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Banana Republic Return Policy

banana republic return policy

Since exploding onto the scene in 1978, Banana Republic has been one of the most popular clothing retailers around. Its high-quality, modern classics were an instant hit, and they remain one of the most favored brands in America to this day.

And part of that lingering popularity comes from its generous return policy. But what does it cover? Well, I decided to find out in my in-depth look at the…

Banana Republic Return Policy

Up until recently, the Banana Republic Return Policy covered customers within 45 days of purchase. However, the rules have since been changed. The return policy is now valid within 30 days of the original purchase.

banana republic return policy

What does their Return Policy cover?

Banana Republic’s returns policy covers most items bought in-store. It also covers products purchased online. However, there are one or two exceptions to the rule.

Such as?

Well, items bought during the sale cannot be returned. If the product is marked “final sale,” then you won’t be able to get your money back. The same applies to slightly damaged items sold with an “as is” sticker too.

And you also cannot return gift cards. The cash on that card needs to be spent in Banana Republic. But hey, that means you get lots of beautiful new clothes, right? While this might be disappointing, it’s pretty standard practice. Most retailers have a very similar policy when it comes to gift cards. After all, the store has to make money somehow!

Are there any other products that can’t be returned?

Banana Republic won’t accept any returns on face masks, swimwear, or sunglasses for reasons of hygiene. After all, you wouldn’t want to wear someone else’s used mask, would you?

How to Return an Item to Banana Republic?

Returning a purchase to Banana Republic is a simple and straightforward process. And there are two ways to do so. Customers can either take the product back to the store or send it by mail.

Banana Republic in-store return policy

Returning an item to the store could not be easier. All you need to do is take the product into the store along with the original receipt. As long as you’re doing the return within that 30-day window, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

And best of all, you don’t have to return it to the location you originally bought it from! It can go back to any Banana Republic store in the country.

Looking for the nearest store?

If you’re not sure where the closest Banana Republic location is to you, then don’t worry. Just use this handy store locator to find a suitable place. Search by city, state, or zip code to find the most convenient location.

How to Return Items to Banana Republic by Mail?

Ordered your goods online? No problem! You can return items bought on the internet by mailing them. There are just a few steps to follow.

1 Fill out a return form

If you ordered the item online, it will have come with a returns form. You need to complete this before you send the product back. If you have lost the return form, you can find a new one right here.

Filling out the form isn’t complicated. It merely asks for basic information, such as the order number, your name, and your address. It also asks you to state the reason for making the return.

fill out a return form

2 Pack it up

Next, you need to find suitable packaging for your item. It should preferably be in the original packaging, but if that isn’t possible, then choose something sturdy and protective so the product doesn’t get damaged in transit. If it arrives back at Banana Republic in a bad condition, the return will be denied.

If you fill out the return form online, it will automatically generate a packing slip. Be sure to include that inside the parcel. From there, attach your shipping label to the outside.

3 You’ve got mail

Once you’ve done all that, it’s time to mail your products. The easiest way to do this is to take it to your local USPS office. To find the store closest to you, check here.

You should always try to use the pre-paid shipping label supplied by Banana Republic. That way, you don’t have to pay anything for the return. If you choose a different shipping method, the cost will be on you.

4 Receive your refund

Assuming you’ve followed the previous steps to a T, a refund should be heading your way! And you’ll receive that refund in the same way that you originally paid for the order. If you paid by credit card, the money will be returned to your card. If you used a gift card, then you’ll get a replacement gift card for the exact amount of the goods.

This process does not happen instantly, though. Credit card payments can take up to ten business days to be refunded. So, if it’s taking longer than anticipated, have patience and hold on a little longer.

Banana Republic Exchange Policy Without Receipt

We’ve all lost a receipt at one time or another. It’s easily done! But what does that mean when you’re making a return?

Returns with any retailer are easiest when you can provide the original receipt. But there are sometimes ways around it. And it’s often up to the discretion of the store manager.

banana republic exchange policy without receipt

For example?

If you paid with a credit card, then the store employees might be able to look up your purchase using your card number. This is not guaranteed, though. Do not just assume it will happen.

The process is much easier if you’re part of the Banana Republic Rewards program. They can simply use your membership number to find your transaction. From there, you should get your refund without any hassle.

No credit card or rewards program?

There’s still hope! If the manager is feeling generous, they may be able to issue you with store credit. However, you will only get the amount of the last sale price, so it might not be worth as much as you originally spent.

Are There Any Other Rules for Returning Clothing to Banana Republic?

It goes without saying that the item should be returned in the condition it was received. You can’t wear a pair of Banana Republic pants to a party and then return them smelling of alcohol and secondhand smoke! They should be unused, or at least appear to be, with the tags still attached.

Are There Any Other Rules for Returning Clothing to Banana Republic

What if the product is damaged?

Well, that depends. Who damaged the item? If it was you, then it’s very unlikely that they will process the refund. But if it’s a manufacturing problem, that’s different. If a seam is coming undone or a zip isn’t properly stitched in, that’s on Banana Republic. In this case, the return process should go ahead smoothly.

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Final Thoughts

Making a return at Banana Republic is not a complicated process. You just need to follow a few basic rules to get it done. Assuming you’re making the return within the 30-day period, it’s more likely than not that it will be approved.

And remember! Employees at Banana Republic are simply following store policy! It’s not their fault that you’re trying to return a late or damaged product. Remain calm and polite, and your chances of persuading them to do a refund outside the return policy will grow.

All the very best with returning your goods to Banana Republic.

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