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Applying for Multiple Jobs at the Same Company

Applying for Multiple Jobs at the Same Company

Do you have your sights set on working at a particular company?

When doing your research, you may have found something about a particular company that is appealing to you. This could be the company culture, the benefits they offer, or special training programs.

You might discover that several attractive jobs at the company have been posted at the same time. While applying for several jobs can increase your chances of success, this can also be risky.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the best way of applying for multiple jobs at the same company.

applying for multiple jobs at the same company

Reasons to Apply for Multiple Jobs at One Company

Before I dive right in, let’s take a look at why you might be tempted to send more than one application. While wanting to work at a particular company may be admirable, they are other reasons for choosing this strategy. Here are two other common reasons people send more than one application to the same company.

You can’t decide between two attractive vacancies

Finding more than one great job post at your dream company can feel like hitting the jackpot. There may be two jobs that seem so good that it is difficult to choose between them. It is likely to be tempting to apply for both jobs and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, there is a good chance that the same hiring manager or human resources member will receive both applications. It won’t take that person long to figure out that you’ve applied for two different roles. This is likely to make it look like you are desperate for any job you can get.

You are not sure what you really want

If you are not sure which job is right for you, you are likely to be drawn to more than one. The thinking behind this may be that the hiring manager will make the choice for you. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be the case. The hiring manager will probably sense your indecision and decide that you are unsuitable for both positions.

Questions to Ask Yourself before Applying

It is important to give yourself a cooling-off period before sending a job application. Although you may be excited about working at a particular company, you need to make sure the job is right for you. Here are some important questions to ask yourself before applying for more than one job at the same company.

Do I really want these jobs?

You need to make sure you know exactly what each of the jobs involves. Try to picture yourself actually doing the job day after day. You may discover that one of the jobs is much more appealing than the other.

Am I qualified for these roles?

The job description should make the qualifications that applicants need to have clear. If you don’t have these qualifications, your application is likely to be rejected. This could also harm your chances of securing a role that you are actually qualified for.

Will these roles advance my career?

If you have a set career path mapped out, every role you take on should help you move forward. When choosing a new job, make sure it will give you the opportunity to learn new skills. The role should come with more responsibility and, ideally, a higher salary as well as further advancement opportunities.

applying for multiple job at same company

How to Apply for Multiple Jobs at the Same Company?

If you have decided on Applying for Multiple Jobs at the Same Company, you need to proceed carefully. It is essential to make sure the hiring manager or human resources department understands your intentions.

Here are some ways to make sure your applications are as strong as possible.

Read the jobs descriptions carefully

The first step to choosing the right job is checking out the job descriptions. Pay close attention to the duties and responsibilities that go with each one. Try to visualize yourself in these roles and completing the set tasks. This will help you determine whether or not you will enjoy the job.

Make sure you are qualified

Check out the education requirements of the job and make sure you make the grade. The job description may also specify a certain amount of experience and specialist skills. If you don’t meet these requirements, you are unlikely to be contacted to arrange an interview.

Create separate resume objectives

If you are genuinely suitable for both jobs, you need to make it clear that you have the right skills. Highlight keywords from each job description and reflect them in your resume objectives. This will make sure that each resume objective is different and targeted to the job you are applying for.

Work on your cover letters

The cover letters that go along with your applications also need to be tailored to the specific job. Because different skills, education, and experience are required, you need to present yourself in different ways. Make sure the hiring manager knows that you understand the needs of each job and are able to meet them.

applying for a multiple job at the same company

Contact the human resources department

It is a good idea to reach out to the human resources department or hiring manager before submitting your applications. Rather than leaving things to chance, explain why you have applied for multiple jobs at the company. This gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and discuss your suitability for different roles.

The person you contact is likely to recommend applying for one role over another. If they do this, it is a good indication that you are suitable for that particular role. When you do apply for the role, your chances of being contacted to arrange an interview are likely to be higher.

Follow up

Make sure you reach out to the hiring manager after a week or so of sending your applications. This gives you the chance to introduce yourself in a professional manner and make a strong first impression. This also gives you the opportunity to express your genuine interest in working at the company.

Consider Sending a Letter of Interest

If you want to work at a particular company, it may be better to send a letter of interest. This is a good way of introducing yourself to the hiring manager and presenting your key skills and attributes. You can make it clear in the letter of interest that you want to work at the company.

When the hiring manager reviews your letter of interest, they can consider which position you are best suited to. This saves them the time and trouble of having to read several applications from the same person. The hiring manager may even have another position for you that is a better fit for your skills and experience.

Stand Out From the Crowd

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Final Thoughts

In many cases, applying for more than one job at the same company can make you seem indecisive. It can indicate to the hiring manager that you don’t know what you really want. If the roles involve very different skills and levels of experience, it indicates that you don’t know your strengths.

Rather than increasing your chances of success, this strategy can harm your chances of securing an interview. Instead, it is best to reach out directly to the hiring manager or human resources department. This can help you to stand out from the crowd and shows that you know your value and what you want.

All the best with your application.

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