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American Apparel Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

american apparel application

American Apparel employs more than 7,500 individuals across the world. Its primary production centers and headquarters are based out in Los Angeles and California, U.S.A. this American fashion house employs entry-level workers for its factory and store location. It produces clothing within its factory based out in California as it is opposed to outsourced production. It seeks candidates to represent, sell, and create its well-known brand.

Job applicants seeking a role at American Apparel may check the career portal for the current job roles. They may fill up the online job application form to be a part of American Apparel or send their resume to the company’s e-mail ID. This article is summed up with very helpful information you need to know before applying for a job role at American Apparel. Please scroll down to see the work setting of American Apparel with perks and benefits it offers to its employees with job descriptions and roles and responsibilities.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at American Apparel:

American Apparel hires individuals with a minimum age of 16. However, many job positions require a minimum age of 18 to apply for at American Apparel. Candidates without previous work experience or qualifications may apply for Sales Associates roles. However, candidates with previous employment or qualification may apply for managerial-level positions. The scheduling and operational hours at the American Apparel are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Future Job Scope at American Apparel:

Interested candidates need to be 16 years old for the job considerations. The chain has around 200 store locations in about fourteen countries. The employees interested in its vacancies need to have an excellent styling sense, customer service skills, computer literacy, and robust work ethics. The candidates may send their applications through e-mails for considerations.

American Apparel claims to provide its workers with the best pay rates. They also offer multiple sales, fashion, art, technology, and design opportunities and interact with its directors. The company also promotes its employees constantly, which thus provides advancement opportunities. Several positions like sales associate, order specialist, planning assistant, coordinator, and many other posts are available at the store.

Job Positions Offered at American Apparel

American Apparel offers many positions for the job hopefuls, including Senior Finance Coordinators, Sales Associates, Production Coordinators, and Planning Assistants.

It also provides job positions for Outlet Store Managements, Merchant Order Specialists, and Merchandise Planners. In addition, applicants may get a role for Store Managers, Assistant Store Managers, and Sales Associates at American Apparel.

Sales Associate:

  • Meeting the sales goals, cash register operations, assisting the customers are the roles to be performed by the candidates.
  • They also need to have some American apparel Brand passion, personal styles, and customer service skills for consideration.
  • The candidates also have an option to earn around $9.00-$10.00 per hour.

Material Handler:

  • Stocking, receiving goods, working within warehouses, period cycle counts, general cleaning are some of the tasks performed by the candidates.
  • They need to move through distribution centers from pallet jacks and trucks.
  • The material handler also needs to lift up to 50 lbs, know Microsoft office, and hold school diplomas.
  • They can earn up to $14.00 per hour.

Benefits of working with American Apparel:

Benefits of working

American Apparel offers many job benefits to the aspiring employee, including the following:

  • American Apparel gives career growth, pleasant work settings, and a competitive pay scale to its employees.
  • Employees often receive onsite massages, job security, ESL classes, paid days off, and health insurance from American Apparel.
  • They also get lunches and subsidized public transportation while working at American Apparel.
  • Every American Apparel employee received 50% on its products.

The online job application process of American Apparel:

American Apparel allows job seekers to fill up the job application form for most vacancies through its career portal. Candidates can also send their updated resumes to American Apparel’s e-mail id. You can check its official e-mail id available with the current positions. Applicants sending their resume through an e-mail must write their preferred job role in the subject line. It will help to hire managers to check the e-mail for the individual part at American Apparel.

Candidates applying for a job role by filling out the online job application form must provide a personal statement, identity information to American Apparel, three pictures, and a resume. It makes hiring personnel may get the idea of the candidate’s personality. Therefore, applicants should re-check their application forms before submitting for a job position at American Apparel.

Checking job application status of American Apparel:

American Apparel often initiates the interview process within a week or submits the job application form. However, candidates who could not make up for the employment at American Apparel are not informed. Hence, applicants should call at its store locations or send an e-mail to know the update of their job application form. Applicants can also visit American Apparel’s stores to meet its hiring managers and check their employment status.

Some more information about American Apparel:

Some more information about American Apparel

The company looks forward to giving the local community, company, regional and local economy, and the environment by restricting the outsourcing procedures for manufacturing. The headquarters and the company’s production hub are situated in Los Angeles, CA. It gives accounting associates, marketing executives, distribution specialists, and retail personnel to operate and work under a single roof.

It helps in cost cuttings of the company and creates more job employment opportunities for the people, leading to more than 5000 additional vacancies in the United States. Employees in the factory are also eligible to earn up to $13.00 hourly, the highest-paid wage in the field.


American Apparel, with many store locations, seeks candidates for smooth operations. Candidates can check the eligibility criteria and requirements before filling up the required role at American Apparel. It offers candidature to individuals with excellent work ethics, customer services, and computer literacy. However, candidates lacking these skills or not interested in customer services may apply for job roles to work at the factory locations. American Apparel allows to submit an online job application form or sending a resume on their e-mail ID to apply for the current positions.

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