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Automotive Technician Job Description

automotive technician job description

An Automotive Technician helps repair vehicles such as cars and trucks. They are required to perform various tasks to help fix the issues and also perform regular service to maintain the health of a vehicle. As an Automotive Technician, you have to be good at diagnosis to find the issue causing problems in the vehicle and fix it for the customer. Automotive technicians are also referred to as service technicians, automobile technicians, or auto mechanics.

automotive technician job description

Job Description – Automotive Technician

Working as an Automotive Technician requires you to have good analyzing skills. You are required to provide insights into the issue preexisting in the vehicle and fix it with perfection. As an Automotive Technician, you have to learn about cars and different automobiles. You need to stay updated on the latest technologies and parts added to the automotive industry. With that, you have to make sure that all safety gear is in place for the vehicles. You need to give your recommendations to the vehicle’s owners to help them improve their vehicles.

An automotive technician will not only help fix the vehicle but also provide new and innovative ideas to help the customer enhance the performance of their vehicle. You can always provide the services offered by the company and parts that can help their vehicles perform better. A successful Automotive Technician always helps the customers and provides them with proper information about their queries. To be eligible for this, you should hold an ASE certificate.

the automotive technician job description

Skills Required – Automotive Technician

As an Automotive Technician, you will be required to perform various tasks around vehicles. This requires you to lift heavy weights and work with grease, oil, nuts, and bolts. You have to have good experience working with them to make sure you use them the right way. You need to have good hand-eye coordination. As an Automotive Technician, you should have good analyzing skills to find the issue and fix it by getting to the roots of it.

Job Responsibilities – Automotive Technician

  • Helping customers with maintenance and repair of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and others.
  • You have to keep a professional appearance while you are on the job.
  • Keeping the repair warehouse clean and organizing everything. You also have to make sure the inventory holds everything you need or restock it.
  • You should be passionate about learning new things as the industry keeps changing.
  • Using different diagnostic equipment, you will be performing diagnosis to find the problem.
  • You have to plan the steps and procedures you take with the help of different shapes on charts and graphs.
  • Explaining the repair steps and providing information on the fix to the customer whenever required
  • Testing the parts and making sure they are functional and, if not, creating a report on the same to provide information to the customer.
  • Performing basic service for the vehicles by checking for oil changes, fluid level checks, and tire rotation
  • Replacing parts such as brake pads, wheel bearings, and sensors from the vehicle whenever they look damaged
  • Taking a regular routine checkup on vehicles to look for any kind of damage to any part of the vehicle is a good idea.
  • You might have to apply for new certifications whenever required, and for that, you have to be passionate about the role of an Automotive Technician.

Job Requirements – Automotive Technician

  • You need to have good training in automotive and engine repair. You can also show the certificates of the workshops you’ve attended.
  • An automotive technician also requires an ASE certificate.
  • You must have a valid driving license.
  • You should hold a degree in an associate degree program in auto maintenance and repair.
  • An automotive technician should also have the ability to provide customers with proper information and behave professionally during work hours.
  • An automotive technician should also provide diagnosis on the vehicle to the customer
  • They should also understand the automobile industry
  • Lifting heavy objects is also part of the job.
  • Hand-eye coordination is also crucial.
  • Previous experience working in the role of Automotive Technician is also an advantage.
  • Performing routine checkups on the vehicles is also part of the job.
  • A high school diploma is also needed

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How to apply for the role of an Automotive Technician?

Ans. You can just run a Google search with the search term ‘Automotive Technician jobs’ and you will find a lot of options. There are websites that offer free services to help people connect with employers in their area.

2 How to pursue my career as an Automotive Technician

Ans. You have to take a course in the automobile industry and you need to attend workshops with reputed mechanics. You also have to hold an ASE certificate to be eligible for this job.

3 What’s the role of an Automotive Technician?

Ans. As an Automotive Technician, you will be responsible for finding the issues and fixing the preexisting problems in the customers’ vehicles.

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