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Assistant Property Manager Job Description

assistant property manager job description

Assistant Property Managers support the daily administrative tasks related to a property management firm. They are responsible to handle relations with residents in a locality. The property managers are also responsible for ensuring maintenance of the property is done correctly. They also inspect the properties and review their conditions before it is rented to a tenant or sold to a buyer.

Job Description – Assistant Property Manager

A candidate applying for the post of Assistant Property Manager must be able to manage a portfolio of properties. They will report to the property manager in the firm. They are responsible for administrative duties and organizational tasks for the organization. The property managers also interact with residents, collect rent from tenants, they ensure the property is well maintained. They evaluate and screen tenants, they are also negotiating rent agreements.

Skills Required – Assistant Property Manager

  • They should be well organized at work.
  • They should also have good interpersonal skills.
  • The property managers should also have the skills to manage a business well.
  • They also manage conflicts and ensure a smooth operation in the firm.
  • They also require skills for conflict management.
  • The property managers should also manage their time well.
  • They also need skills in bookkeeping.

Job Responsibilities – Assistant Property Manager

  • Assistant Property Managers are responsible for property tours.
  • Assistant Property Managers also interview tenants.
  • The property managers also schedule property viewings.
  • They also resolve queries and complaints of all residents in a timely fashion.
  • They also conduct credit checks, process applications for tenants, and negotiate contracts.
  • The property managers also inspect the condition of the properties.
  • Assistant Property Managers are also responsible for coordinating maintenance activities.
  • Assistant Property Managers also plan budgets, accounts, rent collection, and notices of tenants.
  • The property managers are also expected to attract new tenants.
  • They also maintain records of residents.
  • They also report problems regarding the property to their Property Manager.

Requirements – Assistant Property Manager

  • They require a high school diploma.
  • They should also have a degree in business management or real estate.
  • The property managers should also have relevant experience in property management.
  • They should also be aware of standards in the real estate industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does an Assistant Property Manager Do?

Ans. They focus on the administrative and organizational duties of the real estate firm. The property managers also attract new tenants, maintain the property, conduct property tours, and collect rental payments. They also ensure all queries and complaints of residents and tenants are answered promptly.

2 What are the core skills for an Assistant Property Manager?


  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management skills.
  • Time management skills
  • Organization skills
  • People management skills
  • Negotiation skills

3 What are the basic responsibilities of an Assistant Property Manager?


  • Collection of rent
  • Property maintenance.
  • Organizing tours for properties.
  • Attracting new tenants for a property.
  • Marketing the properties in the potential market.
  • Screening tenants for renting properties.
  • Answering questions for all residents.
  • Handling their complaints in the best way.
  • Maintaining their records.
  • Carrying out Credit Checks.

4 How does an Assistant Property Manager get appointed?

Ans. Real estate firms advertise roles, responsibilities, and duties on their career portal or free job websites. They also list down the basic skill set for an Assistant Property Manager. They can also get appointed through various employee referral programs.

5 How many years of experience does an Assistant Property Manager Need?

Ans. They require at least 3+ years of experience as an Assistant Property Manager within the real estate industry. They also require this experience to work efficiently in this field and develop new clients within the real estate sector.

6 What are the success strategies to excel in the role of an Assistant Property Manager?


  • Develop effective relationships with clients.
  • Maintain and manage the properties.
  • Timely complete all possible activities.
  • Always be diligent in your work.
  • Adapt to a rapidly advancing business environment.
  • Maintain good relations with colleagues and residents.

7 What is the educational background required to excel in this role?

Ans. A relevant degree in real estate management and relevant experience in real estate helps Assistant Property Managers to excel in this role.

8 Why is Assistant Property Manager critical for real estate business?

Ans. They manage the entire real estate business and its administrative responsibilities. The real estate business requires employees in this role to manage and deal with tough clients and crack smooth deals in the real estate sector. They ensure genuine tenants and property owners get into a property deal which is beneficial for both.

9 What is the best way to handle tough clients?

Ans. Understand their requirements and focus on empathizing with such clients to offer them the best deal in real estate within their budget. They also manage tough clients with a positive approach and ensure they can fulfill all their demands in the best possible way. Tough clients bring out the best talent in Assistant property managers when they are all set to lease out a property to such clients who sometimes have multiple requirements that are difficult to meet in a single meeting.

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