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Assistant Jobs For Felons

Assistant Jobs For Felons

Getting stable employment is somewhat difficult for felons. They seem to have limited options. This is because a lot of jobs run background checks before hiring. Still, there are many other options. One of these is being an assistant.

There are many assistant jobs out there. The good thing is, this job is felon-friendly. A lot of people and businesses need assistants to do a few things for them. It could be handling confidential tasks or running personal errands. Regardless, felons can apply for assistant jobs. It can keep them earning a decent salary before they find a more permanent source of income.

Felons don’t need to get a degree to land an assistant job. Most of these positions will only require a GED/Highschool diploma. However, a degree in a related field could help, in some cases. For instance, a business degree will give an edge when applying for the position of administrative assistant.

There are many types of assistant jobs out there. This is because there is a wide range of employers. One can work for private persons, small businesses, companies and so on.

Here are the different types of assistant jobs a felon can go for

Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are responsible for organizing every detail about their employer. They maintain a more close and personal relationship with their boss. So, a certain level of trust is needed. To excel as a personal assistant, some qualities are needed. Some of these are resilience, creativity, the ability to multi-task, and time management. The job description will depend on the employer.

assistant jobs for felons

Generally, here are the things the personal assistant may be required to do:

  • Organize and Schedule important meetings and dates. This could include business meetings, personal events, award shows, etc.
  • Remind the boss about events and errands. Personal assistants are expected to remember everything. They must “manage” their boss by making sure they fulfil their plans.
  • Answer phone calls and messages. The reason a lot of people hire personal assistants is to keep up with all their contacts. Personal assistants must be available to answer important calls and emails.
  • Take notes and maintain records.
  • Hire personal staff, like a new driver or a chef.
  • Run personal errands. For instance, picking the kids up from school or buying a birthday present.

Felons can go for a personal assistant job. They just need to show that they are hard workers who are willing to learn. It’s best to work for someone who already trusts them.

The work hours of this job is usually the typical 9-5 schedule. For some employers, like celebrities, the assistant might need to be available 24/7.

So, how much do personal assistants earn? It largely depends on the employer. The average pay is $10-15 per hour. If they’re great at their job, they can move up to earn much more.

There are always job listings for personal assistant jobs. Here are the best websites to check for them:

1 Craigslist.com

2 Care.com

3 Ziprecruiter.com

4 Indeed.com

5 Totaljobs.com

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants work from a separate location from the employer’s. Basically, they are like secretaries of the modern world. This is a good option for felons for various reasons.

Firstly, they can work from home and still manage tasks. Secondly, there’s room to start an independent business. Since the job is from the comfort of home, there can be more than one client. A good idea is to create a unique brand that helps to assist other businesses with tasks.

assistant job for felon

There are certain unique qualities needed for this job. Some of these include:

  • Internet navigation
  • Social media management
  • Social media marketing
  • Computer skills. Virtual assistants must be tech-savvy and conversant with business apps.
  • Online branding

Here are the general responsibilities of a virtual assistant:

  • Managing social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Organizing and scheduling online meeting. Example, zoom conference calls.
  • Online communication with customers.
  • Responding to calls and messages.

Virtual assistants earn just as much as personal assistants. Typically, this is around $10-13 per hour. It’s also a 9-5 position. However, this could change if they decide to launch their own business.

How can a felon find virtual assistant jobs? It’s always good to start with working for an established virtual assistant company. With time, they can gain enough experience to start their own business. Examples of good virtual assistant companies include Byron.com, Lifebushido.com and Worldwide 101.com.

Once a virtual assistant has gotten enough experience, they can find other clients. Luckily, there are online platforms that can help with that. One example is Upwork.com. On this site, there are a lot of clients looking for virtual assistants. Of course, these jobs are very competitive. It’s important to build a good portfolio before applying.

Administrative Assistant

For those who prefer office jobs, this is the way to go. As the names suggests, administrative assistants deal with administrative work. While they may also dab into personal matters, most of their duty will be to a business.

Administrative assistants will be more involved in the business. As a result, this is less felon-friendly, compared to virtual and personal assistant jobs. Employers will most likely run a background check. When attending the interview, it’s best for felons to be transparent about their history. Some crimes like embezzlement may disqualify ex-convicts from getting the job.

assistant job for the felon

Administrative assistants might have to deal with financial records and other confidential documents. So, this should come as no surprise.

Regardless of the few pickles here and there, felons can still become administrative assistants. Here are the common duties of an administrative assistant

  • Arranging business meetings and appointments.
  • Manage the boss’s personal calendar.
  • Record keeping
  • Customer management
  • Answering calls and messages.

Administrative assistants earn around $11-13 per hour. For larger companies, they can earn above $20 per hour.

There are different places to get administrative assistant jobs. Here are a few:

1 Glassdoor.com

2 Careebuilder.com

3 Ziprecruiter.com

Retailer and Warehouse Assistant

Many retail shops and chain stores have great need for assistant positions. Examples include Walmart, Kroger and Costo. Although the pay is the of all the assistant jobs, there are always vacancies. What skills are required of retail assistants?

Unlike other assistant jobs, very few specific skills are needed. Felons just have to be diligent and professional. Training for the position occurs on-the-job.

the assistant job for felon

Retail and wholesale assistant jobs can come in different forms. Some of these are:

  • Customer service assistant. They handle all issues customers might have. They make sure they fulfil their shopping needs.
  • Food service assistant: Fast food shops may need food service assistants. Basically, they help the cook and waiter with food service.
  • Stocker: They are responsible for arranging the products where they’re needed. They load and unload shipments, stock shelves and clear out backroom spaces.
  • Maintenance assistant: They help to oversee maintenance issues such as electricity, appliance functioning, etc.
  • Cashier assistant: This is an available option for felons. It can serve as a part-time job before they land something more lucrative. Because of high demand, employers are willing to hire felons. The job pays around $11-20 depending on the employer. Most retail and wholesale assistants work the classic 9-5 schedule.

Here are a few common places to find retailer and wholesale assistant jobs:

1 Walmart

2 Kroger

3 Costo

4 McDonalds

5 Macy’s

6 Dollar Trees

The list is endless. Other options include tech stores, boutiques, and industries.

Medical Assistant

For felons, this is the most difficult assistant job to get. The medical field is more strict when it comes to requirements. Most medical jobs do not accept felons. When they do, they exclude them from any job that has to do with patient handling.

In most States, felons cannot even study a medical course such as nursing or pharmacy. Felons should research on their state laws before considering a medical assistant job. Some states such as Illinois and Pennsylvania allow felons to get some medical certifications.

the assistant job for felons

A medical assistant job should be considered by a felon if:

  • Their crime is not violent, sexual or theft-related.
  • They have prior medical experience and/or certifications.
  • They reside in States with milder laws for felons in the medical field.
    It goes without saying that medical assistant jobs will require a background check. As always, transparency is key.


Unlike what one may think, there are plenty jobs out there for felons. Sure, there are some jobs they can’t apply for. For instance, medical jobs in certain States. Nonetheless, there are other options for ex-cons looking to earn some cash. Assistant jobs are easily available and require very little experience. One can work as a personal assistant, administrative assistant, virtual assistant or retail assistant.

In some States, felons can apply to become medical assistants. All the subcategories are unique in their own way. Personal assistants handle everything, from day-to-day tasks to major errands. On the other hand, administrative assistants are more involved in planning business meetings and appointments. Virtual assistants work from home and handle everything online. They manage social media accounts and chat with clients and customers. Retail assistants help out with work in food stores, boutiques, tech shops, etc.

The good thing is, felons don’t need a college degree to apply for these jobs. With a simple click on some websites, they can land the chance to interview for anybody these assistant jobs.

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