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Applebee’s Interview Questions


Congratulations you have been shortlisted for an interview with Applebee’s. The interview can be a stressful exercise for many of you if you don’t prepare well for the interview. Proper preparation however helps you crack the interview process at Applebee’s appropriately. The various positions offered at Applebee’s include a hostess, server, and manager.

applebees interview questions

Applebee’s is also interested in hiring enthusiastic and energetic staff members who can handle customers well. You must have complete knowledge about the products served at Applebee’s. This also helps you to serve customers better and build customer loyalty at Applebee’s. Applebee’s offers a wide range of career opportunities to those who would like to develop a suitable career at Applebee’s.

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Generic Interview Questions at Applebee’s

Q – 1. Describe Applebee’s in your own words?


  • Applebee’s is a casual dining restaurant in America that serves salads, chicken, pasta, burgers, and riblets.
  • The menu also has 2 items for 20 dollars which includes 2 entrees and 1 appetizer.
  • The first restaurant for this brand was opened in the year 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • It also offers an online ordering facility to its customers.
  • The parent company of Applebee’s is Dine Brands.
  • Applebee’s deliver food orders to your car seat in the parking lot.
  • You must understand the work culture and policies at Applebee’s through the interview questionnaire which helps you understand more about the organization in detail.

Q – 2. Why did you choose Applebee as your employer?

Ans: Your interviewer wants to know about your passion to work in the restaurant industry. You must talk about how Applebee’s can add value to your career graph. You must also talk about specific recognitions the company received, this helps you to structure your answer better. Always try and talk about how products offered by Applebee’s have better positioning than its competitors. You must focus on talking about the friendly atmosphere the restaurant promotes.

Career Opportunities at Applebee’s

Q – 1. What is your definite career path at Applebee’s?

Ans: You must plan out a definite career outline for the next 5 years with the support of different learning opportunities that will facilitate you to achieve this career graph. You must also make the most of every possible opportunity to rise in your career at Applebee’s. This will help you stay focused and you will be able to lead a successful life.

Q – 2. Why should Applebee’s consider hiring you?

Ans: If you demonstrate skills like good communication skills, team skills, and the ability to work under pressure these skills help you achieve or secure a decent job with Applebee’s in the long run. You should be able to convince your interviewer that you are a suitable applicant for a particular position for which you have applied for.

Q – 3. Do you have relevant work experience to work in the restaurant?

Ans: You should talk about relevant work experience to work at a restaurant. If you can demonstrate appropriate skills at the restaurant you will be able to secure a career opportunity of your choice with Applebee’s restaurant. The organization looks for enthusiastic and energetic individuals to grow professionally in the restaurant industry.

Q-4. Name the best accomplishment in your previous job?

Ans: Applebee’s looks for applicants with recognitions and accomplishments as they can get better responsible positions at the restaurant. This helps your interviewer to understand whether you can sustain within Applebee’s for a long time without losing interest in the restaurant or its customers.

Customer Handling Skills

Q – 1. How will you tackle a difficult customer?

Ans: You must empathize with your customers. You need to understand in detail what is upsetting your customer. You must cater to all possible demands of your customers politely and respectfully. In case there is a mistake which has happened from a fellow team member you must take responsibility to apologize for the same.

Q – 2. How will you increase sales and productivity at the restaurant?

Ans: Applebee follows certain specific Standard Operating Procedures which allow them to increase sales and productivity by attracting more customers to the restaurant. Customers get attracted to the restaurant by the friendly and polite attitude of the different servers and other staff members who work towards delighting the customer.

the applebees interview question

Q – 3. What motivates you to become a hostess?

Ans: You must answer this question by saying you can handle customers in different ways which helps you to develop a loyal customer base for the restaurant. Going the extra mile to delight the customer makes you feel that you are suitable for this position.

Q – 4. What skills are required to become a great hostess?

Ans: You can greet the customer when he arrives at the restaurant. You must ensure to demonstrate a friendly and respectful attitude towards the customer. Ensure your customers avoid waiting in long queues to complete their orders. You must ensure that timely orders are served to customers at all times. Appetizing and tasteful meals add value to overall customer delight.

Q – 5. Why should Applebee’s hire you as a hostess?

Ans: You can say you specifically work towards enhancing customer experience and make them comfortable at the restaurant. This helps you to become a good hostess for the restaurant as you can meet all customer requirements amicably and smoothly. You also take care of the special needs of the customer which makes it easier for customers to dine at Applebee’s restaurant.

Q – 6. What are the specific skills you require to handle customers?


  • You must greet customers in a friendly way by using your communication skills.
  • You must assist in maintaining the entire guest flow cycle at the restaurant.
  • This requires organizational skills to complete the task.
  • Maintain a proper schedule with appropriate attention to detail which helps you ensure all workstations are systematically equipped with necessary supplies to run the restaurant operations smoothly.
  • You require proper skills for teamwork.
  • Always ensure your customers feel welcomed and comfortable at the restaurant.
  • You should have proper organizational skills to maintain the restaurant effectively.
  • Ensure cleanliness and hygiene are maintained at the restaurant effectively.

Q – 7. How will you deal with angry customers who have been waiting for a long time?

Ans: You can provide a welcome drink along with an appetizer to add some flavor to the wait time. Provide an appropriate estimate about the time it will take for the guests to receive a table.

Q – 8. What is your experience as a restaurant server?


  • Your service time should be quick and efficient.
  • Be punctual to deliver food orders and drinks
  • Maintain a positive atmosphere at the restaurant.
  • A server must know how to coordinate well between the bar, kitchen, and the customers.
  • You must mention relevant work experience as a server to get a job of your choice easily.

applebees interview question ans

Q – 9. Why should Applebee’s hire you as a server?


  • You must interact with all guests well.
  • Must also have the ability to work under pressure
  • You should adapt to a fast-changing environment
  • You should be able to learn the menu so that you can assist customers more effectively.
  • Must also learn how to handle the cash register well and also understand the functioning of the point of sales system.

Q – 10. How will you tackle an upset customer?


  • Try to understand the basic requirements of the customer and understand why is he dissatisfied with the service.
  • You can replace his meal with a fresh one to delight the customer.
  • Apologize for making customers wait for too long.
  • Try to create the happiness quotient for customers to ensure they leave happy.

Interview Tips and Attire

Q – 1. What kind of questions can you ask the hiring manager at Applebee’s?


  • What kind of promotions do employees at Applebee’s receive?
  • Mention the specific traits to become an excellent server with Applebee’s
  • What are the basic characteristics of becoming a top performer as a host/hostess?
  • How will you measure the career success at Applebee’s?
  • What are the strategies to achieve the learning curve at Applebee’s?
  • How will employees achieve professional growth with Applebee’s?
  • How does a manager become a top-performing manager with Applebee’s?
  • What are specific skills the restaurant manager could have improved upon during his or her tenure with the restaurant?

Q – 2. Prepare an interview checklist for tackling the interview at Applebee’s well?


  • You can bring a pen along with a notepad
  • You should have a definite career plan in your mind for the next 5 years.
  • Carry multiple copies of your Resume.
  • Select an appropriate dress code
  • Conduct proper company research
  • Get a proper goodnight’s sleep before your interview.
  • Set specific interview goals to structure your answer well
  • It is important to turn off your smartphone to avoid any kind of disturbance
  • You must review your Resume properly before you appear for the interview.

Q – 3. What kind of interview attire is suitable for the interview at Applebee’s?

Ans: Both men and women can wear smart business casuals which reflect their personality and confidence in front of the interviewers. Smart and confident people hold a better chance to get a job with Applebee’s smoothly.

Q – 4. What kind of work shifts are you comfortable following?

Ans: You should answer this question by saying you are open to flexible working hours and also state that you are open to working on weekends or holidays.

Q – 5. How will you resolve a conflict at your workplace?

Ans: You should use work conflicts as an opportunity to strengthen your team and achieve business results together. You must resolve work conflicts to maintain harmonious relationships in your work teams. This helps you to manage customers better and generate customer loyalty in the long run. You should also speak about how you handled difficult situations in your past job. This will impress the interviewing manager and you can bag the job easily.

the applebees interview questios tips

Q – 6. What kind of attributes do you require to perform well at Applebee’s?


  • You need to be energetic at work
  • Showcase enthusiasm at work
  • Build a sound customer base at Applebee’s
  • Solve problems of customers
  • Focus on customer delight
  • Provide a helping hand to customers
  • Organize and prioritize your work at the restaurant
  • Handle stressful situations smoothly
  • Coach and mentor your team members
  • Ensure all restaurant operations run smoothly
  • All these attributes are essential to become a top performer at Applebee’s.

Q – 7. How will you achieve customer delight at work?

Ans: There are many situations when you have to tackle unhappy customers. It helps to go the extra mile to delight your customers by providing them appropriate support at the restaurant while the guests enjoy their meal. You can handle small children for a couple at the restaurant while they enjoy a meal with their family. This way you will be able to achieve customer delight at work.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Q – 1. List down your specific strengths to excel at Applebee’s?

Ans: You can handle difficult customers with ease and work under severe work pressure to deliver exceptional customer service. You can handle a restaurant all by yourself and you motivate your colleagues to follow in your footsteps so that you can achieve customer delight as a team.

Q – 2. List down specific weaknesses for Applebee’s?

Ans: You must focus on specific improvement areas which allow you to grow as a professional in the restaurant. You should never say that you do not have any weaknesses. The weaknesses can turn into professional strengths to achieve your specific career aspirations.

Q – 3. What motivates you to achieve career heights at Applebee’s?

Ans: You require to become a self-motivated professional who can achieve results both in a team and individually. You should demonstrate punctuality at work and empathize with customers.

Bottom Line

Applebee’s is a casual dining restaurant that offers numerous work opportunities to applicants who want to develop their careers in the restaurant industry. The restaurant also offers a systematic training platform for future applicants to grow with the diverse workforce at Applebee’s.

The interview tool also helps applicants to prepare themselves well to handle any kind of interview questions at work. The interview tool also lays down a basic foundation that becomes a base for applicants to set the tone of interviews. They perform well in interviews whenever they receive a fair chance to grow as a professional.

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