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Apple Interview Questions

apple interview questions

Apple is the world’s most valuable company and the largest information technology business, worth $274.5 billion in 2020. If you are lucky enough to score an interview with Apple, you need to prepare for it thoroughly because it could be one of the most significant steps in your career.

Working for Apple provides an excellent opportunity for growth. Furthermore, the enterprise has a significant economic influence, and over 2.4 million people in the United States are involved with manufacturing parts that go into Apple products. However, only roughly 154,000 people actually work for Apple.

Set the bar for technology…

Arguably Apple has set the bar for smartphones and tablet computers. Founded in 1976, but Apple’s success didn’t really start until 1980 when they began distributing computers. Their appeal was due to graphic enhancements and being easy to use.

The company had a few ups and downs due to cheaper Windows laptop versions which worked well and did the job well enough for most users.

However, the iPhone was the game-changer for Apple. Throughout the world, on any street corner, you will likely see someone’s head buried in their iPhone, taking in the latest information, TikTok, or scrolling their Instagram feed. It is just one of the reasons that make Apple so appealing to job seekers.

So, let me take an in-depth look at the Apple Interview Questions to make sure you’ll be fully prepared!

apple interview questions

How To Answer The Most Common Apple Interview Questions?

To be clear, there is not one simple, straightforward answer here. After all, think of how many jobs are available and the role requirements; interview questions will therefore vary.

This is because an HR manager hiring a retail applicant will ask different questions to a manager looking to hire a marketing assistant. One job focuses on customer service and is the store face of Apple. The other is looking for an experienced employee to create sales strategies and marketing campaigns.

Develop the correct technique…

But don’t lose hope! There are several questions that Apple asks all of their employees as it’s a general get to know you. That is why it is critical to understand how to respond to the questions. You can create great answers regardless of your preferred job role if you develop the correct technique.

Research and Prepare

Research is a huge part of preparing for an interview. Therefore, it is a great idea to learn as much as you can about the company. This will give you an idea as to what kind of things they may ask you and how you can reference the answers back to their views and values.

Job Description

Start by looking over the job description again, checking the job requirements and what the role expects you to do. Examine what they are asking of you and think about what keywords they use. You can use these keywords when discussing your qualities and experience in the interview.

Ethics and Compliance

It is essential to be up to date on the company’s values and ethics. You can find these on the company website. Apple states that it conducts business in full compliance with the law. It is also worth looking at its social media pages to see recent achievements and company priorities.

Apple Products

This is a given, considering you will be working for a tech company. You should be prepared and knowledgeable on the products Apple offers. You do not have to turn up with your Apple watch on your wrist, iPhone in hand, along with an iPad for your interview prep; this may seem a bit strange!

Just keep yourself up to date with the products and the different things they offer.

Who are their Customers?

With Apple, this is quite an easy, or perhaps you know already, type of question. It is essential to look into who Apple sells to the most, are Apple products used more often for work or personal use? Knowing this information will help you in the interview.

The Company History

By conducting research, you can demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job and the organization. This is the single most crucial aspect that will set you apart from the majority of other candidates with identical qualifications. However, don’t take it too far and turn it into a Wikipedia page during your interview.

Knowing key points such as when the company began, the most successful product releases, and other exciting facts may help you navigate the interview.

The Top 3 Apple Interview Questions

The moment you have been waiting for, questions with answers! Remember, although Apple employs many people with various job roles, it doesn’t mean some questions are not suited to all the roles.

Questions regarding experience, behavior, and customer service expectations are valuable and important for every employee in the company. These questions can be asked in any interview, from a store cleaner to an administrative assistant.

What is Your Favorite Apple Product?

Because Apple is such a well-known brand worldwide, the recruiting manager will be searching for something more substantial than “I like iPhones.”

Describe the product’s qualities that you find particularly beneficial or why it is something you need in your daily life. Choose a product that you feel comfortable discussing in a back-and-forth conversation. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to express your love for a product.

If you approach it correctly, you can demonstrate relevant abilities or attributes in addition to your passion for a product.

Plus, you can tailor your response to match the job you are interviewing for, thus making you a greater candidate.

Example Answer:

Having owned several Apple products over the years for personal and business use, I have to say my favorite product is the MacBook Air. It’s always been reliable and has excellent security features. The MacBook Air fits nicely inside my backpack, which means I can take it anywhere, whether to work, a cafe, or even abroad.

The battery life is a massive deal for me, seeing as sometimes I work on busy trains with no power outlets available and can finish my work without worrying that my laptop will lose charge before I reach home. Another brilliant factor is that the Air is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

apple interview question

Why Do You Want to Work for Apple?

Thousands of people aspire to work at Apple, a multibillion-dollar firm.

While Apple recruiters are aware that there is a strong desire to work for the firm, they are more curious about why this is the case. A hiring manager typically asks this question to find out why an applicant wanted to apply to Apple.

Stating the obvious, don’t reply with you need money or need a job. Go into depth and explain why you want to work for Apple. Whether it be the high employee satisfaction rates, the opportunity for growth within the company, or you believe your skillset is an excellent match for the company.

Example Answer:

I want to work for Apple for two primary reasons. To begin with, Apple is known for having an amiable work atmosphere that cares about its employees’ professional development.

I want to be a part of a team that will support me in my professional development for years to come, and Apple appears to be the ideal place to do it. Furthermore, Apple offers its employees a work-life balance, which would allow me to produce my best professional work.

Overall, it appears that working with Apple will enable me to be the best employee possible.

Have You Ever Disagreed With a Supervisor or Manager? How did you handle the situation?

Working for such a large company with some of the most outstanding employees with innovative ideas is bound to cause friction sometimes. There will be occasions where you disagree with a statement or the opinion of one of your colleagues.

The hiring manager wants to know how you deal with this confrontation and deal with it professionally, preventing long-term conflict within the team.

Example Answer:

Yes, I have disagreed with management before. There was a situation where we were given a budget for a project, but the manager insisted on keeping the project cheap, and I truly believed we couldn’t properly showcase the product with such a low budget.

I was so invested in the product we were selling I decided to create a presentation on why we should put our all into it, which ultimately meant spending more money. My manager was still adamant about sticking to the budget, but after my presentation and other colleagues’ input, the funding was raised by $50,000.

My manager, in the end, thankfully agreed with me and the product performed exceptionally well.

Other Questions You May Be Asked

I have covered the three most commonly asked questions by an Apple interviewer, but here are some more that may come up:

1 What is your proudest achievement?

2 What do you want to be doing in five years?

3 Tell me about an instance when you went above and beyond for a client.

4 What makes you so unique that we should recruit you?

5 What is your current availability?

6 Could you tell me about a time when you were particularly pleased with your work? What draws your attention to it?

7 When you enter an Apple store, what is the first thing you notice?

8 What mistakes have you made, and what have you learned from them?

9 What’s the reason that you want to work for Apple, and what would you miss about your current job if you are hired?

10 Is it more important to solve the client’s problem or to provide a positive customer experience?

the apple interview question

Questions To Ask Your Interviewer

When the end of the interview is near, you can relax and hope that your research has paid off. Now it is time for your questions! So, don’t forget to come prepared for your turn to ask some questions.

These will make you appear enthusiastic and interested in knowing more about the typical day-to-day life working for the company, and they also allow you to ask about the company benefits.

1 How do you define success in this job?

2 What is a typical day like in this position?

3 What amazed you about working at Apple once you got started?

4 Is there a career path for this position?

5 What is your favorite aspect of working with Apple?

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Final Thoughts

Remember, an interview starts before you even walk in the door. Doing your research is key to making you stand out from the crowd! Also, “Dress for the job you want,” as the old cliché goes, and applies perfectly in this case.

Another helpful piece of advice is; practice, practice, practice. It is the secret to nailing your interview. Practice makes perfect, as they say. In-person mock interviews or a list of questions are the most typical ways to practice. Using online resources such as those I have listed above can help guide you through interview techniques and different approaches to take.

Working at Apple truly is a dream job for many people. However, the competition is very high. But with confidence and knowledge, you’ll be sure to nail the interview.

All the very best with your Apple Interview!

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