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AutoCAD Drafter Job Description

autocad drafter job description

The role of an AutoCAD drafter is to specialize in creating computer-aided design models using Autodesk’s AutoCAD software. They have to be highly trained to work with other staff, including architects and engineers, to design 2D and 3D computer models. They have to work on creating models for machinery and other machine parts for the clients.

One must have in-depth knowledge of the project before one starts. They need to have a good understanding and the candidate must be a quick learner to excel at the job role as an AutoCAD drafter.

autocad drafter job description

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Job Description – AutoCAD Drafter

To work as an AutoCAD drafter, the candidate has to generate solid and concrete ideas for the models they have to design. The AutoCAD drafter has to be focused and passionate about creating models, and they need to have sound knowledge of the AutoCAD software and a good hand at the same.

This role requires the candidate to meet with the architects and other staff to come up with new and innovative ideas. Also, they have to be good problem solvers as they are required to come up with solutions to problems in the most cost-efficient way.

They are required to work closely with the staff by managing them and motivating them, even if any problems arise. They have to discuss the design concepts with the staff for the CAD models, develop product designs, and generate surface and solid software models.

An AutoCAD drafter has to make sure they have extensive experience with the AutoCAD software. They are required to have an advanced set of skills for the job role and they need to create high-level designs for the clients. They have to take care of all the client’s requirements and meet the specifications and objectives as per the instructions. To excel at this job, one has to work on an advanced skillset to create models for different infrastructures.

Skills Required – AutoCAD Drafter

Working as an AutoCAD drafter requires the candidate to be a fast learner. They should have the ability to communicate with the other staff and motivate them to work on the project. They also have to be good at their design skills and organizational skills to complete the blueprints before the deadline. Also, they need to keep the requirements in mind for the project to provide excellent results.

Job Responsibilities – AutoCAD Drafter

  • They have to meet with architects, designers, and engineers to discuss design ideas and maintain the standards of the same.
  • The AutoCAD drafter also has to develop the designs for the project from scratch and provide the blueprints for the same to the clients for reference.
  • They have to look for a way to present the rough design drafts to get approval from the clients.
  • The AutoCAD drafter also has to ensure that the product design or machinery design meets industry standards and follows industry safety regulations.
  • They have to generate solid and surface CAD models using AutoCAD software.
  • The AutoCAD drafter should also have the ability to blend technology and aesthetics to come up with the required output.
  • They have to think from different perspectives about a design to make it perfect for all types.
  • The AutoCAD drafter also has to finalize the AutoCAD models.
  • They are also responsible for presenting the model to the clients and maintaining the standard and quality.
  • They also have to complete the job reports for the requirements and objectives of the project.

Job Requirements – AutoCAD Drafter

  • They need to have a high school diploma or any equivalent qualification.
  • The candidate must have previous work experience as an AutoCAD drafter for a reputed company.
  • They need to hold sound knowledge of advanced features of AutoCAD software and AutoCAD designs.
  • Advanced knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering, and architecture
  • They need to have knowledge of state safety and structural regulations.
  • The AutoCAD drafter also needs to have an eye for aesthetics and detail for the design.
  • They need to have the ability to manage projects properly.
  • They also need excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What’s the main role of an AutoCAD Drafter?

Ans. The main role of an AutoCAD Drafter is to create designs and implement new and innovative ideas to improve the aesthetics and details of the model.

2 How to find jobs for the role of an AutoCAD Drafter?

Ans. To find similar job opportunities, the candidate has to look for such opportunities on the internet. There are also plenty of free websites that can help you to get in contact with employers.

3 Mention the years of experience for the job role of an AutoCAD Drafter?

Ans. To be eligible for the job role of an AutoCAD Drafter, one has to have at least 2 years of experience working in the same field. They also need to have successful past projects attached to their portfolio.

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