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Babies R Us Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

babies r us job application

Babies R Us tends to be working as a part of the Toys R us umbrella of industries that feature at least 1500 stores worldwide. The offshoot chain tends to comprise at least 250 locations of sizeable retail network and wishes to hire staff as the brand expands across the nation.

Important Factors to Know About Working with Babies R Us

Minimum age required to work at Babies R: The candidate needs to be 18 years.

Hours of operation: Monday – Saturday (9:30 am – 9:30 pm) Sunday (10:00 am – 7:00 pm)

Job Opportunities at Babies R Us

As the chain’s central concept is to sell clothing and other accessories for toddlers and young kids, the candidates need to feel about working with children if they wish to get a job here. Babies R Us constantly tends to hire candidates who feature a professional attitude and perfect behavior around kids.

The candidates need to have sales and customer service skills. The product and brand knowledge tend to prove beneficial for hiring and need to have professional experience working in the retail industry. Still, most entry-level jobs available having retail chains only need candidates to meet the minimum employment age bars.

Babies R Us aims to hire candidates who are fun, playful, energetic individuals. If the candidates are exceptionally suitable, they tend to qualify for managerial careers. The retail position offers various manager job opportunities like department supervisor, store manager job opportunities, and assistant manager. All the posts mainly require some background in retail that focuses on baby products.

Career Opportunities at Babies R Us

Candidates need to be at least 18 years of age if they wish to get a job here. The employment providers offer a plethora of positions, including part-time and full-time positions, including generous pay and flexible working hours. The job benefits also include insurance and some offers on products and stand readily available for qualified individuals. Some of the typical jobs here are:

Sales Associate

  • A sales associate’s main functions are to greet clients and direct the patrons to get the merchandise they desire and answer the queries about the company’s policies like pricing, refunds, returns, and exchanges.
  • The associates need to have a fantastic memory and interpersonal skills to carry out routine functions effectively.

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  • Ideally, the associates should be cheerful and attentive. The workers also need to have the immense physical strength to stock up the shelves and, if needed, move the product pallets.
  • The job starts at minimum wages of $10per hour.


  • The cashier candidates tend to work at the front desk and carry out the transactions. They also have to process the payments on the computerized machines and change the main functions.
  • The job duties include exchange, refund, or exchange the products.
  • The hourly pay rate includes $10, and during the hiring process, efficient working abilities and dedication also play a crucial role.
  • The candidates need to have the propensity to be courteous and professional during all times.
  • Ideally, the pay rates include 20 to 30 pounds at a time or depending on products.

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  • Some of the specific career opportunities are available at Babies R Us, and the positions include department supervisor and store manager. The department supervisors tend to work as designated section managers and store managers.
  • The job duties most likely include supervising the entry-level workers, delegating the routine tasks, and scheduling the employees. The store managers ideally undertake more administrative responsibilities at all locations.
  • The candidates have to hold high school diplomas and some retail experience as department supervisors might need only a year or two.
  • Store managers need to have at least five years in the industry for employment consideration besides having bachelor’s degrees.
  • The store manager can earn at least $12 to $14 per hour.

Review The Application Status

The applicants can attend group interviews once they submit the necessary hiring forms. After submitting all the details, the hiring officers deliberate over the applicants and then call the applicants to provide the job offers. The process ideally takes at least two weeks. Candidates can also call or email the hiring manager and check the status of the application. The candidates can also visit the locations, but they need to wear perfect clothing.

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Benefits of Working at Babies R Us

The administration is mainly done by the parent company Toys R Us, and it also gives some of the employment benefits, including flexible working hours and a competitive pay scale. Workers can also take advantage of training programs and career development. Additionally, retirement plans are also available.

Miscellaneous Information about Babies R Us

The company mainly focuses on new parents’ needs and offers discounts and offers to soon-to-be families and care packages. The store also provides prime parking spaces for pregnant women and features unique care rooms for expectant families. Babies R Us is perfect for parents looking to buy toddler products. Working at babies R is totally an excellent experience as there is a lot to learn. The company provides a perfect blend of work-life balance and is always there to support its employees through the thick and thin. The store is surely one of the best in the country, so it prominently makes a great mark on the CV as well.

Seasonal Job Openings at Babies R Us

Babies R Us prominently begins its hiring for seasonal months in September, and the hiring process continues till the end of October. Each year, Babies R Us hired plenty of store associates. The seasonal associates are given some important duties and responsibilities such as helping customers purchase, handling the returns, answering queries related to policies, and merchandising.

There are many times when there are vacancies at Babies R Us for multiple stores. Managers are required to act as supervisors and make sure that the store’s overall functioning is going smoothly. Especially during the seasonal time, there is an additional requirement of the managers as they are required to help during excessive rush time. Candidates must ensure they put in their application on time and also give their best in the interview. This is because this may be their only chance to get through.

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