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Are beach towels provided at Atlantis?

Are beach towels provided at Atlantis?

Yes, beach towels are provided at Atlantis. Guests can pick up towels from designated areas at the water park and beach for their convenience. The towels are readily available and there is no need to bring your own.

Can I Bring My Own Beach Towel?

While Atlantis provides beach towels for guests to use, visitors are also welcome to bring their own beach towels if they prefer. However, the resort does provide clean and fresh towels for everyone to use for added convenience.

Do I Need to Pay for Beach Towels?

Towels are included in the cost of admission to the water park and beach areas at Atlantis. There is no additional charge to use the towels provided by the resort.

Are There Limits to How Many Towels I Can Use?

Guests are welcome to use as many towels as they need during their visit to the water park or beach. There are no specific limits on the number of towels that guests can use while enjoying their time at Atlantis.

What Should I Do with Used Towels?

Once used, guests can simply return their towels to the designated areas at the water park and beach. The resort staff will take care of collecting and laundering the used towels to ensure that there are always clean towels available for the guests.

Can I Use Beach Towels at the Pools?

Yes, guests are welcome to bring their beach towels to use at the pools at Atlantis. However, the resort also provides regular pool towels for guests to use at the pool areas.

Are Towels Available at the Private Cabanas?

Guests who have reserved private cabanas will have access to dedicated towel service within the cabana areas. This ensures that guests have all the towels they need for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

What Are the Sizes of the Beach Towels?

The beach towels provided at Atlantis are standard size towels, suitable for use at the water park, beach, and pool areas. They are designed to be large enough to provide ample coverage for guests of all ages.

Are Beach Towels Available for Purchase?

Atlantis does not offer beach towels for purchase, as they are provided as part of the amenities for guests. However, visitors can find a selection of beach towels available for purchase at the resort’s gift shops.

Can I Take the Beach Towels Home with Me?

The beach towels provided by Atlantis are intended for use within the resort’s facilities and should not be taken home. Guests are kindly asked to return the towels to the designated areas before leaving the beach or water park.

Yes, the beach towels provided by Atlantis are branded with the iconic Atlantis logo. This adds a special touch to the experience and serves as a memorable souvenir for guests to take home with them.

Are There Specific Hours for Towel Service?

Towel service is available throughout the day while the water park and beach areas are open to guests. Guests can access clean towels whenever they need them during their visit to Atlantis.

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