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Ashley Furniture Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Ashley Furniture is a well-known retailer across the world and offers various career opportunities for thousands of candidates. The recent developments and Ashley Furniture’s store expansion make the retailer maintain one of the most prominent employment leaders in the furniture industry. Ashley Furniture was founded in 1997, and the prospering retailer continuously draws and allows potential candidates to submit job application forms. The candidates looking for an employment opportunity at Ashley Furniture can check its employment portal to the available job positions.

Please scroll down to know Ashley Furniture’s online job application process with the job details and description, salary, shift timings, benefits, duties, and a lot more offered by the furniture retailer.

Operational hours and work schedule at Ashley Furniture:

Ashley Furniture extends employment opportunities to potentials with at least 18 years during the job application submission process. The timings and business hours of Ashley Furniture are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 12:00 p.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m.

Job prospects at Ashley Furniture:

There are a wide variety of possible options available with the corporation. Job seekers can obtain jobs at retail store outlets, company warehouses, corporate office roles, and many other opportunities. In addition, individuals also can apply for professional posts such as in the human resource department, administrative marketing department, design departments, and many others. The most relevant and frequent job options for this chain are thus available at Ashley Furniture Homestore Locations. Homestore also operates under the directions of Ashely Furniture Industries. The company was founded back in 1945 and is also ranked at the top of furniture manufacturers worldwide. Nearly 18,000 employees assisted with the chain, and it also has over 4000 vacancies for retail-oriented jobs.

The job positions available at Ashley Furniture:

The job positions available at Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture offers various job roles, including Prep and Assembly Associates, Retail Systems Specialists, Human Resource Administrative Assistants, Sample Makers, and Customer Relations Representatives. It also accepts Regional Truck Drivers, Shipping and Receiving Clerks, Warehouse Workers, Upholsterers, General Office Associates, and Frame Mill Associates. The candidates can also fill up the job application forms as Quality Assurance Manager, Production Supervisor, Fabrication Operator, Assembler, and Electrical Maintenance Technician. Besides, Maintenance Mechanic, Night Clean-Up Operator, Custodian, Sales Manager, Manager in Training, Office Leader, and Visual Merchandiser positions are vacant at Ashley Furniture. The job seekers can also get job opportunities: Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Furniture Repair Service Technician, Bedding Merchandiser, Interior Designer, Customer Service Associate, and Sales Associate. The most needed job positions at Ashley Furniture are as follows:

Sales Associates:

  • Sales Associates are responsible for offering service and assistance to the customers directly.
  • They are also responsible for greeting customers, cashier duties, explaining merchandise benefits to customers, and helping them chose items for shopping.
  • Ashley Furniture usually offers around $08.00 per hour to Sales Associates.

Furniture Repair:

Sales Managers:

  • They are responsible for overseeing employee operations at store locations.
  • They are also responsible for supervising and organizing training sessions for subordinate employees.
  • Sales Managers often earn around $45k per annum at Ashley Furniture.

The online job application process of Ashley Furniture:

The online job application process of Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture’s online job application process is as follows:

  • Go to Ashley Furniture’s career portal and tap on the “Search Careers.”
  • Choose the store location you want to apply for at Ashley Furniture by entering the keyword.
  • Please tap on the job post to view its job summary.
  • Fill up the information required by Ashley Furniture and tap on the “Save and Submit” tab after going through the job application thoroughly and complete the application process.

Checking job application status for Ashley Furniture:

Those who have applied for the jobs and submitted their application forms to the company need to wait for some time to hear back the responses. They also can inquire about the status update from the managers over the calls or visit the store for the same. But, the timings for both must be within the least busy hours, so that it won’t disturb the functioning of the employees or the hiring manager. Also, while inquiring about the status through calls, they need to possess friendly, cheerful, and polite behavior. Managers already have a plethora of tasks to be achieved. Thus they won’t be able to spare out much of the time for each candidate over the phone. The candidate needs to be patient and also must show their interest in the job for considerations.

Benefits and perks while working at Ashley Furniture:

Ashley Furniture offers the following job benefits to employees:

  • Full-time Ashley Furniture employees receive tuition assistance, medical insurance, and 401 (K) retirement plans.
  • Qualified employees also get vacations, paid time off for holidays at Ashley Furniture.
  • Employees also benefit from the discount on store merchandise at Ashley Furniture.

Additional details of Ashley Furniture:

The company and chain have their ways to return to the community what they owe from it. First, they give back to the same through generous offers. Donations powered from these charitable donations generally benefit cancer patients, disaster victims, and families stuck with poverty. They also have a foundation named Ashley’s angels, and the same is a non-profit organization by furniture chain. It is used for providing additional assistance for the children in need. The company also holds green standards, and this is to promote environmental stewardship. The same activities include tree planting, recycling, waste reduction, wetland restorations, and many others.


The American retailer and manufacturer, Ashley Furniture, is based out in Arcadia, Wisconsin. It hired over 22,000 individuals and was founded in 1945. The online job application form is provided at Ashley Furniture’s online platform. The candidates can go to its career portal to find out the suitable job role and fill up the application form accordingly. Besides, we have updated Ashley Furniture’s job application form in the information above to help you fill up and submit the form quickly so you can get the perfect job.

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