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ASAP Rocky Net Worth

If American Hip-Hop rapper A$AP Rocky was born 15 years earlier, he might have been one of the richest rappers in the world. But, the unfortunate truth is that he was around when the record industry was in contraction and a state of limbo. 

Sales of physical copies of music were massively down compared to the previous decade for rappers of his ilk. And the industry was only just learning how to monetize digital music sales and song downloads.

The ASAP Rocky net worth figure should be more than it is. Sure, he’s not the biggest rapper of his era in a commercial sense, but he was one of the best. If he’d been around in the late-1990s or early 2000s, he would have made much more money and been a bigger name. However, he’s still done very well for himself and gets lots of respect from the rap community for his authenticity and talent.

How Much is ASAP Rocky Worth?

At the time of writing, ASAP Rocky’s net worth is $10 million. Some people might think that number should be higher, but talent doesn’t always equate to cash. The reports on his wealth are a bit sketchy. 

how much is asap rocky worth

Most state his net worth is between $10 and $20 million. Although, most reports have the number at around $12 million at the moment. It’s been a while since he released an album, but apparently, a new one is in the pipeline. So, ASAP Rocky’s fortune might increase in the future.

How Did ASAP Rocky’s Career Start?

A$AP Rocky’s real name is Rakim Athelaston Mayes and was born in Harlem, New York, on 3 October 1988. He was rapping at a time when New York was no longer the epicenter of rap. 

The industry and sound had uprooted and were lurking around the Dirty South with the likes of Ludacris. This is just another example of bad timing for Rocky. The NYC rap sound was looking antiquated around 2007, which is when ASAP was just starting to cut his teeth in the industry.

Although Rock started rapping when just nine years old, however, life got real when his father was imprisoned and his brother got murdered when he was 12 and 13, respectively. He, his sister, and his mother were pretty much homeless at that time. These hard times became the foundation for his fledgling rap career to flourish. 

How Did ASAP Rocky’s Career Start

Starting to rap…

His first soiree into the rap industry was when he joined a collective of Harlem rappers, producers, and other artists called the A$AP Mob. This is where the “A$AP” name in his rap moniker came from. The majority of people in the collective had “A$AP” or “ASAP” in the front of their name to show their allegiance to the crew. ASAP is an acronym for “Always Strive and Prosper.” 

Controversy has followed Rocky around for most of his career, which started with his very first single called “Peso” in 2011. It was leaked online before it was even released. As a result, it ended up being played on America’s top urban radio station at the time, Hot 97 and started to get some major airplay. 

His next single, “Purple Swag”, was released later that year, and he was on his way to stardom. A critically-acclaimed mixtape called Live, Long, A$AP was released, and the rapper was starting to get plaudits and attract major record labels.

How Many Records Did ASAP Rocky Sell?

At the back-end of 2011, ASAP Rocky signed a two-year record deal with Polo Grounds Music which had a distribution deal with Sony Music’s J Records. From 2013 to 2018, Rocky released three studio albums. These albums were Long. Live. A$AP (2013), At. Long, Last. ASAP (2015), and Testing (2018). These are Rocky’s most prolific and creative years so far.

ASAP Rocky has sold around 3.4 million albums so far in his career. The vast majority of those sales are in America. He has sold three million albums in the US and 160,000 units in the United Kingdom, which is easily his second biggest fanbase. 

Long. Live. A$AP sold an impressive 2.2 million copies worldwide. A massive number for a debut album. The truth is that his second and third albums didn’t get the same traction or sales figures.

How Many Records Did ASAP Rocky Sell

Is a new ASAP Rocky album being released?

On 8 December 2022, during an Amazon Live Music concert, Rocky gleefully informed his fans that a new album has been recorded and will be released sometime soon. At the time of writing, the release date is still to be announced. 

The album is called Don’t Be Dumb, and fans are eagerly anticipating his first album in five years. That’s a long hiatus for an artist in his prime. Although, the COVID lockdowns might have hindered and delayed its creation.

ASAP Rocky’s Biggest Selling Singles

The harsh reality is that ASAP Rocky has never been a massive selling commercial artist when it comes to pop chart positions and stardom. He’s never had a #1 Hot 100 Billboard Chart hit in the US or the UK. But commercial success is not everything. However, he has had a few Top 5 hits. 

ASAP Rocky’s biggest-selling hit single is “No Limit” in 2017. That track made it to #4 on the Hot 100 Billboard charts. The irony is that this track was a G-Easy song that featured Rocky and Cardi B. It was not his track per se. 

He also reached #5 on the US charts when featuring on the Selena Gomez single, “Good For You” in 2015. His only hit that made it to the top 10 on the Hot 100 Billboard charts was “F**kin Problems.” It featured some of the biggest names in rap music, such as Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar. Most of his other singles barely made it into the Top 50.

ASAP Rocky’s Highest Streaming Songs on Spotify

It’s when we talk about digital downloads and Spotify streams that A$AP Rocky’s popularity becomes more apparent. The amassed tracks from ASAP Rocky’s Testing album have a total of over 1.5 billion streams on Spotify. Please see A$AP Rocky’s highest streaming tracks on Spotify below.

ASAP Rocky’s Highest Streaming Songs on Spotify

1  Praise The Lord (Da Shine) featuring Skepta – 961,795,39 streams.

2  F**king Problems (feat. Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar) – 692,183,190 streams.

3  Everyday (feat. Rod Stewart, Miguel, and Mark Ronson) – 547, 568, 273 streams.

4  L$D – 464,901,150 streams.

5  Sundress – 374,514,596 streams.

6  Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye – 254,780,547 streams.

7  Potato Salad – 234,212,839 streams.

8  Feel The Fiyaaaah (with ASAP Rocky and Takeoff) – 49,641,446 streams.

9  Praise The Lord (Da Shine) featuring Skepta (Durdenhauer Edit) – 32,409,648 streams.

10  WHARF TALK (feat, ASAP Rocky) – 12,779,762 streams.

ASAP Rocky Spending Habits

The ASAP Rocky net worth figure might not be up there with the like of Kanye West, Dr. Dre, and Eminem. But he’s made a ton of money and has amassed several high-end luxury purchases. He might not flash his luxury goods on Instagram like other rappers from his era, but he is still all about that lavish lifestyle and spending. 

As with most people in life, their biggest financial outlay is buying a house. A$AP Rocky owns a 4,300 sq. ft. house in Harlem that cost around $3 million. The house has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, an expansive Italian-style kitchen, and a spa. 

asap rocky spending habits

Clothes and Custom Made Goods…

ASAP always looks fresh and takes pride in his image and appearance. He has a massive selection of sneakers with loads of exclusive kicks from Jordan and Rick Owens. He’s also a sucker for custom-made grilles. 

Apparently, he owns one diamond-encrusted grille that costs around $10,000. Rocky also has a large Rolex watch stash and a jewelry collection that includes lots of pendants and chains. One of which is said to be worth $300,000.

Endorsement Deals… 

Endorsement deals have also helped to boost A$AP Rocky’s wealth over the years. He’s a massive fashion advocate and fan that has enjoyed many fashion endorsements. He was the first ever African American male to become the face of Dior Homme in 2016. 

His other major fashion deal and endorsement is with William Morris Endeavor. He worked in tandem with GUESS to launch a signature line of clothing called “GUE$$.”

In 2013, Rock made his debut in the fashion world by signing an endorsement deal with the designer Ralf Simons to promote his goods. He released his own fashion brand lines over the years, such as “Pretty Flacko,” which was a collaboration with JW Anderson. He’s won several “best dressed” awards and, at one time, even modeled Calvin Klein menswear in commercials.

More Than Rihanna’s Baby Daddy

Over the years, ASAP Rocky’s name has been synonymous with controversy. He made TMZ more than he made the Top 10 of the Billboard charts. I suppose that comes with the territory. And, if you want to stay out of the spotlight, you don’t have Amber Rose as your girlfriend as he did for a couple of years in the early 2010s. She might be fine, but she comes with lots of emotional baggage and negative press.

more than rihannas baby daddy

If you know even the slightest bit about ASAP Rocky’s personal life, you’ll already know that he and Rihanna are an item. They even have a child together. But ASAP is more than just Rihanna’s baby daddy. It’s rumored that they have been close since 2013 and are still together after all these years. So, that’s a positive thing for them both.

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Final Thoughts

A$AP Rocky’s net worth could be more. But it’s still impressive, considering he has only made three studio albums and has limited commercial success. He did make a ton of cash through endorsement deals. And, with Rihanna as his significant other, it’s not like he’s going broke any time soon. The best thing about Rocky is that he’s always kept true to his roots and never sold out.

Sure, he has been in trouble over the years and has had controversy follow him, but I didn’t want to focus much on that. We will leave that to TMZ and the gossip girls. The truth is that his fourth studio album is coming out this year, and his recording career is far from over. He still has the pull and exposure to add to his net worth over the next few years. So, A$AP Rocky’s career is still a work in progress. 

Until next time, may success find you.

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