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Are drinks All Inclusive on TUI Dreamliner?

**Are Drinks All Inclusive on TUI Dreamliner?**

When you fly with TUI aboard a Dreamliner, you can enjoy a variety of complimentary drinks. This includes soft drinks, teas, coffees, and a selection of alcoholic beverages. TUI provides an all-inclusive service on their flights, allowing passengers to indulge in their favorite drinks without having to worry about additional charges. However, it’s important to note that the availability of some drinks may vary depending on the route and the time of day.

**Frequently Asked Questions About Drinks on TUI Dreamliner**

**1. What types of drinks are included in the all-inclusive service?**
TUI offers a wide range of complimentary drinks, including soft drinks, hot beverages such as teas and coffees, and a selection of alcoholic beverages. Passengers can enjoy beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails without having to reach into their wallets.

**2. Are there any limitations on the number of drinks I can have?**
While TUI provides an all-inclusive drinks service, it’s important to consume alcohol responsibly. The crew reserves the right to refuse service to any passenger who appears to be intoxicated or disruptive.

**3. Can I request specific brands of alcohol?**
TUI aims to provide a variety of alcohol options that cater to different preferences. However, the availability of specific brands may vary. If you have a particular request, it’s worth enquiring with the cabin crew to see if they can accommodate your preference.

**4. Are there additional charges for premium drinks?**
TUI’s all-inclusive service covers a wide selection of drinks, including premium options. Passengers can enjoy top-shelf spirits and other premium beverages without incurring any extra charges.

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