long term. You can use training programs to enhance existing skills and contribute to personal and professional development.

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