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How To Ask and Get an Amazon Price Adjustment?

When shopping online, particularly on large marketplaces like Amazon, it’s not uncommon to notice a price drop on an item you’ve recently purchased. Amazon’s policy on price changes has gotten stricter over time, but customers can still ask for a refund for the price difference in some cases. 

So, I decided to show you How To Ask and Get an Amazon Price Adjustment. As well as going through all the tips and strategies to improve your chances of success.

A Closer Look at Amazon’s Price Adjustment Policy

Before diving into How to request an Amazon price adjustment, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with Amazon’s policy. Currently, the company offers price adjustments in the following cases:

A Closer Look at Amazon's Price Adjustment Policy

Sold and Shipped by Amazon 

You can check this by looking at the “Ships from and sold by” information on the product page.

Third-Party Items 

In some cases, loyal Amazon customers may be eligible for price adjustments on third-party items. However, this is entirely at Amazon’s discretion and not guaranteed. However, you can still make a request and hope for a positive outcome.

Price Drop Timeframe 

It is crucial to track price drops closely, as Amazon does not have a standard policy for the timeframe during which price adjustments can be requested. However, the general consensus is within seven days. As it may sometimes change, it’s best to ask for a price adjustment as soon as you notice a price drop on an eligible item.

Pre-order Price Guarantee 

For pre-ordered items, such as books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games, Amazon automatically applies the pre-order price guarantee. Even if you do not monitor the price between your order and the release date, Amazon will refund the difference if the price drops.

Pre-order Price Guarantee

Exclude Promotional Offers 

Amazon usually does not grant price adjustments for temporary promotions, such as Lightning Deals or limited-time discounts. Therefore, focus on permanent price reductions when seeking an adjustment.

Check Competitor Prices 

Although Amazon does not officially price match competitors, some customers have reported success in requesting price adjustments based on lower prices found elsewhere. It’s worth trying but be prepared for possible rejection.

Contacting Amazon Customer Service for a Price Adjustment

With a qualifying price drop identified, it’s time to reach out to Amazon’s customer service. Here is what you need to do:

Contacting Amazon Customer Service for a Price Adjustment

Locate your Order Number

This can be found in the order confirmation email or by logging into your Amazon account and navigating to “Your Orders.”

Choose Your Preferred Contact Method

Amazon offers multiple ways to contact their customer service, including phone calls, live chat, and email. Consider which method will be most effective for your needs and personal communication style:

Phone call 

To reach Amazon’s customer service by phone, visit the “Contact Us” page on their website and follow the prompts. You’ll be given the option to request a callback. You may also simply call (888) 280-4331 to speak to an Amazon representative.

Live chat 

Amazon’s live chat option allows you to communicate in real time with a customer service representative. You can access the live chat feature through the “Contact Us” page as well.


If you prefer to communicate via email, you can send a message through the “Contact Us” page. Be sure to include your order number and a clear description of your request for a price adjustment.

Tips for Successful Price Adjustment Requests

Be Polite and Professional 

Remember that customer service representatives are people too. Treat them with respect, maintain a courteous tone during your interaction, and remain professional throughout the conversation.

Prepare Your Case

Clearly explain the reason for your request, providing relevant details like order numbers, ASINs, and the price drop details. Having a well-prepared case can streamline the process and make it easier for the customer service representative to help you.

Prepare Your Case

Be Persistent but Reasonable 

If your initial request is denied, don’t be afraid to try again. However, it’s essential to remain reasonable and avoid excessive persistence that could be perceived as harassment.

Familiarize Yourself with Amazon’s Return Policy

In some cases, if you are unable to secure a price adjustment, you can still return the item and repurchase it at the lower price. Be sure to review Amazon’s return policy to understand the terms and conditions that apply to your purchase.

Leverage Your Loyalty 

If you are a frequent Amazon shopper or a Prime member, mentioning your loyalty to the platform can potentially sway the representative in your favor. Telling them that you have a long-standing customer relationship may encourage them to be more accommodating with your request.

Monitor Price Protection Policies of Credit Cards 

Some credit card companies offer price protection benefits. If Amazon does not approve your price adjustment request, check whether your credit card issuer has a price protection policy in place. This could enable you to recoup the difference through your credit card company.

Third-Party Price Tracking Tools to Simplify Your Life


This offers price history charts for Amazon products, enabling you to track price drops and set up email alerts for your desired items.



Honey is a browser extension that automatically applies coupon codes at checkout, tracks price history, and sends notifications when an item’s price drops.


Keepa is an Amazon price tracker that provides comprehensive price history graphs, customizable price drop alerts, and a browser extension.


Slickdeals is a community-driven platform where users share the best deals, coupons, and promo codes. You can set up custom deal alerts for products and categories you are interested in.


InvisibleHand is a browser extension that automatically compares prices from various online retailers in real time, notifying you if a lower price is available elsewhere. It also tracks flight and hotel prices.


PriceBlink is another browser extension that helps you find the lowest prices for your desired products by comparing prices from multiple retailers. It also provides coupon codes and notifies you of upcoming sales events.


Paribus is a service that connects to your email inbox, scans for online shopping receipts, and tracks price drops for items you have purchased. If it detects a price drop, it can automatically request a refund on your behalf from the retailer.

Wikibuy from Capital One 

Wikibuy is a browser extension and app that offers price comparisons, coupon codes, and loyalty rewards when shopping online. It also features a price-drop notification system for items on your watchlist.


Used mostly by Amazon sellers, Pricewatch is a price comparison website that focuses on comparing the prices with those of similar items across the web. However, as an individual, you may also use this tool to find the best deals, prices, and price drops from Amazon and various online retailers.



DealNews is a website that curates the best deals, discounts, and coupon codes from multiple retailers. You can customize your alerts for specific products or categories and receive notifications when a relevant deal is posted.

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Final Thoughts

Successfully asking for and obtaining an Amazon price adjustment can help you secure the best possible deal on your purchases. To increase your chances of success, familiarize yourself with the tips I’ve included in this article. By doing so, you’ll be well-prepared to take advantage of price adjustments and maximize your savings on Amazon.

Happy Amazon shopping!

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