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AutoZone Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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If you are looking to make your career in a retail company then AutoZone is going to be the choice of yours which will not just help advance your career, but it will give you lots of new opportunities to explore for you to see your future growth.

This particular retail company which was founded in 1979, has 6400 stores in countries like Mexico, Brazil, United States, Puerto Rico. The headquarters of the company is in Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

Job Opportunities Offered By AutoZone

There are various positions for which those interested in doing the job with AutoZone can find very comfortable as there is a requirement of full-time workers and part-time workers. There will also be a team-oriented environment and various other opportunities for the advancement in the career of all those employees who want to work in various positions like customer service representative, manager, parts delivery driver, etc.

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Being 18 years old is one of the requirements to work at AutoZone as it is the minimum age that the employees should have, and working would be from Monday to Saturday, which will include 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and the working time on Sunday will be 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. There may be days where you may be required to put in additional hours. However, this will be a paid requirement and completely voluntary.

Opportunities to Advance in Career With AutoZone

AutoZone gives various opportunities to all the new employees and those who are even a little bit experienced; they will have a great future in the coming time as their experience increases. The positions with which they start working with AutoZone go up to management positions, and they will have great promotion and development in their career.

Therefore it becomes essential for new employees to identify their fieldwork, and they choose the type of work they want to do without AutoZone and try for the same to get the work and look for the prosperous career ahead.

Career Opportunities with AutoZone

There are various positions for which AutoZone is looking for employees who can work with the retail company on various positions. These positions vary based on the candidate’s experience and salary expectations. Let’s know about all the positions and their salary information as well.

Parts Sales

A part sales associate is also called AutoZoner. They work on the sales floor to give product information and different pieces of advice related to automotive to the customers. It is the duty of the sales associates to be thoroughly knowledgeable on the services and products which are offered by AutoZone. The parts sales associates should know about brake pads, filters, batteries, and exhaust systems. They are also paid a substantial amount of $8 to $10 per hour.

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Customer Service Representative

It is the duty of the customer service representative to call the customer for a particular query, and many times, they may also have to go to the customer vehicles and assess various things related to your mechanical issues.  As far as the earning of customer service representative is concerned, he can make around 9 U.S. dollars per hour.

Parts Delivery Driver

The responsibility of the parts delivery driver is to deliver the parts to the wholesale customers and stores on time, for which they need to establish professional attitudes. If anybody wants to apply for the post of parts delivery driver, then it is essential for him to be at least 21 years old, and he must possess very strong communication skills along with the ability to lift £50 at least.

All the parts delivery drivers must possess driving licenses. The management pays these drivers between $8 and $13 an hour.


Those who have been experienced workers can opt for a management position at AutoZone because managers’ work will be to maintain specialized products and oversee them and look after the stores’ services. The other responsibilities of managers will include store safety maintenance and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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The hiring team has various requirements when it comes to selecting a manager for AutoZone. Candidates should have the right educational qualifications. They should be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma. If not, they must have three years of experience in the retail environment. This is something that the management considers when hiring managers at AutoZone.

As far as the salary of AutoZone store managers is concerned, then it can be between $30,000 and $60,000. This can be even more if the managers have more experience. Apart from their salary, they will also get commissions and bonuses. This is what makes the job lucrative.

Applying for AutoZone

There will be an online application process to apply for various positions that AutoZone is looking for from the side of aspiring employees. All aspiring employees need to fill in the truthful and correct information related to their personal information or educational information.

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The aspirants may also know about their application status by contacting the desired store. They should get in touch with the hiring manager as this will help them get a clear idea.

Miscellaneous Information about AutoZone

As we know AutoZone is an auto parts retailer. This means they look for the best employees across various universities and job portals. They look for someone with a passion for this industry.

It also provides summer internships. Students studying in various universities across the United States can apply for the same. This will help them get on-the-job experience with the company. The company also sends various recruiters across the United States. This helps with the process of hiring after conducting the interview at various levels.


AutoZone is a good retailer company, and all the workers receive comprehensive benefits. This includes retirement benefits, benefits related to health, disability, etc. Those who are full-time employees can also get the benefit of life insurance coverage. Their health and wellness benefits also include dental and medical plans along with employee assistance programs.

Those who are permanent associates will also get the opportunity of having vacation days and various other holidays. Apart from this, most employees will also enjoy a flat 20% discount on store merchandise.

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