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Avis Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

About Avis Application

Avis car rental is a subsidiary group of Avis Budget Group. This company was launched in 1946. Job seekers who generally apply for sales positions should be enthusiastic, energetic, and also motivated to work. This automobile company offers diverse employment roles for nearly 5000 locations. The jobs are available both full-time and part-time.

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Applicants find jobs in the United States and Canada. The jobs are plenty in number and maximum people also get hired in customer care and sales jobs. The qualified people help in getting jobs through this automobile company.

Applicant Requirements

The experienced professionals also get jobs in the corporate headquarters of the company. Avis car rental also employs workers with sales credentials to offer an exceptional level of customer service to clients. Applicants with a previous work history in the retail sector or marketing also get a job easily with this car rental company. If individuals have a background in the automobile sector, they also get a fair chance to work in this company.

Application Process for Avis

Job seekers with proper industry experience and a friendly attitude require sales skills typically to enjoy success whenever they apply for a position with car rental companies. Avis focuses on hiring motivated staff members for entry-level and management-level employment. They should attach resumes and cover letters for the employment along with their applications. The interviews get conducted at the office location and the pre-employment drug screening or background screening is also essential for a rental company.

Application Procedure

Candidates seeking work opportunities with Avis can apply through the online application process or the offline process. Job seekers apply for a job with Avis and it takes 2 weeks for the application process to complete. The candidates show keenness and follow-up with the hiring team for various positions.

The managers take time to understand which applicants will go forward in the application process. They look for dedicated, polite, and professional applicants. They can either email or call the HR team to understand the progress of their application. The follow-up method helps candidates to secure a job in the best possible way.

Essential Requirements to work at Avis

What is the specific age requirement to work at Avis?

The specific requirement is 18 years to work for Avis.

What are the working hours at Avis?

Avis works from Monday to Friday 6 am to 12 am; on Saturday 7.30 am to 12 am; On Sunday 7 am to 12 am.

List down the available positions at Avis?

The customer service representative, rental sales associate, automotive technician, automotive mechanic are the various jobs available.

How will you apply for a job with Avis?

Applicants can search for the job opportunity online through the career portal and apply for a job with Avis.

Job Opportunities at Avis

Applicants can find suitable job opportunities with Avis in the United States and America. All job opportunities are available in abundance. Customer care and sales jobs are plenty in number. This rental car company also hires people for its field operations. There are many jobs available in the corporate office of Avis.

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Avis car rentals record work history, experience in retail marketing and advertising to ensure the best candidate gets suitable jobs. Background checks are important before hiring someone for a job at Avis car rental. All applicants must know the basic rules of rental and they should be aware of driving rules in general. This helps in getting a fair chance for a job with Avis.

Job Requirements

Applicants must be 18 years of age to work with Avis car rentals. They earn a pay scale based on commission. Job benefits allow motivated candidates to work with Avis car rentals. There is a steady employee turnover and career opportunities are offered to new employees for career growth.

Career Positions and Salary Information

Vehicle Return Associate

  • Vehicle return associates are responsible to process cars brought back by customers.
  • Their duties also involve parking cars, managing traffic inflow, ensuring clients do not leave their belongings in a rented vehicle.
  • Candidates also require strong customer service skills and a valid driving license.
  • Applicants should also be open to work in tough weather conditions such as cold, rainy, sunny, hot & windy.
  • They earn 10.50 dollars an hour.

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Rental Sales Associate

  • They provide direct customer service to customers who take vehicles on rent.
  • They earn 10 dollars an hour and also lucrative commissions.
  • Workers also explain all the possible options to clients.
  • Clients understand models, mileage, pricing, and also other relevant information.
  • Employees promote various products and services and guests also receive proper car rental services.
  • Candidates also require a high school diploma to work for this position with 6 months of work experience.
  • They need basic computer skills and should be flexible to work.

Work Benefits for Working with Avis

Avis provides various work benefits to its employees. Medical coverage, life insurance, tuition assistance, and flexible spending accounts are important benefits provided to employees. Qualified employees receive retirement benefits as added benefits. Full-time and part-time employees receive paid time-off, holidays, and vacations. The company ensures workers enjoy many discounts and they also receive cars and trucks at reduced rates. The wireless service plans, hotel stays, and memberships of the warehouse are added benefits.

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Additional Information for Avis

Avis hires many veterans from the US military. It generates 1 million jobs across the US and hires many veterans as its workers. Avis also supports non-profit organizations with its subsidiary called Budget Rent-A-Car. It also attends several job fairs and donates some part of its revenue to the wounded warrior project.

Avis also focuses on providing unmatched customer service by strengthening its customer base where it demonstrates care for customers. Avis conducts its business with integrity, honesty, trust, and also professionalism. The company also treats every employee with respect and dignity. All company expectations are communicated simply and honestly. Proper feedback on performance is also given to ensure employees get directed to the right career path for making their way through Avis Car Rental.


Avis has a simple application process that is user-friendly and applicants can apply for various positions online. The work benefits offered keep employees engaged to ensure employees can earn the desired livelihood through this company. Avis offers several career advancement opportunities to employees.

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