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Amscot Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

amscot application

Are you looking for a job in finance that will take your career to the next level?

Amscot offers a range of roles for employees of all levels and types. This leading financial services provider was established in 1989 and operate solely in Florida.

In just a few short years, Amsot has gone from a single branch to more than two hundred branches scattered across Florida. New branches are regularly opened, and employee vacancies are advertised on the Amscot website throughout the year.

So let’s find out how to make sure your Amscot Application Online: Jobs & Career Info appeals to hiring managers.

amscot application

Facts About Working At Amscot

It is necessary to be at least eighteen years old to work at Amscot. The Amscot branches are open every day of the week from 7 am to 9 pm or 10 pm. The evening and weekend shifts are great for college students who want to gain some work experience while they are studying.

Amscot Job Opportunities

Employees of all levels need to have basic math skills and the ability to work well as part of a team. While there are numerous roles for career professionals, entry-level employees are also provided with paid training and special skills. Here are some of the main job opportunities at Amscot and the typical duties that go with them.

Financial Services Associate

These entry-level employees are provided with the training they need to be familiar with Amscot financial services. They have to be able to explain these services to customers and find the perfect services to meet their needs. Associated duties include preparing money orders, cashing checks, and collecting payments for utility bills.

Financial services associates need to be fairly physically fit and able to lift up to 20 pounds. New employees have to pass pre-employment credit checks before they start work. The starting salary is around $15 per hour, which tends to rise with gained skills and experience.

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Financial Advisor

These financial services specialists mainly assist customers with short-term cash advances. They need to have excellent customer service skills and the ability to explain all aspects of the process clearly. Other duties include cash handling and processing a range of non-bank-related services. The average salary for a financial advisor at Amscot is $14 per hour.

Assistant Manager

These financial services experts are in charge of overseeing employees and making sure they perform well at all times. They work closely with branch managers to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. Assistant managers gain valuable training on the job and typically make $15 per hour.

Branch Leader

Assistant managers who perform well are often offered the opportunity to advance to this role. Branch leaders basically take over the duties of a branch manager when they are not available. It is necessary to be able to keep careful records and have excellent customer service skills, and the average salary is $20 per hour.

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Branch Manager

These experienced professionals are in charge of overseeing a single Amscot branch. They interview, hire and train new employees as the need arises. They also ensure customer satisfaction and deal with complaints and issues as necessary.

The role of a branch manager includes a certain amount of administration work, such as keeping careful records. They need to develop strategies to attract new customers and promote certain financial services. The average salary for a branch manager is around $50,000 per year.

Additional Benefits of Working at Amscot

All new employees are provided with paid training and the chance to advance through the company as they gain experience. Qualified full-time employees are also provided with a wide range of special benefits, including paid holidays and vacation days. Other benefits include access to retirement plans as well as dental and vision insurance, and healthcare coverage.

How To Apply?

All of the current vacancies at Ascot can be found in the careers section of the company’s website. It is possible to search for positions by location or job title to narrow the search. Clicking on a job title will provide full details of the job along with the key requirements and duties.

Before completing the Amscot application online, it is necessary to create a user account. Simply enter an email address and password in the specified fields and click on continue. Alternatively, visitors can sign in by signing in via their LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, indeed, or Facebook account.

Fill out all sections…

It is important to fill out all sections of the application form in as much detail as possible. Alternatively, all of the fields will be filled out automatically by uploading a current resume. Make sure that all of the supplied information is correct and properly edited before clicking on the submit button.

Applicants are then taken through to the My Submittals section, where they can review all the jobs they have applied for. It is possible to apply for many job positions at Amscot to maximize the chances of success. It can take up to two weeks for a hiring manager to review the application form and contact the applicant for an interview.

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Final Thoughts

Amscot features a fast-paced working environment, and employees need to be able to work under pressure. Also, many roles require employees to work for long hours and be able to multitask.

Therefore, most interviews focus on the candidate’s ability to rise to the challenge and thrive in this working environment. Doing a little research into the background and culture of Amscot will guide applicants on the best way to answer interview questions. Answers should reflect the key skills and attributes that are highlighted in the job description.

Ascot employees are expected to be well presented at all times, so it is important to select a smart interview outfit.

All the very best with your Amscot Online Application!

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